Adopt a dog from the shelter – what you should know

If you want to adopt a dog, you should first ask yourself whether it has to be a pedigree puppy, or whether a dog from a shelter might also be suitable. Surely there are reasons in both cases, which speak for it or against it. The fact is that the shelters are full of dogs looking for a new loving home. In addition, there is the fact that many dogs in animal protection from abroad, which were kept under bad conditions, are waiting for a warm place by the fireplace. A dog from the animal protection is not always immediately also a problem dog, as it is often said. Often it is also very grateful and uncomplicated animals that only need a person who cares for them lovingly. In this article you will learn everything you need to know if you want to adopt a dog.

The most important at a glance

  • If you want to get a dog, you can adopt a dog from the animal protection
  • The protection fee for the adoption is usually between 200 and 300 euros
  • Often both the animal welfare society and the veterinary office want to inspect the dog’s new home

Content- Everything at a glance

Adopt an animal welfare dog or buy a dog from a breeder?

The question of whether the dog should come from the shelter or whether it should be a pedigree puppy, must always in any case well thought out become. People who are already committed to a particular breed will have a tendency to go to a breeder. If it should not necessarily be a puppy, however, it is also worthwhile in the search for an pedigree dog, first look around in the animal shelter. There are special clubs that specialize in the placement of adult pedigree dogs that have become an emergency and help with adoption. People who are less concerned about a specific breed should definitely look into animal protection. The advantage here is that Choice of dogs huge is and that the nature of the respective dog is in many cases already clearly known by the employees in the animal protection.

The choice of an adult dog has much more Advantages, than many think. Raising a puppy is very time consuming. An adult dog will in most cases already have an education and probably already be housebroken. However, future owners should ask themselves exactly about the Previous history inquire about the four-legged friend. If the history is difficult, the new owner may have as big a task as raising a puppy. However, it can also be a very satisfying task when it is clear that the dog is getting better with time.

These are the requirements you must have for adoption

Adopt a dog from an animal shelter

Special clubs can help with the adoption of pedigree dogs in need.

When adopting a dog, a Protection contract concluded between the shelter or animal welfare organization and the new owner. In it all Rights and obligations of both parties in detail. Many animal protectors are pleased when they receive reports or photos of how their former protege is doing in his new home at a later date.

In order to adopt a dog from a shelter, it is important that all family members living in the household agree to it. Who lives to the rent, the Permission to keep a dog from the landlord obtain. In the first few days, when the dog moves into his new home, at least one person should be with him permanently.

In the best case scenario, the new owners of a shelter dog will live in a House with garden. It should be checked whether the garden is well fenced in and escape-proof is. This is especially important for the first time, when the dog is not yet accustomed to its new home.

Adopt a dog – This is important to know

People who want to adopt a dog should ask for the great responsibility be aware of the risks they are taking. Above all, it is important to be aware of the fact that there are take up a lot of time takes to take care of a dog and that most dogs live longer than ten years. Therefore, the dog should be planned for many years in the life with.

The first question prospective dog owners should ask themselves is why they want the dog in the first place. The decision should not be made just because a dog looks cute. If the children absolutely want to have a pet, it should be made clear to them what keeping a dog means and that they too are Responsibility have to take over.

Important questions also include who will take care of the dog if the family is in Vacation or whether he should be taken along. In addition, the domestic environment fit the breed of dog and the animal’s need for exercise must be met on a daily basis. People who work many hours a day may find it difficult to find enough time for their four-legged friend. Also the financial expenses, if the dog becomes ill for example times, should be considered and the question clarified whether it is a Male or rather a female should be.

What does it mean to adopt a dog?

Adopting a dog means first of all to take responsibility for the animal and to have enough time for it. Also, the environment in which the dog is kept should fit the breed. People who adopt a dog should also be prepared for the fact that it could mean a lot of work, especially in the beginning, until the dog can run along in the family without complications.

What you have to consider when adopting a foreign dog

Basically, of course, it is always a Challenge, Adopt a dog from a foreign animal shelter. In some cases the animals come directly from the transport to their new home, sometimes they are on a foster home, where the new owner can get to know them first. It is not always the case that the animal welfare officers can assess the dog correctly, because in many cases former street dogs have never lived in a family before.

Although many street dogs are very loving and grateful, but the new owner should also know that he may not be able to make the same demands on these dogs as on a bred pedigree dog. Many dogs from abroad are more independent and are used to living alone, therefore it can be that their education is more elaborate. Often foreign dogs are young dogs, which are relatively easy to train. Nonetheless, the owner should a lot of patience bring with them.

It is also very important when adopting a dog from abroad that the dogs are travel sickness and Mediterranean diseases be examined. Most of these diseases are quite treatable if caught early. Therefore, a dog from abroad should in any case first be presented to a veterinarian.

What do I have to consider when I get a dog from the shelter?

Those who get a dog from the shelter should be aware, first of all, of the responsibility that this means and that it is possible that the dog will show behaviors that were not known before and that must be dealt with properly. It is important to ask the caretakers of the animal exactly about the character of the individual dog.

characters of dogs from animal welfare

Most dogs from the animal protection show a good social behavior towards people and their conspecifics, because they have already had many experiences in their life and are therefore well socialized. There may be a few specimens that sit in the shelter because they are poorly compatible. In these cases, the new owners are not only informed about it, but also extensively on the suitability tested, whether they are able to take such a dog at all.

In the acclimatization phase, it may well be that a shelter dog shows itself more shy and insecure than it actually is. This behavior will settle down quickly in most cases. dogs that have a general Anxiety problem have, are only given into experienced hands, which can help them with this problem.

In many cases it is known whether the dog with cats and children understands, however, sometimes this can also not be said clearly. For this reason, the prospective buyer should definitely find out and actively ask if there are cats and children in the house.

