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Couples from Burgwald and Frankenberg report

Wedding on the snap date: many wedding ceremonies on 2.2. and 22.2.2022

Stefan Schneider and Beate Henke sitting on a bench

Snap number dates are popular with couples as wedding dates. Also on 2.2.2022 and on 22.2.2022 there will be many weddings in Waldeck-Frankenberg. We present two bridal couples.

Burgwald/Frankenberg – They have known each other for 15 years, have been a couple for eight years and now finally want to say yes to each other: Beate Henke and Stefan Schneider from Burgwald will be married on 22. February 2022 to enter into the bond of marriage.

"The date is special, like us and our relationship," says Beate Henke. "Some people get married on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, we wanted another special date," says Stefan Schneider.

"I feel like I’m freshly in love again"

The two have already met in school in Lollar near Giessen. There they have been a couple before, but then "lost sight of each other". They were together for two and a half years, meeting on the school halfpipe and staying in their "love nest," the old train cars that were in the station.

"I secretly let him spend the night in the basement. My mother always wondered why there was so little food," the 44-year-old recalls.

She visibly has to hold back the tears when she reviews the story of getting to know her sweetheart: "I feel like I’m freshly in love again."

Retrieved via Who Knows Whom

They had lost sight of each other and found each other again eight years ago on the social network "Who Knows Whom". "It has also immediately sparked again," says Henke. They got engaged two years ago, on the 5th of December.5.2019. "I look at stuff like that, I wanted a special date from the beginning," says Henke, who proposed to her significant other.

The wedding was supposed to have taken place on 20.2.2020 should take place, but there Corona has put a spoke in their wheel. "This time we didn’t want to miss it," they explain.

Wedding rings as tattoos and honeymoon after the wedding

Everything is planned: Civil ceremony will be married in the closest circle, the 43-year-old will take the surname of his wife, they will have the wedding rings tattooed – it should finally "be forever". The tattoos will be on the skin before the big wedding garden party in the summer. "Then hopefully everyone can be there," says Beate Henke.

But at the beginning of March, they will first be going on their honeymoon: seven days to the Polish border or to a center park: "I’ve always wanted to go there," says Henke. The couple has never been on vacation together. "A lot of work, little money, and somehow we didn’t miss it either," they explain.

Their wish: to build a small witch’s cottage

Three months ago they started their own business together: with "Best Dienstleistungen" they offer house and garden services. "He is not only my fiance, my soul mate, but also the best work colleague," says the bride-to-be and smiles at her fiance.

Their wish is to build a little witch’s cottage nearby – with a bathtub, because that’s their personal place "to relax and be together".

Wedding on 22.2.22 at 2 p.m

Manuel Moser and Nadine Abel hold their family genealogy book

Nadine Abel and Manuel Moser will also be married on 22 June. Marry in February this year. The couple currently lives in Ober-Roden (Offenbach district), but the bride wants to get married in her old home town. So they got married at two in the afternoon in Frankenberg. "If we’re going to do everything with twos, let’s do it right," the couple says, laughing.

Why they just on 22. February want to marry? "It was the right time and the date suited me well," explains Manuel Moser.

And he had also been able to gradually convince his fiancee of the date. "At first I thought February was way too cold, but the date is just cool," says Nadine Abel. "Something like this doesn’t happen often." The big wedding celebration will be made up in April in the home of her partner: in the hunting lodge near Darmstadt.

"We have to learn to live with Corona."

Corona didn’t get in the way of their wedding planning. "How long should we wait? Life goes on and we have to learn to live with Corona," says Abel.

In general, he said, the Corona pandemic had played a big part in their relationship so far. They have worked together in a home office. "We were together Monday through Sunday – and it worked," the couple says.

Christmas party got the ball rolling

They met at the car company Kia, where they started working almost simultaneously in July 2019. They met through joint introduction days and a colleague of the 34-year-old.

"We’ve worked in different departments," Nadine Abel tells us. That’s why they first wrote about the social network Xing, which is used for professional contacts; at the Christmas party, however, it "finally got rolling".

Proposal with pictures in the English Garden in Munich

Shortly thereafter, on 29. December 2019, they became a couple; on 30. March 2021 they got engaged. The Manuel Moser wanted to make the proposal at a summit cross on Lake Chiemsee. A short vacation together at a friend’s house provided the perfect occasion.

But because of the Corona restrictions, the cable car was closed, so the man had to come up with something new. And so, on the way back, they stopped in Munich and were sitting in the English Garden when Manuel Moser pulled out framed pictures and laid them out in front of his future wife.

For each picture he told a story- their story. Only the last picture frame was empty: for the wedding picture. „But he left out the genuflection", says the 30-year-old and her fiance adds: "There were so many people, I did not want such a large audience.“ (Kira Muller)

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