There’s great money to be made in these crazy jobs

Career advice You can make great money with these crazy jobs

Not everyone is cut out for an office job. Get up every morning, boring rooms, annoying colleagues, it doesn’t have to be that way. To the question "What’s the craziest thing someone you know does for a living??" over 5000 inspiring comments have been posted on Reddit in just a few days. We have fished out the most interesting answers. Some of the listed jobs are not exciting, but rather frighteningly simple and dull. But some – like the cactus hunter – lead to the great outdoors, others to a vacation apartment in Florida, and still others – like the goat rental – are just a good idea to make money in an unconventional way. The craziest is in the realm of Big Money

Big Money


"A friend is the personal assistant to the wife of the boss of a big company. The company pays her and she works for this woman – but the missus doesn’t work for the company.

The lady doesn’t work at all, but she needs someone to do annoying things for her and drive her around. Officially, my acquaintance is paid to be on call 24/7, but in the last four years there has never been a call after 21.00 given. Actually works maybe three hours a day and hangs out with the lady the rest of the time. She also gets to use their apartment in Florida for free.

At least she knows how lucky she is with this job, otherwise it would piss me off even more."


I work in an investment bank. We have a vice president who doesn’t even have a high school diploma. A couple of guys hired him as an analyst at some point. But actually he was her dealer. It was quite convenient at work. He wasn’t supposed to be doing anything in banking, just dealing, but he’s settled in pretty well. One of the bosses has now made him vice president."


"My friend is the white guy at some China company. He is six feet tall and has a gigantic, super manicured beard. I have no idea what this company actually does. But my friend has to sit at the table at meetings and always nod meaningfully."

That’s how great government service is


"My acquaintance works for the state in Louisiana. He has to go around in a boat in the swamps and look for some kind of cactus that doesn’t belong there. He has developed his own method. When he finds a cactus he marks it with an arrow. Then he burns the thing with a gas burner. He tries to convince his boss to let him have a flamethrower, but so far he hasn’t had any success with it."


"I have a friend who monitors two satellites for the government. He quickly realized that the satellites could manage without monitoring. He gets 80.000 dollars a year and watches Youtube videos all day long?."

Not quite decent jobs


"I know a guy who has some kind of porn site. All the videos show pretty women pouring some kind of slime over their heads and bodies. They are all dressed up. He can always take a vacation and always films with great models. He makes about 5000 dollars a month with it."


"My friend modeled the models for dildos. In the process, he has also copied the crotch or penis of famous porn stars. Something like that is sold as a sextoy or as a piece of jewelry."


"A friend was a photographer for a male VIP escort for a long time. She went along to these billionaires’ vacation homes and took pictures of this guy making out with old clients. She then had to make the faces in the pictures unrecognizable."

Off on your own


"I rent goats and make a living from it. This is my main source of income. If you have a large wild area, I’ll come with my goats, fence the whole thing in and put the animals out. I feed them a little, give them water, and get a fee while they eat up the wilds. When they’re done, I’ll wrap everything up again."


"My best friend has been unemployed for a year, but he earns more than I do because he plays Magic the Gathering-Cards like buying and selling stocks. And then he has a kind of hotline for Clash of Clans. Five nights a night he is online – for a fee he advises the players. He really makes a good income with that"


"Now this isn’t that crazy, but I know a guy who makes a living buying stuff in outlets. Then he puts the stuff on Ebay, but not in our country, but in countries where you can L.L. Bean, The North Face or Patagonia can’t get. His workday consists of shopping, Ebay, PayPal and taking stuff to UPS."

Short and happy


"My brother in law is a professional tournament knight. He works for a company that travels to medieval festivals. He has his own armor."


"So I manage a Mongolian folk metal band and make a pretty good living from it."

Bleary and sad


"I used to work at a mineral water company. I had to take care of false fillings. Broken cans, or only half-filled ones, were automatically sorted out by the conveyor belt. My job was to open those cans, pour out the water and throw away the empty cans. I just poured out mineral water all day long."

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