Most dogs from the shelter are housebroken, because they have already lived in a family in Germany. It is different with dogs from animal welfare, which may have never been kept in a home before. Often these dogs still have to be be taught a lot of things, such as walking on a leash or obeying commands. It is also important to know with dogs from abroad that they do not yet know many things that they will encounter in Germany and that they will be socialized afterwards will have to be. Who would like to adopt a dog from abroad, which already shows a certain degree of socialization and education, should decide for a quadruped, which has already spent some time on a foster home.

Health of the shelter dog

Dogs from the animal shelter are usually healthy, because they are regularly veterinary examined and well cared for. It can be different for dogs from abroad. The only requirement to bring a dog to Germany is a rabies vaccination. People who are interested in a foreign dog, should therefore ask exactly for which diseases the dogs have been examined and also have evidence of this presented. This is especially important for dogs that come from the south. Here are the known Mediterranean diseases. In any case, the dog should also be examined a second time for travel or Mediterranean diseases, after it has spent about half a year in its new home.

Normally all dogs in the animal protection on Parasites treated, vaccinated against rabies and carry a chip. Many animal welfare organizations also only place neutered dogs. Sometimes the dogs show diarrhea at the beginning in their new home, which does not always have to be due to illness, but can also be caused by stress.

Adopt a dog – costs

Normally, animal welfare organizations charge a fee for the adoption of a dog Protection fee. This lies usually between 200 and 300 Euro, but can also be somewhat higher. In some cases, for example when costs for veterinary treatment are expected, it may be that the protection fee is waived.

The protection fee serves to ensure that dogs from the animal protection are not sold. In addition, it is a financial contribution for the animal protectors, who always have to struggle with financial problems and often finance themselves through donations.

What is the cost of adopting a dog?

The protection fee, which must be paid for most shelter dogs, is between 200 and 300 euros. Sometimes it can be a little higher, especially for pedigree dogs.

The procedure of a dog adoption

Who wants to adopt a dog from the animal protection, must be prepared for the fact that an Visit in the new home of the dog takes place. The animal protectors want to see that the conditions on site are suitable for the keeping of the dog. The new owner must also have a questionnaire fill out. Then the dog is met in the shelter or on the foster home by the new owner. If everything fits, the four-legged friend can usually move into his new home.

When adopting a foreign dog, the animal protection must contact the responsible Veterinary office inform in the region where the animal will live in the future. Therefore it can be that sometimes also the veterinary office a Control visit makes.

How long does it take to adopt a dog?

How long it takes to adopt a dog from the animal protection is quite different. Especially if animals are fearful and insecure, a longer acclimation period with several visits to the shelter may be necessary before the dog can be moved. Also the search can last longer, since there are always many request for animal protection dogs and there are sometimes humans, who are better suitable for the respective quadruped.

The first acquaintance

The first meeting is crucial in adoption.

The first meeting with the new family member can be decisive for adoption. Dogs feel our energy first of all, whereas we react visually in the first moment. The animals react above all positively to a balanced and calm energy, therefore the new dog should not be welcomed with many words or great euphoria and caresses. Who greets the dog with a wrong energy, runs the risk from the beginning to be perceived by him as weak or to frighten him. Therefore, in this case, there may be defensive reactions, which can lead to growling or snapping, if the dog feels harassed.

It is best not to pay any attention to the animal at all during the first contact and to give it the opportunity to to sniff at people. Dogs can perceive a lot about us through our scent. Humans should be present at the First contact do not approach the dog yourself, but wait until the dog comes closer. It is also unpleasant for a dog if the encounter takes place head-on. The same applies to eye contact. A dog may feel threatened if he is looked at head-on by a stranger. When the four-legged friend has approached and stays near the human after sniffing, it is the right time for the first touches. In this case, he may be stroked. It can also be that the dog moves away again after the first sniffing. Then the human should just wait until he comes back and give him time.

The acclimatization of the new family member

When the dog enters its new home for the first time, it should immediately follow the rules rules that apply here should be followed immediately. The quadruped should not be allowed on the sofa also on the first day, if he is to remain down generally.

Many people feel sorry for a dog from the shelter, want to save it and therefore behave inconsistently. You think you have to make something up to the dog. But this is not necessary at all, because the dog feels most comfortable when he clear rules gets, to which he can adhere. This shows him that the human takes the lead and gives him security. when enforcing rules it is very important to remain unemotional. Even if the dog still behaves nervously in the first days, this should not be observed, because only in this way he can learn that there is no reason for concern.

Who to go outside with the dog at fixed times and feed it, will give him a piece of security. Sometimes, especially with dogs from animal shelters, step by step, the dog must be Stay alone be trained. It could be that the quadruped shows fear of loss. It is important to leave him alone only briefly at first and then for longer and longer periods.

If the dog is not yet house-trained If the dog is not used to being outside, he should be taken outside every two hours and praised when he does his business. the dog will learn to defecate and urinate only outdoors. At night, a dog that is not yet housebroken can initially sleep in a basket next to the bed, so that the human notices if he becomes restless because he may have to go outside.

The walks with the shelter dog should rather be a little more often and therefore shorter in the beginning. The dog must first get used to his new environment. As time goes by, the walks can become more and more extended.

Visitors who want to meet the new dog should be invited only after the dog has become accustomed to its new people and the new environment. Also if children live in the family, they should be urged to leave the dog in the first time still something in peace and not to besiege him excessively.

When a four-legged friend comes to us from abroad, it may be that he still has to be socialized with many things and reacts with fear at first. In such cases it is better when walking a special Harness to use, because the dog in his fear can free himself from a collar or a normal harness and run away.

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