Warm energy how and why to save

Sun protection saves energy: lower your energy consumption with roller blinds and co. Your power costs

Blinds, awnings and roller blinds not only protect you from blinding sun and prying eyes. Used correctly, a sunshade also helps to reduce monthly energy costs

Up to 30 percent of heating energy and even up to 50 percent of cooling energy can be saved if windows are equipped with modern solar shading, according to a recent study by the Industry Association for Roller Shutter Solar Shading Automation (IVRSA). Reason enough to rely on sophisticated sun protection systems when designing your living space. For example, on cold winter days you can use solar energy to generate heat in your four walls.

Shade providers, eye-catchers and energy experts – the new sun protection systems

Sun protection systems such as awnings, shutters and blinds are a must when decorating houses and apartments. Attached inside and outside, the modern systems finally make the home a little more cozy. As decorative elements, they even become color-coordinated eye-catchers on the facade or inside the windows. And as the name already betrays it, the different sun protection systems use in addition as dazzle protection on sunny days. At the same time, they provide reliable protection against prying eyes in the rooms behind them.

Blinds, roller blinds or awnings – which is which?

A roller shutter is attached to a window from the outside. With it hingedly interconnected lamellas are rolled up and unrolled as roller shutter armor among other things for the darkening. Venetian blinds are more delicate than roller shutters and can be individually adjusted. They can be installed outside or inside. A roller blind is an interior privacy and sun protection system in which a solid fabric is rolled up or down on a so-called roller blind. A pleated blind is also attached to the inside of the window. The protection, also called folding blind, offers privacy and sun protection with a horizontally folded fabric.

But the sun protection systems can do even more: if they are used correctly, window awnings , roller blinds and pleated blinds can even help to significantly reduce annual energy costs. Among other things, the heat from the sun is stored in the room. In view of the constantly rising energy costs, this is a valuable additional effect, because heating is by far one of the highest energy consumers in private households. Automated sun protection products are particularly helpful in saving energy . We explain to you which sun protection products you can use to regulate the energy requirement and what you need to pay attention to in the so-called daylight management in your home.

In the winter months – use of solar energy

Not only after an extensive walk in frosty temperatures, cozy warm temperatures in your own four walls have a high feel-good factor. A room temperature of about 20 degrees in the living area is recommended – but not warmer. Every extra degree of room temperature actually shows up on the heating bill at the end of the year.

But the good thing is: with the right heating and also ventilation method, such as shock ventilation, you can reduce heating costs. In addition, external, tightly closing sun protection systems such as roller blinds or window awnings have an insulating effect in the winter months and store heat. And it works like this: If they are closed at night, for example, an insulating air cushion is formed between the window and the respective sun protection system. That is, the heat can not escape to the outside. If an interior sun protection system such as pleated blinds is also attached and closed, this effect is even intensified. In this case, two insulating air cushions.

In addition, you can save even more heating costs by using the winter solar energy: By opening the exterior sunshade on a sunny winter day, the sun’s natural heat can be used during the day to help heat your home. By the way, this also works if the interior sun protection is used as glare protection and remains closed. If you observe all these points, you can save up to 30 percent on heating costs.

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Keeping the heat out on hot summer days

In summer heat periods, the room temperature can sometimes rise very sharply. And this happens exactly when a direct, strong sunlight heats up the air in the room without hindrance. Especially at night, this overheating indoors can be perceived as very uncomfortable and worsen sleep. Again, the right use of sunscreen can positively affect the room temperature in your home. In particular, external roller shutters or roller blinds prevent the unwanted heating of rooms during the day very efficiently, provided that the windows are also closed. The sun protection systems intercept the strong solar radiation already in front of the window pane and convert it into heat energy. This rises up the facade of the house and is discharged.

A sunscreen on the inside also helps, because it reflects the sun’s rays back to the outside. Temperatures inside thus remain comfortable. At night, in turn, you can open the windows and sunshades to use the cooled, fresh air to cool the rooms.

With the proper use of solar shading systems to cool overheated rooms, the installation of air conditioning is thus unnecessary. If such a system is already installed, however, modern sun protection can save up to 50 percent energy and thus electricity costs.

Daylight use instead of light switch

But it is not only with regard to heating and cooling rooms that solar shading systems can save electricity. Also the natural light of the sun is used. And this works with the closed roller shutter or blind via a flexible light regulation of the slats, with which the incidence of light in the room can be adjusted. Also available are special textile screens made of translucent fabric, which, in addition to glare and heat protection, at the same time allow the use of daylight, as well as the view to the outside. Instead of artificial light, then use natural daylight. With the modern solar shading systems, this will save you up to 20 percent on electricity costs when it comes to lighting.

Daylight management through intelligent controls

Windows closed, shutters down, windows open and all shutters up again: This back and forth works most effectively and above all very comfortably with the help of a motorization and automation of the sun protection systems. Once this is installed, intelligent control technology takes over the correct use of interior and exterior sun protection – adapted to the time of year and day.

By the use of daylight, solar radiation and thus also warmth you save energy in your home so completely comfortably. You will find various systems that work automatically, can be controlled by radio remote control or – if they are integrated into a smart home system – even by app. Alternatively, you can also connect a timer, which takes over the opening or closing at individually set times.

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