1700 Euro each for four rannunger associations

The Planfest, which takes place every ten years, is a big and important event in Rannungen. The procedure on the village square is based on a tradition that has been handed down since 1780. The central event is the setting up of the festively decorated plan tree by the plan boys and the subsequent dance of the plan couples. From 17. to 19. October 2020 it will be again.

And because this event is so important, every time at the festival a separate plan association is founded. All unmarried citizens of Rannung are called upon to participate. At the same time, the predecessor association is dissolved in accordance with its statutes. The plan club of 2010 has gone through some transformations in the time, many members are now married. But the old club did not only put up the plan tree in 2010, it also put up the Christmas tree every year and it also participated in many events and festivals in the village. At the same time, in return, it received support from the local associations.

The actions of the plan association produced beyond that mostly an economic profit, which could not be used up on the helper celebrations alone. Thus in the past ten years the proud sum of 6800 euro remained. So for the last time this year the old Planverein put up the Christmas tree in the center of town and the Rannungers were present in large numbers to say goodbye to the 63 Plan couples of 2010 and to watch the handing over of checks. Chairman Matthias Leurer was able to hand over 1700 euros each to representatives of the fire department, the TSV Rannungen, the music club Rannungen and the kindergarten. Then he handed over the floor to his successor Lorenz Zehner, who reported about 52 plan couples who have registered for the festival 2020. The new plan association had already been founded in the spring of this year and the members were already full of anticipation. Traditional Franconian dances are now being rehearsed in specially scheduled dance lessons until the festival.

Mayor Fridolin Zehner thanked the previous plan association, which could always be relied on. The contributions had enlivened village life and promoted cohesion among the younger local citizens enormously. Especially in a society that is becoming more and more divided, tradition stands for the continuity of a peaceful and mutually supportive community of values.

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