Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

Hello, today my mother is totally freaked out because the chemistry teacher of my little sister, 8. class, explained to the class how to make a bomb. He did this under the subtopic of burns, and also covered firecrackers overall. Of course he also pointed out that a serious bomb should please not be replicated. My mother still thinks this is pedagogically negligent, especially since children are eager to experiment. How do you stand to it, resp. How would you have acted?

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Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

How to make explosives is in every high school chemistry book. In every library, at every university, in every major bookstore, and also on Amazon.

There is a "bomb yes merely "a device for ignition" is, you don’t have to think long to figure out how something like this could work, even without prior guidance from a teacher.

Honestly, I think that people who get upset about such trivia have had very little education themselves and are prone to irrational panic.

Does your mother also get upset when 30cm long kitchen knives are sold at the supermarket? Or in the hardware store cut-off machines?

Fortunately, (most) terrorists are very very uneducated, but out of fear to forbid basic knowledge, because one could possibly. could use for less good things is definitely the wrong way to go.

PS: Also, I don’t think the teacher explained in detail how to make a bomb to the class. At most he has explained the basic way it works. Also, you see people building bombs in a realistic way all the time on the news and in crime shows.

Your mother exaggerates. But tremendous! ><

Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

yes, in chemistry class you learn the basics of bomb making. But I’m sure that was already the case in your mother’s school days.

Chemistry and physics are really devilish subjects. What you teach the kids could be abused on a massive scale and is potentially very dangerous.

However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Sometimes it’s handy to know that you shouldn’t pour water into acid. The physics lessons have certainly prevented one or the other from painting his kitchen in goulash colors with the help of the pressure cooker.

Besides, with good grades in the subjects you can even get a well-paid job – even away from the bomb industry.

Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

do not worry too much about it

3 years ago there was a terrorist (Sauerland) who studied 2 semesters of chemistry and the bomb he built still didn’t work

He is unlikely to have given precise instructions on how to make a bomb, but rather described the chemical reaction in an explosion.

Of course this is part of the normal chemistry lessons.

You can’t just not teach things because they might be misused… And if you really want to build a bomb, you can easily find more material on the internet than the teacher could ever show you.

Your mother is totally overreacting.

Teacher explains how to make a bomb?

Hah that’s normal stuff we did that in physics if she has a problem with it she should take it out of school and do private lessons

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hi people, i heard that you can make a smoke bomb with,

Potassium nitrate: KNO3 Food coloring: C6H10O5 Sugar: C12H22O11 Baking soda: Na2H2P2O7

Can someone give me the reaction equation??:)

would be nice, would interest me because I don’t understand it o_o

In the alternative media I often read that the radioactive radiation of today’s atomic bomb / nuclear missile, only a few decades should last and then supposedly again people can live happily ever after. Again and again Little Boy is taken as an example. But you can’t compare Little Boy with today’s atomic bombs?!

Even if one can live in Hiroshima, the earth is still contaminated for tens of thousands of years.

I feel like everyone around me is in a bad place right now except me. Now yesterday I went to the swimming pool with a friend. She told me that she suspects her boyfriend has depression. He wrote to her that he does not feel anything anymore. And she has the feeling all the time that she is annoying him.

Last night I wrote a very long text to my boyfriend to let him know how much I love him. Lately it was strange between us. He just said he loved me too. I knew something was wrong and spoke to him about it. He first said that this is not his thing to write long texts then I knew finally something is wrong. I told him I’m here for him and I wonder why he’s so weird. He replied: I feel really bad at the moment, I don’t feel good anywhere. I don’t know if I love you or not. I don’t know anything anymore I don’t know what I feel I miss something but don’t know what. I don’t know anything anymore. Sorry.

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Hello, I have to present about these two bombs for 10 minutes each, so a total of 20 minutes. it would be nice if you could tell me what to talk about and how my outline should look like.

Hello this question is for experienced physicists

I have been studying quarks, gluons and others a lot lately and inevitably came across the higgs boson and asked if it would be possible to build a bomb out of it because if so it would be devastating

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