4 Steps to the perfect beverage menu

4 Steps to the perfect beverage menu

When you optimize your drink menu, you can use it to increase your sales. From beverage selection to design, here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your menu.

1. Choosing the right drinks

When choosing their drinks, it primarily depends on what kind of gastro business they run. Because, of course, the focus in a bar is on different drinks than in a cafe or restaurant.

Drinks are the most important factor in a bar. Accordingly, a large selection is expected here. In any case, a bar menu must include beers, wines, soft drinks, spirits and, if applicable, cocktails, juices and hot drinks. Here you should think of a coherent concept. If your operation is a cocktail bar, for example, this is where they should offer the greatest variety. In this case it is enough to have a good red and white wine and a few local beers in their assortment. Because as we explained in our post on creating the perfect menu, less is often more. Too much choice often seems confusing. In addition, with a smaller selection, you can specialize better and thus advise your guests better as well.


First and foremost, in a restaurant, the drinks should pair well with the food. For a snack bar or a business where patrons often grab takeout, it’s enough to have the usual soft drinks and one type of beer on the menu. However, if your guests are staying for dinner, then you should offer a wider selection of drinks to go with it. Simply orient yourself to your overall concept in this regard. If they offer country-typical kitchen, then it is advisable to put also beverages from the respective country on the map. In an Italian restaurant, for example, Italian wines should be on the menu, while in a Spanish restaurant, for example, sangria is a good choice.

As the name already reveals, coffee specialties are the most important beverages here. But other hot beverages such as tea or hot chocolate also belong on the menu. In addition to the usual coffee preparations (cappuccino, latte machiatto, espresso, cafe creme, latte, filter coffee), many guests are happy about a few specialties. Spice up your drinks with some syrup and offer mochaccino, caramel machiatto and co. to. Also, it’s never wrong to have a selection of cold drinks on the menu. Water should be offered in any case and also cola and other soft drinks are welcome in the cafe.

2. The right sizes and prices

Once you have made a choice of drinks, the next question is: What are the right prices?? For the calculation we already have two useful blogposts ready for you. But price-psychologically you can still trick a little bit. A good way to do this is to choose the sizes of the drinks cleverly. Basically, it is a good idea to use large and small sizes (i.e. z.B. 0,25 l and 0,4 l) to include on the card. The guest is oriented to the smaller price and perceives their drinks so cheaper. Subconsciously, guests compare prices in a restaurant with the standard prices they know for those drinks. The corresponding sizes are often not known. If you want to (z.B. in a cafe) even offer three different sizes, the placement effect occurs and your guest is more likely to opt for the middle drink than the cheapest one.

3. The right design

There are a few basic questions to ask when designing your card. First, consider whether you want a separate drink menu or carry your drinks with you on the menu. Among other things, this is related to the number of their drinks and meals. In a restaurant with a small selection of beverages, for example, it is a good idea to include the beverage list in the menu. The same goes for a bar with only a few dishes. In this case, you can create a snack section in your drink menu. For a visually appealing design of the menu, we have already given you helpful tips in our article on "More sales with the menu", which you can also apply to your drinks menu. Basically, it is important that the design of your drinks menu fits in with your overall concept. Whether leather-bound or printed on plain paper, the important thing is that the style of the menu matches the style of your catering business. If you are not familiar with the arrangement yourself, or simply lack the time, it is a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you. An inexpensive alternative is to find a template on the Internet and customize it.

4. Unique Selling Points

To put the finishing touches on your card, think about what makes it special. What your guests will only get at your restaurant? Here it can be quite simple tricks. For example, put a homemade soda on the menu or replace Coca Cola soft drinks with the equivalents of a young, modern brand. Another principle that attracts many guests is a flat rate for drinks. Also remember to include seasonal specials on the menu. In the summer, your guests are more likely to enjoy a cool soda; in the winter, they’re more likely to enjoy your homemade punch. So that you do not have to renew your menu every season, you can place an extra insert to your beverage menu. This way your special offers get more attention.

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