7 Tips: accelerate muscle recovery after exercise

Who his Accelerate muscle recovery can do is clear in advantage to other athletes.

This counts not only in competitive sports, but also for hobby athletes. Especially the growing generation is anxious to make their way of life healthy. Be it healthy diet, lots of exercise or the workout in the gym.

Too much sport without proper regeneration results in illnesses, injuries, loss of performance and listlessness.

To prevent this, you must increase your Accelerate muscle regeneration. How this works, you can find out here!

accelerate muscle regeneration after sports

What happens to the muscles after the sport?

To understand how you can speed up muscle recovery, you need to understand what happens to muscle after exercise.

Because the actual process is set in motion during the sport set.

During training the fibers of a muscle extremely stressed (training). If you train too intensively, small tears appear in the fibers, which we know as muscle soreness.

What exactly happens in the muscle shows you this sketch of supercompensation:

Recovery muscle supercompensation

After a strenuous workout your muscles are exhausted and need a break (recovery).

Catch you too early When you returned to training, the muscle recovery was too short and you were reduce power. You set the next training stimulus too late, you will not increase your performance, but only on the the same level stay.

The right time for next training stimulus is in the yellow mark (supercompensation), which is mostly 48-72 hours after the last session.

Proper recovery can help Accelerate muscle recovery and you can stimulate faster and thus accelerate your performance increase.

7 tips to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise

In the following we will go into 7 tips that you should definitely take to heart if you want to improve muscle regeneration. With our 7 tips you will not go wrong.

Tip 1: Infrared cabin helps with blood circulation

In competitive sports (whether in bodybuilding, soccer, running, etc.).) swear by the positive effect of an infrared cabin.

Infrared cabin effect

Because the Heat ensures that the stimulates blood circulation in the body and thus to have a inflammatory fluid in the muscle removes becomes. In addition, the oxygen content in the muscle increases, which again accelerates regeneration.

Tip 2: Celliant – accelerate muscle regeneration while sleeping

The Celliant Technology has the same effect as an infrared cabin.

Celliant reflects heat back to the skin. This has the advantage that, for example, during sleep the Improves muscle regeneration.

Celliant is therefore already being used in many products that have specially made for athletes become.

Because heat ensures better blood circulation. This in turn accelerates the regeneration process. With a better sleep finally also the fundamental well-being is increased.

For this reason we use this technology in YAK box spring bed.

Accelerate muscle regeneration with YAK

Recommendation: Accelerate muscle regeneration with YAK

Tip 3: Improve protein intake

It is well known that protein absolutely necessary is to to advance muscle building.

But proteins are not only important for muscle building. Proteins also play a major role in regeneration.

Above all, it is important to follow a to consume the targeted amount of protein.

As optimal amount of protein we recommend 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

If you weigh 80 kg, then you should take 160g protein to you. If you weigh 50 kg only 100g protein etc.

The proteins provide the body and the muscles with the nutrients necessary to shorten the regeneration phase. In bodybuilding are so-called Protein shakes after training an absolute must.

Tip 4: Not for warm showerers – cold showering

The rule is as old as the sauna itself: after the sauna session, you go under the ice-cold shower to To promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

But one ice-cold shower after the workout can not only refresh, but also has an effect positively on the regeneration time.

Because: through a better blood circulation, which is promoted by a cold shower, the inflammatory cell fluids in the muscles removes protein faster. As a result, you will feel ready for the next workout much faster.

Tip 5: Massages loosen the muscle tissue

Also with the massage we land finally again with the keyword of the blood circulation.

Massage muscle regeneration

Basically you can remember: a good blood circulation is generally the be-all and end-all for a fast regeneration of the muscles after the workout.

But be careful, because there are differences in massages.

A gentle massage promotes blood circulation and transports all necessary nutrients faster to where they are needed.

A firm massage can however also lead to the fact that the regeneration phase lasts even longer, as the body takes it more as a strain.

So the motto here is: less is sometimes more!

Tip 6: Do not underestimate the cool-down phase after training

A mistake that many beginners make is to cool-down phase after the workout simply leave out completely. It is not too much to ask to stand on the treadmill for a short while after an hour of hard workout, to to run two or three kilometers.

In general, a warm-up and warm-down phase is, during which you should run or cycle for a short time than important tool to ensure muscle regeneration.

The metabolism is slowed down by this cool-down phase. By going down slowly and carefully, we Acidification of the muscles prevented.

If you initially leave out the cool-down phase, as many beginners in bodybuilding do, you will feel that your muscles are not in the recovery phase until much later. The body is initially irritated and recognizes only later that this abrupt end of training means that the body should go into the recovery phase.

Tip 7: Amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients help accelerate muscle recovery

Enormously important are Sufficient amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients, that are absolutely indispensable when it comes to Accelerate muscle recovery.

A deficiency of these building blocks often leads to a weakened immune system and significantly lengthens the period of recovery.

For this reason, it makes absolute sense to take the Replenish amino acids and vitamins regularly after training – possible through powder of the capsules.


For the successful achievement of athletic goals, it is a great advantage to accelerate muscle recovery.

The best tips to accelerate muscle recovery are the following:

  1. Use infrared cabin
  2. Use Celliant
  3. Eat enough protein
  4. Cold shower
  5. Light massage
  6. Cool down after your workout
  7. Amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients

There is no solution for everyone, but every person reacts differently. Therefore you should follow these tips simply try and test, which tip helps to accelerate your muscle regeneration and which not. Have fun with it!

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