The cat brings mice: so you deal with the “gifts” of your kitty

If your cat can go outside, then it has certainly brought you a "present" at some time or other. Mostly it is a mouse, rarely a bird or another prey animal. How to behave best when the cat proudly presents the prey animal or even brings home a live mouse? And can cats be trained not to behave this way??

  • That’s why cats bring "gifts" to their humans
  • How to behave properly when your cat gives you a present
  • The cat the mice bring abgewohnen?

That cats are born hunters is well known. Their whole body is optimized for hunting: Their speed and leaping ability, good vision in the dark, fine nose and sensitive ears make cats successful predators. And then there are the sharp claws and fangs..

Even if a cat gets enough cat food at its human, it will still hunt. "The cat does not leave the mousing" says the proverb. The reason for it is the distinctive hunt instinct of our house tigers.

But why do cats always have to bring home mice as a gift?

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That’s why cats bring "presents" to their humans

There are several theories why cats bring dead or even still living prey to their humans.

For one thing, cats seem to think that humans are damn poor hunters. So it is obvious that they are so sweet and want to provide us with food. Maybe they also want to teach us how to hunt when they bring home a live mouse. After all, this is how cat mothers do it to their young.

A very probable explanation is also that cats want to thank us with the presents. After all, we care for and feed them. There a mouse or a bird as a thank you would be probably the least.

Another reason why cats take live prey indoors: They feel most comfortable at home and want to get their prey to safety quickly here. In the own four walls is then gladly still extensively played with the booty.

Cat behavior is not always easy to explain. Why exactly cats bring gifts to their humans in the form of dead or still living prey is not conclusively clear. Probably a mixture of the above theories applies.

The cat brings mice: so you deal with the "gifts" of your kitty

Here’s how to behave when your cat gives you a present

The most important thing right away:

Do not scold!

Yes, we humans are not really happy about a dead mouse in front of the door. And even less about a still living, trembling with fear under the living room cabinet squats.

But your cat meant no harm. Probably she even wanted to make you happy!

Scolding would be for them a completely incomprehensible reaction to their gift.

You should praise your cat instead: A stroke, a few kind words and a treat as a thank you. And then dispose of the gift when your cat is not looking.

Now you might ask yourself "Won’t my cat bring home mice more often if I reward him for it too??". Not an unjustified question. But it is rather unlikely that cats make such a connection. They are simply acting out their instincts, especially their hunting instincts.

Breaking the cat’s habit of bringing mice?

You can’t break a cat of its hunting instinct. If she is allowed outside, then she will also always go hunting. And if she brings you a mouse or another prey animal, then you should consider this as a proof of love.

If you don’t want your cat to bring its prey into the house, you should control it before letting it in. There are also cat flaps that open only in one direction – So Miez can always get out, but must "knock" before she can get back in again.

When the prey is still alive

Mostly it is still living mice that cats bring home with them. Depending on the condition of the "victim" you can try to save it.

For this the cat should be distracted. In addition, it is advisable to wear gloves, because stressed mice can bite quite once. The mouse should be released unnoticed by the cat as far away as possible – otherwise it will quickly be dragged in again.

If the mouse is in a bad condition it is more advisable to let the cat complete its work. A fatal bite is less agonizing than a slow, painful death from the injuries.

During the breeding season

The cat brings mice: so you deal with the "gifts" of your kitty

Cats rarely catch birds. This is due to the fact that the hunt for peepers is not very promising for small predatory cats. And since cats are totally into efficiency, they rarely try it. Only in old animals and sick birds they have better chances.

At the breeding time however gladly hunt on young birds is made. Also the bird parents are enormously stressed by the presence of a cat: They fly detours, in order not to betray the location of the nest and must be enormously attentive with the food search.

The breeding season of the birds is between May and June. During this time, you should let your cat out less to protect the population of native birds. You can additionally secure breeding places and bird houses with a climbing protection that is not dangerous for cats.

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