Wear monthly lenses longer? Daily disposable lenses more than once? Better not

Can monthly lenses be worn longer?

Monthly disposable lenses for three months, daily disposable lenses for five days – contact lens wearers who don’t stick to the recommended wearing times are risking the health of their eyes. Read here why you should not wear contact lenses longer.

Contact lenses: how long you can wear them?

Internet forums often ask how long you can really wear contact lenses. Is it okay to keep lenses on late into the night? Can monthly lenses be worn for longer than 30 days? And can daily disposable lenses be used again the next day?? The answer to these questions is simple: contact lenses should not be worn Never wear longer Than recommended by the manufacturer or contact lens specialist.

Wear contact lenses longer to save money? This is possible at the expense of eye health. The contact lens material becomes porous and provides an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Deposits settle on the lens surface and reduce its oxygen permeability. The cornea is no longer optimally supplied with oxygen, vascular sprouting (neovascularization) can occur. Red veins form in the eye, which in the worst case affect visual performance. However, the lens wearer usually does not notice these and other complications immediately, but often only when it is too late.

How many hours a day can you wear contact lenses??

The answer to this question knows the optician or ophthalmologist best. Before fitting contact lenses, he examines the cornea and eye to determine whether they are suitable for contact lens wear. Then he gives a recommendation on how long the lenses can stay in the eye maximum. The wearing time depends on the condition of the eyes: If they are rather dry, it is not recommended to wear the daily or monthly lenses longer. On the other hand, the lens material plays a role. Soft contact lenses cannot normally be worn as long as hard contact lenses. An exception are day-and-night lenses, which can be worn 24 hours a day for a month. These highly oxygen permeable lenses are only suitable for healthy eyes and should always be fitted by an ophthalmologist or optician.

So that one can enjoy the lenses for a long time, the careful contact lens hygiene after taking out the lenses is very important. The contact lenses must be cleaned and disinfected. Our article on contact lens care and cleaning explains how to clean lenses properly. One day a week when the eyes can recover from lens wear is also recommended.

Can monthly disposable lenses be worn for longer than one month??

Monthly disposable lenses are Useful life of 30 days designed. It does not matter whether the lenses are worn every day or only a few days a week. If you have taken the lenses out of the blister, you should exchange them for a new pair after 30 days. Because the lenses wear out over time. The material ages and becomes porous, vision quality and wearing comfort decrease. This creates a breeding ground for pathogens, which promotes diseases such as corneal inflammation. If the eye is inflamed, it is often not noticed at first, because the contact lenses act like a bandage on the cornea. If the inflammation remains undetected for a long time, it can leave permanent damage.

Can daily disposable lenses be worn longer?

Daily disposable lenses are comparatively expensive. Those who open a new pair every day end up paying more than for monthly lenses. But to wear daily lenses longer, that is, to use them a second time, is not advisable. Proponents of this method argue that daily disposable lenses are made of the same material as monthly disposable lenses. Day lenses are however thinner than monthly lenses – and therefore more unstable. They can be damaged when removed from the eye. Often the resulting fine cracks or scratches are not visible to the naked eye. If the daily disposable lenses are used again, these defects can impair the visual performance or even damage the cornea.

In addition, the advantages of daily disposable lenses are lost through repeated wear. You have to get contact lens solution to clean the lenses with and to store them in. This not only costs money, but it can also happen that one does not tolerate the contact lens solution and thus irritates the eye unnecessarily. Probably the most important argument in favor of contact lenses is that you take a new, clean lens out of the blister every day. Deposits from the tear film collect on the contact lens during wear. These can irritate the eye. If you dispose of the lens in the evening, you have no problem with that. The situation is different if you use the lenses several times. In this case, you risk that on the second day no longer hygienically pure are.

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