Writing term paper in 3 days – a quick guide


A term paper in 3 days is a real challenge. Because a good house work needs a lot of time. Time, which is often in short supply during exam time.

I guess it’s my duty to point out to you with a raised finger that a term paper needs more lead time if possible. Ideally, you should take several weeks for this in any case. But every student knows the stress at the end of the semester and is forced to set priorities. This one annoying housework is pushed further and further towards the deadline. Completely surprisingly only 3 days remain. What now?

In this article I offer you A guide on how you can write a term paper in 3 days and get everything out of it that is possible.

Housework in 3 days

Ask yourself if a term paper in 3 days is even possible? Common sense tells us that a term paper written over a period of 3 weeks is qualitatively superior to a last-minute term paper. Nevertheless, it is possible to write a term paper in 3 days.

You certainly shouldn’t expect to get the top score. A very good mark is nevertheless possible, also in 3 days. Freely after the 80/20 principle it depends here on it to create in 20 per cent of the time, 80 per cent of the results.

By eliminating the biggest time wasters, you’ll ensure that you get the best possible work down on paper for the time you have remaining. How you do it, I tell you in this article.

Day 1: Planning& Research

Before you jump headlong into your last-minute chore, here’s what you need to know:

A term paper in 3 days only works if you work in a structured way.

So, the first step should be to come up with a plan. If possible, you should not deviate from this within the 3 days. So carefully plan each step of your work and then work through them one by one.

Assuming that you really start at 0, you should first of all define your topic. You can also read how to find the ideal topic for your term paper here: Finding Term Paper Topic. Once you have narrowed down your topic, start to write your outline.

The success of your term paper in 3 days stands and falls with your outline.

Structure your term paper in 3 days

At best, your paper should be structured according to this scheme:

    • General introduction to the topic
    • research motivation and relevance
    • Aim of the work (research question(s))
    • Research procedure
    • Structure of the paper
  1. Main body
    • Current state of research
    • if necessary. Theoretical background
    • Method/research design
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclude
      • Summary, reference back to research question(s)
      • Add value
      • Limitations
      • Further research

      You can find content tips and tutorials in other posts on this blog or the shribe! YouTube channel.

      For your turbo term paper, you should Research question(s) in the best case now set in stone. Think about one Method, How you can answer them. For a term paper it is usually sufficient to deal with the topic theoretically. However, you should be clear about what you intend to do.

      For example, do you want to relate an existing model from the literature to a new issue?? Or maybe you want to draft a study outline? Of course, this also depends on the requirements set by the teacher.

      Now you can come up with a set of keywords to hunt through your university’s databases. Read the abstracts of promising research articles that also deal with your topic. Then use this outline to decide if the text is a potential source for you to use. Create a folder and collect as many as you need Scientific Sources as your term paper has pages.

      5 more sources will come up when you realize that authors refer to the same work over and over again. Last but not least, you now have a buffer that you can fill with a maximum of 5 internet sources/popular science. With a 15-page paper you will end up with 25 sources, which is above average. More is always possible.

      Term paper in 3 days

      Day 2: Excerption& Outline

      Start your second day with new energy. Now it’s time to write out. Work through all sources. Focus on the abstracts, introductions, state of the art, discussion, and conclusion sections of each source. You can skip the rest.

      Search the PDFs with CTRL+F for the keywords relevant to you and write out 3 passages per source that support your planned argumentation. For your "Current Research" chapter, you can refer to the abstracts and explain in your own words what the respective authors have researched and found out about your topic.

      From the ca. 50 text passages you now build up your argumentation structure.

      At the end of the day, you should now have your main body outlined.

      scientific work

      Get the complete solution to writing an outstanding term paper now:

      Day 3: Writing& Format

      On the third and last day you have to step on the gas again. From now on there are no excuses. Finalize your outline and present your paper to your class Main part ready. Make sure you cite all your sources correctly and consistently. A clean technique is the basis for a good grade. With a literature management program you avoid unnecessary mistakes and save time. I have also written a blogpost about this here.

      Now you can think about the Conclusion and the Introduction make. Always remember that in these two chapters you are not writing on a content level, but on a meta level. That is, you explain to the reader why you made what choices and how you went about it. You virtually write about writing.

      Once you have inserted your source and finished the text, take a break for an hour. If there is no more time, then you can continue the fight against the deadline. Read your paper with as clear a mind as possible and polish it up linguistically as best you can. After you have improved it linguistically, you read it again and pay attention to formalities.

      Now, at 23:45 you should get into your e-mail program as quickly as possible and send the damn thing off!

      Congratulations, you have made it!

      More help for a housework in 3 days

      As a conclusion there is still a set of maternal wisdoms and househusband psychology. Even if time is short, don’t ask too much of yourself. It is still only a housework. Don’t panic and objectively go through the above schedule, then you can’t fail at all.

      Make sure you eat and drink enough. Trail mix is actually super food for the brain. The evening meals during your last minute housework may be brought also exceptionally times of the delivery service.

      The good thing about a turbo housework is that the whole spook is also over faster. So pull yourself together, the deadline is not your enemy, but motivation and salvation. Let’s go!

      For a little inspiration on writing your introduction, we’ve included a free downloadable PDF, "The 30 Best Phrases for an Eye-Catching Introduction."

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