With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

The federal executive committee of the Green Party has reached into the party coffers for its own benefit. "One thing is clear: with the knowledge we have today, we would no longer make such a decision," says treasurer Marc Urbatsch. – It is also clear: With the knowledge of today Napoleon would never have marched against Moscow.

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With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

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Was there something? Because Corona was so nice and fresh, the federal board of the party Bundnis 90/Die Grunen approved itself and the full-time staff in 2020 a special bonus of 1.500 Euro. That’s not necessarily much if it is actually used for redecorating home office and employees should not have had any PC equipment, web connection and desk at home. With it however not enough, because correctly problematic became this executive committee resolution, because the executive committee made itself thereby also happy.

Now, pro-domo resolutions are common in everyday parliamentary life when the lucky ones are the parliamentarians themselves and it’s a matter of increasing their lavish diets, but party executive committees act on an honorary basis, which means: without pay. Above all, however, they cannot – no matter in which amount – simply distribute party funds handed over to them in trust. According to party law, budget-relevant decisions are the responsibility of the relevant party committees, and require corresponding resolutions that authorize the Executive Board to act. These resolutions seize either the selected party congress delegates or however general meetings of the members – depending upon, how the respective party statute defines this right.

With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

What excuses everything

That this is the case, that there is no real blame to be found here, was impressively confirmed by the party conference. Not only were board members Habeck and Baerbock dismissed from the chairmanship with all due honors and immediately moved into the party council, but the actual guardian of the Green party treasure was also quickly forgiven. Marc Urbatsch, treasurer of the federal party since 2018, was after all impressively confirmed in office "with just under 67 percent".

Before that, however, he found himself, according to his own information, with a completed M.A.-After completing his studies in business administration and philosophy, Urbatsch was ideally prepared for the party office and ready for the obligatory mea culpa. With a touch of contrition, he stated: "It’s clear: with the knowledge we have today, we would no longer pass such a resolution."Aha, one is inclined here to exclaim. What a profound, philosophical insight!

Of course it’s clear! With the knowledge of today, Napoleon would never have marched against Moscow. With the knowledge of today, the rulers would have avoided the war of self-annihilation in 1914. With today’s knowledge, Hindenburg would never have appointed Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor. With the knowledge of today, the Americans would have supported Chiang Kai-shek against Mao in time. With the knowledge of today … The row could be continued indefinitely.

Pretty much everything that has happened at some point would be approached differently by those involved "with the knowledge of today. So what! So what is the point of this deeply philosophical statement, which has always been familiar to the citizen as "afterwards one always knows everything better" anyway??

The bigotry in the green kindergarten

Well, we may consider it at first glance as a self-soothing placebo and tranquilizer for the member soul. A small lozenge to calm the nerves. And then of course this: We will not do it again! Firmly promised! On my word of honor! After all, it also works in kindergarten.

With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

But that is the way of the world. Done is done. Mostly to the best of one’s knowledge and belief – and because one could not know better, because one did not know at the time of doing what later generations knew better.
In this respect, however, it is also the unbearable bigotry that is apparently part of the Green Party’s lifeblood. If one can point the finger at others, the "with the knowledge of today" does not apply. There is self-righteously raised accusation after accusation, culture destroyed, reputation desecrated and tradition destroyed.

"Yesterday’s knowledge" excuses everything – or nothing

But if the finger points to itself, then "the knowledge of today" excuses everything. Even then, if one could have known at that time with a view into then valid party right already – and as treasurer should have known – that a financial self-empowerment is not permissible. The "knowledge of today" should have been in this respect also "the knowledge of then". At least when it comes to said self-empowerment.

Presumably, however, Urbatsch did not mean by "the knowledge of today" at all the legal situation that was also valid at that time. Presumably he meant rather "the knowledge of today" about the fact that this annoying public prosecutor’s office would take this small, insignificant Corona slip to the cause of a criminal investigation.

With the knowledge of today: the greens and the dear money

Stupid only if you get caught

What does this teach us? Of course, this inadmissible, flimsy excuse does not mean the misbehavior itself at all. More often than not, it’s exclusively what kids are always about when they get caught doing something wrong. It is about the fear of punishment. Because actually – in such a way see also the green party members, who set the malefactors well suffered further over itself – is this small grasp into the cash nevertheless really not so badly! Therefore now investigations? So please ..

But, as I said: The greenies can be quite reassured about that. The red-green-steered public prosecutor’s office will investigate a little and either stop the whole procedure due to insignificance or impose a small, symbolic fine on the involved parties. After all, the wrongdoers have already shown active remorse and have paid the 1.500 euros transferred back. So actually nothing happened at all.

But attention, Mr. long-term treasurer with the knowledge of today: Now just no donation receipt for this 1.Issue a 500 € refund! Instead, perhaps inform the then beneficiaries that they can offset this unexpected expense of the unplanned refund against their income in the tax return. Provided of course, they have which. And that’s only if they have the 1.500 € for 2020 had properly taxed as income. If not, even still further Unbill could threaten – if the respective responsible tax office inquires whether then at that time the bonus was also indicated.

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