A well hidden egg – food info

As you learned in the fact sheet, proteins are a group of nutrients. They are found in many foods.

An allergy is almost always directed only against a certain type of protein. If you have an egg allergy, you can still eat milk and curd cheese, for example, even though they also contain protein – because it is a different protein than the one in the egg.

Where is egg in it?

If you have an egg allergy, you should not eat anything that contains eggs. Logical, or? This includes, for example, the breakfast egg, omelet, scrambled egg and fried egg, but also pancakes, mayonnaise and cakes with egg. If you are not sure, it is best to ask an adult.

What can I use instead of egg?

In most cases you can easily replace eggs with other foods. Here is a small overview:

  • For cakes, cookies and pancakes, a mixture of 1 tablespoon soy flour and 2 tablespoons water or 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons water and ½ teaspoon baking powder replaces one egg
  • For soups and sauces you can use z. B. use flour, starch, pectin or locust bean gum so that they bind well
  • in meatballs you can use a mixture of 1 tbsp. soy flour and 2 tbsp. water or simply oatmeal, semolina flour or cottage cheese instead of an egg
  • for fluffy creams, puddings etc. you can mix in whipped cream, mineral water or a mixture of quark and mineral water

Egg is egg – or?

When you go out to eat or shopping with your parents, you must take good care not to buy products with egg for you. Sounds simple at first, but is sometimes a bit tricky: There are several other names for egg on the ingredient lists. Make a game out of it: You are the egg detective who discovers all products with egg and bans them from the shopping cart!

It’s a bit more difficult with the so-called "trace information", i.e. phrases like "may contain traces of egg" or "may contain traces of wheat", etc. In the home of Mino and Glucks, you can learn more under Practical tips – how to recognize allergens? read more about it – and you’ll be on the right track!

What is the name of egg?

Take a good look! If you find any of these words on the package, you better not eat the product: Egg oil, egg protein, liquid egg, liquid yolk, liquid egg white, frozen egg, dried egg, dried egg white, dried egg yolk, (ovo) albumin, ovo protein, whole egg, E 322 lecithin (egg), E 1105 lysozyme, hen’s egg, egg, egg white, egg white, egg yolk, and ingredients that begin with the word "ovo.".

You can also write them down and put the note in your purse, then always have the list with you. But don’t worry: eggs, their ingredients or other names for eggs are always written in bold or underlined on the packages so that you see them at first glance!

Attention, hidden egg!

With some treats, you wouldn’t even think at first glance that they contain eggs. We show you a few of these foods where eggs can be hidden. Always look at the ingredient list for safety!

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