With verse compass in hand, he is on a rapid journey toward success

Matthias Schmidt has been writing an incredible success story in the insurance industry for the past two years. If he was still an individual broker as Vers-Kompass 2019, he is now the managing director of the Kompass Group with more than 100 affiliated partners. How it came about and what the OMGV Award has to do with it, we talk about that and much more in the current episode of the Kingmaker Podcast.

In advance, in each episode of the Konigsmacher podcast, you can win one of the limited golden Konigsmacher mugs. All you have to do this time is answer the following question: What did Matthias want to be when he was a child?? You can find everything else about the competition at the end of this article.

Whether you’re just training, a career changer or just want to improve, the best way to learn is from the best in the insurance industry. And that’s who I invite on the Kingmaker Podcast to talk to me about their life, career and success journey. Which is why his subtitle is also: The podcast of the insurance industry with the best of today for the best of tomorrow.

"Do we want to do a bit of brokerage or do we want to make a difference in the industry?"

This week I spoke with Matthias Schmidt. Who in the past two years has written one of the most rapid success stories in the insurance industry. One that never ceases to amaze me. I met Matthias at the OMGV Broker Awards in October 2019, when he was recognized for his outstanding advertisements. Which, according to him, was one of the triggers for what came next.

At that time he was already the Vers-Kompass, but still as an individual broker who specialized in occupational disability insurance and, according to his own statements, led a super life. Through the advertisements he had enough new customers and he could through the digitization of his business with his wife bspw. Travel to Thailand or Bali and also advise his customers from there via online consulting. He had good money, lots of free time and actually everything was perfect.

What changed abruptly just a few months later. At least that with the free time. Because at the end of 2019 he met his current business partners, they sat together in the office and asked themselves, "Do we want to do a bit of brokerage or do we want to change something in the industry?" They chose the latter, and the Verse Compass has become the Compass Group, now joined by over 100 partners. When Matthias chooses the rocket&as the emoji that suits him in our conversation. Then this is more than fitting.

"Now in retrospect, of course, I can press clever sayings."

Of course we talked about what happened to him in the last two years and how this rapid success can be explained. But also about Matthias himself, how he got into the business in the first place, and about fears, setbacks and mistakes. What is not self-evident. Because nothing would be easier than for Matthias to portray himself as a horny guy who has everything under control. After all, what he has built up with his business partners over the past two years is without a doubt quite impressive. But even more impressive to me was how he tells this success story. Because it always resonates humility, modesty and gratitude. And that might also have something to do with his biography. Because not everything always went straight towards success, but the opposite was the case. But he tells best about it himself in the kingmaker podcast.

In it he also gives the following three book tips, which in his opinion entrepreneurs and self-employed persons should have read once.

  • "Now! The power of the present" by Eckhart Tolle
  • "Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy" by Patrick Bet-David
  • "The 80/20 Sales Professional: The Definitive Guide to the Science of Being a Top Performer" by Ed Sierawski

Why you should read it, but why reading alone is useless, Matthias explains that and much more in the current episode of the Kingmaker Podcast. Listen directly here. It is worth it!

District manager at ERGO. Superhero director in the office.

With verse compass in hand, he is on a rapid journey toward success

Is it a teacher? Is it a broker? No, it’s BUperman!

With verse compass in hand, he is on a rapid journey toward success

From one who set out to make insurance history on YouTube

With verse compass in hand, he is on a rapid journey toward success

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