3 Methods to recover deleted emails from yahoo

"I recently received some important official documents on my Yahoo email. It so happened that my email address, even before I could retrieve and save it "empty inbox" displayed. Is it possible to recover lost emails and how can I recover deleted emails from Yahoo? " – a question from Quora

Just like cleaning up your office desk or table, deleting emails is an important aspect of the occasional cleanup process. Sometimes you may decide that the inbox is overflowing and finally hit the delete button. However, a turn of events can cause you to accidentally delete emails that are still important.

Right at this point you are thrown into the mess of how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo. There is no need to panic if such a scenario occurs. We will explore various ways to recover your deleted email in easy steps. But first, get to know what happens when Yahoo deletes emails from your system.

Part 1: How to delete deleted Yahoo emails from your system?

When Yahoo emails are deleted, remember that they are not lost immediately. Yahoo! Mail transfers your data directly to a holding area called the "trash"-Folder. However, this data is only kept for about 30 days and then it is permanently deleted. If this happens, you may need the help of a third-party tool if you are looking for ways to get them back.

Part 2: Is it possible to recover deleted Yahoo emails?

The craziest aspect is whether there is a way to recover deleted Yahoo emails. Yes! It is possible to recover your emails after accidental deletion. Yahoo Mail has two options through which you can get back your deleted emails. You can either retrieve emails from the "Recycle Bin"-Retrieve folders or send a restore request to Yahoo to get your email back. Once the application is successful, you’ll have a chance to restore your mailbox to its original state. All of this is done from a backup copy that Yahoo! Mail created for the benefit of its users.

Part 3: How to recover deleted emails from Yahoo.

Let’s examine 3 available modes to recover deleted messages in Yahoo mail.

Method 1. Recover Yahoo emails from trash folder

The ‘Trash’ folder is the default holder of all deleted Yahoo emails. To retrieve your emails, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account and then navigate to the "Trash" folder, to search for your deleted emails.

Yahoo email recovery recycle bin

2. Go to the email you want to restore and then select the "Move" option. You can find this in the Yahoo! Mail toolbar. Remember to specify the folder where you want to transfer your emails to. Select a folder of your choice so that the recovered emails can be transferred there.


3. It can be hectic to go through all the deleted emails. Use the ‘Search’ option instead in the upper section of the PC window. Enter the sender’s email address or a related keyword and click on the "Search" option. With this method, your emails will be searched and recovered from the specified folder.

Method 2. Recover Yahoo emails by submitting a recovery request

The other method how to recover deleted emails in Yahoo is to submit a recovery request. Yahoo! Is smart enough to store your deleted data for a certain period of time. So if you have lost your data in the last 7 days, this method will work for you.

  1. Download all the recently received emails and save them on your PC. You can also send them to another email address. Do this before you go to the ‘Restore Request’ to make sure your emails are safe and secure.
  2. Then go to the help form ‘Yahoo! Mail Restore’ and select the ‘Send a Restore Request’ option.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear on this platform. Select your problem, d.h. "Mail", and then click on the "Accidentally deleted messages in WebMail" option.
  4. Remember when you last used your missing messages. Next, you need to select the time period when you last saw the emails.
  5. Next, enter your email address in the field provided and then enter a second email address that you can access.
  6. There is a ‘CAPTCHA’ field that is provided to you. Fill it in and then select the ‘Create Request’ button.
  7. The email service should be able to recover your Yahoo! Restore mail accounts to help you recover your deleted emails.

Method 3. Deleted emails from Yahoo! Recover after 30 days [Important]

Maybe it’s been over a month, and you’re still looking for ways how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo. This is the point where third-party tools come to your rescue. And since the first two methods will not retrieve your Yahoo! If you can’t recover the deleted mail after 30 days, the better option is to settle for this third option. Recoverit Data Recovery! This tool has advanced features that allow you to recover data lost in any scenario. Whether it’s an intentional deletion, virus attack, system error or device formatting scenario, you can be confident of a successful outcome.st assured of a successful outcome.

Data Recovery

Some features that make Recoverit a very trustworthy tool.

  • It has the chance to recover over 1000 types of data such as graphics, documents, videos, audios and other files.
  • It’s easy to use with just a 1-2-3 to successful recovery.
  • It also provides you with a platform to create a bootable WinPE disk, which allows you to perform a system recovery after a computer crash or with the "Blue Screen of Death" situation you can do.
  • Use Recoverit to recover data from any storage device such as zip drive, camcorder, video player and many more.

User manual: Find deleted emails in Yahoo Mail with Recoverit Data Recovery

When it comes to recovering lost data, the options are not very widespread. And given the importance of some data, it’s high time you learned the basics as described in this guide. Let’s go through how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo.

Step 1. Choose where your lost data is located

Remember that this is the partition that should house your lost data. Start Recoverit and go to the home screen. Once you have identified and selected the partition, click the ‘Start’ button. The app will start scanning the hard drive in a short period of time.


Step 2. Scan your lost Yahoo Mail

The app will start scanning the partition you have selected. After a while, a variety of Yahoo Mail should be available for retrieval. You can also make your work easier by refining the scanning process. You can select a specific file type to scan for faster retrieval.

E-mail scanning

Step 3. Preview your scanned data

Recoverit gives you the option to preview your data before recovering it. Just check all the boxes in the Yahoo mail that you need to recover.

Excel preview

Step 4. Recover deleted emails

Note that all Yahoo emails that have been checked will be recovered. Click the ‘Restore’ button to bring it back to your computer. Save your recovered data to another location or external hard drive, other than where it was lost.


A simple action on your computer can cause you to lose important data from your Yahoo mail. It is a good practice to always keep backup copies of your data. Still, things may get out of hand and you may find that some data has not been backed up. Thanks to the Recoverit Data Recovery tool, which can come to your rescue if you’re wondering how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo! The steps to recovery are simple and easy to follow.

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