A walk through the world of musicals

lively, witty, cheeky and close enough to touch: at the enchanting spring concert, which was all about wonderful musical and show music, you really did feel a bit like you were on broadway on saturday evening. the music society of steinbach am wald with its youth wind orchestra and the singing duo sophie and luisa wacker offered their guests brilliant entertainment with a touch of the glitter and glamour of the big show and theater world. With their fresh, modern sound and timeless melodies, they did one thing above all: best advertising for the musical!

Bloodsucking night creatures, curious dragon children, royal lions, phantoms doing their mischief in the opera and singing cats – these and many other magical creatures, heroes and magical beings that we all love so much, paid their respects to the enthusiastic audience in the spring-like decorated Rennsteighalle.
The musical and visual journey into the world of fantasy lasted almost three hours – a world in which sonorous rhythms and soulful ballads fused reality and myth. Three hours of emotion, fun and passion: cheerful and cheeky, but also thoughtful and melancholy. Images projected onto the large stage screen put each concert piece in the "right light". Various members of the orchestra had interesting stories to tell about the backgrounds and histories of the individual works. "Fantastic" introduced them to the works, which took shape under the direction of jens vetter, who had also put together the magnificent program – and how!
The musicians performed with great enthusiasm and verve, enchanting the audience with their brilliantly mastered playing: a single "declaration of love" to the music! The very coherently selected tour featured many evergreens that were presented in such a lively and fresh manner that one could have listened for hours on end. With playful expressiveness, the performers brought mythical and legendary works to life – such as "lord of the dance" based on an old irish legend, musically depicted in "the spirit of the celts. the african savannah and the adventures of the little lion simba in "the lion king it went on seamlessly to the breathtaking "dance of the vampires in the parisian underworld. of course, melodies by the world’s most successful musical composer of the present day, andrew lloyd webber, could not be missing on such an evening. the active members paid homage to him with a medley of his most spectacular works.
the love stories brought to the stage – such as those of the flower girl eliza doolittle in "my fair lady" – were particularly enchanting as well as belle and her beast-turned-prince in the walt disney classic "beauty and the beast". a wonderful highlight was the love song "the rose" by imagine dragons, performed by the music club together with the very talented singers sophie and luisa wacker from the film of the same name: absolute goose bumps! the singing duo from ludwigsstadt also took over on the song "nessaja from the peter maffay musical "tabaluga- also together with the musicians – the vocal part of the song. the sisters sang a duet to the chartbreaker "demons by imagine dragons as well as – wonderfully soulful – the ballad "all of me by john legend and "perfect from ed sheeran to. What a wonderful experience there is when two such beautiful voices join together for togetherness!
The youth wind orchestra of the music society is a must for every spring concert. Under the direction of ewald fehn, this group performed "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the evergreen "mary poppins also a hit musical. The youngsters also performed the popular song "laredo" with confidence and skill and "jus plain blues in front of. The musical offspring could not avoid an encore, just like the adults. The up-and-coming talents granted "no beautiful country", while the music club performed three vehemently demanded encores: "highland cathedral" as well as the song of upper franconia and "we musicians", to which the whole hall joined in. The evening got off to an atmospheric start with the "Celebration overture" found.
The chairman of the music club, ewald fehn, thanked all the performers in front of and behind the stage – especially conductor jens vetter. Fehn had also welcomed the many visitors, including representatives of local politics – first and foremost mayor thomas loffler. The kronach district association of the north Bavarian music association was well represented. district chairman wolfgang muller thanked the music club for the great concert. He was very pleased to be able to congratulate two active members on passing their NBMB performance test on this day. Lena fischer had mastered silver "gold"-young dominik wiegand even the highest grade.

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