Tips for a good presentation

You think university presentations are not your thing at all? You are certainly not alone! In the next four minutes, we will give you some helpful tips to prepare a really good presentation in a short time and to give a 1-A presentation.

  • Limit yourself to relevant literature
  • Designing a clear presentation
  • Tips for a convincing presentation

Limit yourself to relevant literature

You are at the beginning of your presentation preparation, have no idea about the topic and don’t know where to start? Then our first tip for you is: Get an overview first! And not with complicated and detailed scientific texts, but with the help of easy to understand sources. Maybe you even just watch a few videos on your topic. This will give you a first overview and help you to find out which aspects are important and which you can leave out.

Overview literature study presentation

After this initial research, you know what you want to cover in your presentation and can now work through the scientific literature with regard to these topics. You’ll quickly notice which sources fit well and which are less relevant. It is best to limit yourself as early as possible to literature that deals with the topic in a clear and descriptive way. After all, no one likes to listen to presentations in which you are overwhelmed with boring detailed knowledge and don’t really check anything!

Design a clear presentation

Now you have a good idea of your topic and know exactly what you want to say? Then you can plan your presentation now! Often, lecturers want you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, and not without reason: A well-designed PowerPoint presentation can help the audience to follow your presentation more easily. To make sure that this is the case, there are a few things you should keep in mind when creating your presentation. For example, it is always better to write only a few keywords on the slides instead of long, complicated sentences. To make it easy to read, it is best to use a font size of at least 18 and to choose a font color that is easily recognizable on your slide background. Of course, you can also use the PowerPoint to illustrate the content, for example with a graphic or maybe even a short video. And one more important tip: You should avoid too conspicuous effects and transitions!

Tips for a convincing presentation

You are always quite nervous when you have to speak in front of many people? Then you should definitely go over your presentation at home once or twice beforehand. So you can not only estimate how long you need for your lecture. You will also find out where you are still struggling in your presentation. You can also ask your family or a friend if you can present your paper to them one day. They can give you honest feedback on your presentation style and tell you which parts are still not quite understandable.

So, in conclusion, we have two final tips for you. We don’t have to tell you that it is best to speak freely and read as little as possible. But you’ll need your flashcards for that alone, so you can hold onto them during your talk? Then you should at least make sure to write down only a few key words that will help you not to lose the thread. If you have too many notes, it will only tempt you to constantly look at your flashcards instead of your fellow students. Also, make sure you don’t speak too fast or slurred. You can also write this as a note on your index cards so that you remember it during your presentation!

Presentation study tips flashcards speak slowly

So, now you know the best tips and tricks for a good presentation and can amaze your lecturer at the next university lecture.

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