The best tips to make money with online classifieds

Earn money with classified ads

Clearing out, buying and reselling, repairing or part-time job – classifieds offer many opportunities.

Many know the situation: at the end of the money is once again so much month left over. To get around this dilemma, there are basically exactly two approaches: Reduce expenses or increase revenue.
But how to increase income quickly and easily? It’s easy – with online classifieds. explains how it works and gives tips on how you can use online classifieds to improve your household budget.

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Tip 1: Sell used items through classified ads

(Almost) everything can be sold

Our first tip: Used and no longer needed things via classifieds on sell. If the hole in the household budget is somewhat larger, z. B. the sale of antiques, furniture or technical equipment ( smartphones, computers, digital cameras, TV&) Reception technology etc.) at.

Do you want to sell your car to quickly and easily fill the account, is also on the possible without any problems. Remember though: Even small livestock makes crap. So who now and then clean out Selling clothes, books or household appliances that are no longer needed not only creates space, but also an additional source of income.

Sartphone with charging cable

Sell things that you no longer use anyway.

Place a classified ad free of charge and easily

Your advantage at The Advertising is free of charge and is simple and fast. No matter what you want to sell – after a few clicks the online classified ad is live and already appeals to interested parties. The form on is simple and completed within a few minutes.

Pay attention to the title of the classified ad expressive and the ad text then offers more details about the offer. More detailed information on the subject you will find in the guide about free classifieds successfully sell. There is also a clear video tutorial with additional tips for placing ads under Help& FAQ can help you.

Particularly important with the classified advertisement task: Do not forget photos, because these attract additional attention and increase the attractiveness of advertisements enormously. Get helpful tips in this regard in the guide How to create a good photo for my classified ad?

Tip 2: Offer services

Cleaning lady with cleaning bucket

Offer a service or a service and improve so your salary on.

For all those who would like to supplement their salary, it is also worth taking a look at the services category. No matter if you are a pupil, a student or an employee – here you can find interesting side jobs, with which you can conjure up a few euros more in the pocket. Offer others your services z. B. in the form of student tutoring, gardening service or household help at. If you have an urge for children, you should try babysitting.

As a guide price, you can estimate about 8 to 10 euros per hour as a babysitter. Especially in student cities, moving helpers are always in high demand. Get involved and help others and yourself equally.

Tip 3: Trade – buy things and sell them again

On often find great bargains. Who in such cases strikes – even if there is generally no interest in the item – can with a little luck make a profit through a subsequent sale. But be careful: Not every product you get cheaply will find a buyer who is willing to pay more for it. Here it always depends on the individual demand of the product.

Also keep in mind: Of course, profits can be made especially if you sell products z. B during sales or by discounts due to high purchase quantities particularly favorably receives. Who buys however regularly products for the further purchase, acts commercially and no longer as a private salesman. Find out more in the guide Information for Commercial providers.

Tip 4: Make and sell new items yourself

No matter whether decoration articles, delicatessen, garden furniture or clothes: Homemade is again in and the demand accordingly large. You like to design small bags or special pieces of jewelry? Then you can sell them on to the man bring. The more original the idea, the better it can be marketed. Again, however, the following applies: In principle, there is nothing wrong with private sales. But if regularly larger quantities are sold, a trade must be registered.

Tip 5: Sell things for others

Packages with items

Sell old things for friends and acquaintances and get a share of the proceeds in return.

Many people lack the time to sell used items via online classifieds. In addition, especially the older generation often lacks the technical knowledge or. Appliances to sell no longer needed items such as the old sofa or washing machine to third parties.

Our tip: In such cases you can step in as an experienced Internet user as a so-called sales agent. Take over for others everything related to selling through online classifieds – from posting an item to delivering it to the buyer. As soon as you sell an item, you pass on the profit, but take a credit for your work small selling fee from (by arrangement). This is another way to fill the piggy bank a little bit.

Tip 6: Pick up items to give away

At, used things are often not only available at bargain prices, but sometimes even for free. Browse through the classifieds and look for items tagged to give away. In this way you can earn no money, but a lot of money Save money. Whether you need discarded technical equipment such as stereos or televisions, used kitchen furniture, books, music or movies "to give away-You can find ads at in almost every category. Who pays attention to the fact that the advertisement advertiser comes from the closer environment, can save additionally forwarding expenses and fetch its desire article fast and simply personally.

Another advantage is that if you have enough storage space, you can donated items still resell. Especially if the former owner had to sell the item because of moving o.a. had to get rid of, a good price can still be achieved.

Tip 7: Buy, upgrade and resell items

Bench in Shabby Chic optik

Especially old pieces of furniture can be transformed with simple means into an eye-catcher and resold profitably.

Many second-hand goods offered through classified ads offer a potential undiscovered by the seller. Especially furniture like cupboards, tables or chairs but also clothes and accessories can be sold for free be transformed into real eye-catchers with a little creative skill. Who does not know, for example, the currently totally trendy Shabby Chic style – a style of furnishing with a mixture of flea market pieces and homemade, where colors of pastel and light natural tones and traces of use are part of the aesthetic concept.

Likewise defective devices with massively offered. Who handicraft talented is, can get hold of dishwashers in need of repair, laptops or game consoles sometimes very favorably – if not even free of charge -, get it running again and then resell it. This is another nice way to earn extra money to fill the household budget.

Find a job with online classifieds

For all job seekers offers one large pool of different vacancies. Under the category Jobs& Career can be found numerous job advertisements published by an agency or by companies directly. Whether as a waiter, educator or insurance broker – click through and work soon again in your dream job. Important tips on the subject of application letters, job interviews and co. supplies our job guide. With the tips listed above, you can then supplement your salary conveniently and simply

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Current classifieds

For sale is a used GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB graphics memory from ASUS.

The card has always been treated with care and has never been overclocked, so I don’t know anything about overclockability.

Living room cabinet, solid walnut, due to move to self-collector to give away.
The cabinet is in very good condition and has always been well maintained. Unfortunately, the wardrobe can not go with you to the new apartment.

I sell here 1 Vertiggelande of the company Noch with the name Traunstein.
Served, partially aged and ballasted.
1 Starter set Minnitrix Digital
11147N Freight train MRCE,Ep.VV6 WITH SOUND.

50126 Bergheim (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Give away well preserved 3-piece wall unit in rustic oak.
Length: 4m
Height : 2.05m
Depth:55 cm
Self-disassembly and self-transport in Arnstadt/Thuringia.
Non-smoking and pet free.

An oriental rug can be worth millions, or nothing. Without expertise you do not know the origin or the world market price. Almost all product descriptions are amateurish and wrong. Here is an.

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