Addressing women correctly: what you need to consider when flirting

Man addresses a woman

Do you know this: You see an attractive woman on the street, but you are too shy to approach her immediately?. While you are still thinking about what could happen and how best to proceed, the lady has already moved on and the situation has developed on its own. And not in your sense.

But this does not have to be. Because approaching women is not difficult at all. Any man can manage to approach a lady quite openly and strike up a conversation with her. So that this succeeds, already simple tricks help.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What women find attractive in men.
  • How to finally get into action and start talking to beautiful women right away.
  • Important tips when approaching women.

What women find attractive in men

To lower your inhibitions, you should first realize what women are into with men. And in this context, many women say that they are attracted to men who are confident in their appearance.

Women find that charisma is the be-all and end-all. This is even more important than looks. If you just stand on the side and don’t approach women, you will hardly be noticed.

On the other hand, the one who makes the first move and attracts the ladies collects plus points. Because in this way you clarify your self-confidence. You show that you are convinced of yourself and that you approach other people openly.

The first step: overcoming your fears

In order to "flirt" with ladies, you must first take the first step: And that is to overcome your fears. Because there’s no denying it, everyone feels a little queasy when it comes to approaching a stranger.

But make sure you realize in advance that these fears are only getting in the way of you making contact. They prevent you from getting to know the woman you are interested in. So you just need to get a handle on that fear. That is easily said? Yes! But also easy to implement.

It is first and foremost about changing your own basic attitude. Do you always want to remain passive and let life with all its opportunities pass you by? Or do you prefer to take your fate into your own hands.

Because this way you can achieve much more. If you hope that everything will eventually take care of itself, you are wrong. Rather set today as a turning point in your life.

From now on, you take action; you decide how to proceed; you make the first step! How you can do that and how you can finally win the interest of attractive women for yourself, Marc tells you in this video [click – arouse interest! – Watch video].

No "what if" games

Thinking about what could happen, you only get in your own way. If you go through several times in your head how the lady might think, which reactions she might show or what might happen in the worst case before you make contact, you are only wasting your time instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Some opportunities will be gone in no time without you making a move.

And then an even more unpleasant feeling sets in than fear: ignorance. You do not know how she would have reacted.

That gives you a feeling of powerlessness. In order to avoid this spiral, you simply speak directly to the respective lady at the next opportunity.

The background is as follows: if you wait more than three seconds, automatic thought processes are set in motion. And these will lead you to think the whole situation apart once again. Instead of going out and approaching them, you get into a rut. Therefore, you need to react quickly.

Get out of your comfort zone

Of course, it’s also important that you make it a point to get into promising situations. It means that you do not avoid clubs, parties or other activities. Because if you just sit at home, you’ll never get in touch with new people.

Therefore the motto is: Get off the couch! Make sure you have a well-groomed look and then look at yourself for example

  • in the hip clubs,
  • in pubs and bars or
  • at concerts

But not only there. You also meet nice ladies in the supermarket or in other everyday situations. And then it is up to you to take action.

Do not get discouraged

A lady isn’t interested and lets you know it in conversation? Don’t worry, this happens to every man from time to time.

But that’s no reason to hang your head. Perhaps the woman has good reasons for her negative attitude: She may be in a relationship or going through a difficult phase.

Or maybe you are just not her type. All this you have to accept. But you should not be deterred by it. Because as in so many other areas of life, the same is true when it comes to approaching women: Practice makes perfect.

So what’s wrong with directly taking the next opportunity to strike up a conversation with another lady? If you succeed, the first low blow will soon be forgotten.

The most important tips when approaching women

For the first contact there is no always valid phrase that goes down well with ladies. On the contrary, creativity is the key here.

But that doesn’t mean you should rack your brains for a good line. Rather turn it off for a moment and try to just live in the situation. It is best to say exactly what comes to your mind.

Because in many cases, it is not so important what you say, but that you say something and how you convey what you say.

Who presents itself, collects points with the ladies. You say what you are thinking at that particular moment and act natural. So you succeed in addressing women quite easily.

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