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Permanent Make-up

Taettooing permanent make up

Permanent Make-up& Microblading

Bright, expressive eyes, beautifully curved eyebrows and a well-formed mouth is the wish of every woman.
Permanent make-up is the solution for all those who cannot or do not want to wear make-up, suffer from allergies or simply want to look good at all times.
A permanent make-up should not replace an evening make-up, but underline the natural beauty, intensify colors and compensate for irregularities


Eyelash line thickening
130,00 €

Eyelid line above (narrow)
180,00 €

Lower eyelid line
180,00 €

Eyelid line on top (wider&) modeled)
230,00 €

Eyes complete (incl. eyelash line)
from 360,00 €

Eyebrows (machine or microblading)

Eyebrow thickening
from 250,00 €

Eyebrow shape optimization
from 350,00 €


Lips watercolor technique
from 440,00 €

Slight enlargement, shape optimization
from 470,00 €

Microblading – the perfect technique to create natural looking eyebrows!

With us you are in good hands and do not need to be afraid of distortions. Due to our many years of professional experience we work responsibly and safely. Radiant, expressive eyes, beautifully curved eyebrows and a well-formed mouth is the wish of every woman.

Permanent make-up is the solution for all those who cannot or do not want to do their own make-up, who suffer from allergies or who simply want to look good at all times. Permanent makeup is not intended to replace evening makeup, but to emphasize the natural beauty, intensify colors and compensate for irregularities.

This preserves the characteristics of your face and emphasizes your type.

Eyes – Bright, beautiful EYES – Permanent

"The eyes are the mirror of our soul", it is said. And what is more beautiful than to give his reflection a little more expression?

The treatment options are very diverse – we focus entirely on your wishes and provide you with professional advice:

Examples from our practice:

An eyelid line on the upper eyelid is pigmented above the eyelashes

It gives the eyes more expression, enlarges them and optimizes their shape.

The width of the eyelid line can be adjusted to the individual personal taste and the customer’s imagination. The spectrum here ranges from a hair-thin aesthetic line, which emphasizes only very discreetly, to eyeliner widening.

Eyelash line thickening

A line is pigmented between the eyelashes on the upper eyelid and is a good way for ladies, as well as for men, to emphasize the eyes, as it is very natural and inconspicuous.

Especially with thicker, lighter eyelids the eyelash line thickening looks very good. By darkening the pink shimmering skin between the eyelashes the eye looks more expressive and larger.

eyelid line and eyelash line thickening can be combined very well.

Eyeliner on the lower eyelid

For an eyeliner on the lower edge of the eyelid, the line is pigmented either between the lashes or just below them. The desire of the customer and also the shape and size of the eye plays a role. The width of the eyelid line is variable.

Before the treatment:

Professional permanent make-up begins with a detailed and free consultation.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and, if you wish, our permanent make-up stylist will draw your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips.

General instructions before the

Permanent make-up according to our method is almost problem- and painless.

Please do not have the hairs dyed shortly before an eyelid line or eyebrow treatment.

Do not take aspirin 3 days before the treatment. (Important for lips!)

-> Lips – Meet people with a radiant smile – the best prerequisite for this: beautiful lips !

Lip contour with shading

A line is also drawn along the edge of the lips. In case of narrow lips, it is possible to work on the outermost edge, so that the lip is slightly enlarged. Then, starting from the line to the center of the lips, color is shaded in. The result shows a lip contour that is no longer so sharply defined, but rather a slight aesthetic blurring. This makes the lips appear fuller, more voluptuous, more sensual and often creates a seductive and "inviting" flair for the observer.

After ca. 5 weeks, if necessary, a touch-up is done which is included in the price.

It is possible to change the color a little bit afterwards.

Taettooing permanent make up

-> Eyebrows – Microblading eyebrows – hair drawing especially natural and fine – eyebrows are the frame of the face. Let us advise you without obligation.

Many people have naturally very few eyebrow hairs or a shape that is not so optimal.
Also by the hormone change in the menopause the eyebrows often grow irregularly or sparsely. Microblading is the perfect method to reconstruct the eyebrows so that they look completely natural.

  • Adapted to the natural color of the eyebrows, the hairs are painted one by one. Optically appearing genuine brow hairs are simulated and underlaid with a light shading if desired.
  • Eyebrow enhancement
    the existing own hairs are underlaid in a matching color, so that the brows appear thicker and fuller. The colored underlaid hairs make the brows look more natural and emphasize the individual facial expression of a person
  • Optical corrections for eyes that are too narrow or too wide apart
  • Reconstruction of the brow in case of missing eyebrows (alopecia)
  • Change of shape
  • Retouching scars in eyebrows

Examples from our practice (before/after)

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

Taettooing permanent make up

How is a permanent Make-up done ?

Special, dermatologically tested color pigments are implanted into the upper layer of the skin with a delicate, electric liner in a kind of "mini-tattooing. The pigmentation is neither particularly painful, nor in any way dangerous. If it should be necessary after approx. 3-4 weeks still a rework made. This rework is included in the price.

During the treatment you will always have the possibility to watch the procedure in the mirror and to make your own decisions.

What is the difference to tattooing and how long holds a permanent make up ?

The durability is limited in contrast to the tattoo. The main difference to tattooing is the more gentle method of application, the special quality of the colors and their low implantation depth. As a result, permanent make-up usually lasts for 2 to 5 years. A longer durability is undesirable here.

Since a face changes over the course of a lifetime, this gives you the opportunity to always adapt the drawing to the current circumstances.

In order to keep your permanent make-up attractive, you can have it refreshed in between. Within 2 years you pay for then a reduced price.

The micropigments are subject to the strictest controls and meet the highest quality requirements. All colors are dermatologically, allergy and hypoallergenic tested. There is no risk liability for medical and especially radiological examinations.

Before the treatment:

Professional permanent make-up begins with a detailed and free consultation. you have the possibility to ask questions and if you wish our permanent make up stylist will draw eyebrows or lips for you.

Please inform yourself about our offer and the various possibilities on the following pages

All pictures on the following pages are permanent make up work done in our studio.With many competitors it is usual to put beautiful pictures of other studios on their own Internet pages to advertise themselves. This is of course absolutely unserious, because the customer is deceived with it.

In our studio you can also see a photo folder and you can be sure that nothing is embellished. Also the pictures here on our site are made here in the studio. Unfortunately, the quality of the colors is sometimes not so special.

What side effects can occur?

No side effects are to be expected with eyebrows.

In the case of eyeliner treatments, the upper eyelids may swell slightly for a few hours. The swelling is not painful and can be relieved by cooling.

In rare cases, lip herpes can occur during lip treatments, especially in people with a history of lip herpes. You can talk to your family doctor in advance to start taking tablets 3 days before the PMU treatment to prevent herpes blisters from forming.

You will receive the appropriate care products after the treatment and they are included in the price.

You will be advised in detail before the treatment and will be given information material.

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