Switching to e-cigarettes: aids for quitting smoking & tobacco cessation tobacco cessation

The electric cigarette can help decisively as an aid in quitting smoking and giving up tobacco cigarettes. The switch can also be the entry point on the path to becoming a non-smoker. The effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid also depends on each individual – and on his or her previous smoking behavior and associated rituals. Also, you should know that there are two ways to use an e-cigarette: on the one hand, you can use liquids WITH nicotine and on the other hand, vaporizing aromatic liquids WITHOUT nicotine. The latter, however, are rather unsuitable for a successful switch from tobacco cigarettes to electric cigarettes. Often comes thereby furthermore The question arises whether and how the nicotine-containing liquids can really function as a full-fledged nicotine substitute, so that one can actually put the harmful tobacco cigarette aside permanently. Because a smoker for years, who is accustomed to his daily nicotine dose, will hardly be satisfied with an alternative, which can not guarantee him the full replacement. The answer is a little more complex, and opinions here are sometimes far apart. But we’ve put together a few facts and tips to help you make the switch to e-cigarettes successfully.

Infographic on switchers and vapor users

Excerpt from infographic "E-cigarettes and their users" | InnoCigs survey from 2015 "Who are the vaporizers??"

E-cigarettes are not a conventional nicotine substitute

Since e-cigarettes allow you to consume both nicotine-free and nicotine-containing liquids, you can’t talk about a traditional nicotine replacement. If you were a heavy smoker before, however, nicotine-free liquids are unlikely to work as a full-fledged replacement for quitting, at least initially. The greatest benefits of vapor for quitting smoking, see many Umsteiger however also completely elsewhere:

It is possible to control the liquid strength or. Dose the nicotine content (there are different strengths of liquids and you can also dilute with distilled water) – so you can, unlike conventional nicotine replacement products, such as nicotine patches or chewing gum, gradually get used to lower doses, until you eventually maybe even switch to nicotine-free liquids.

The toxic byproducts that are produced when burning a tobacco cigarette are eliminated with e-cigarette vaporizing. And these are, after all, the greatest health risk to which one exposes oneself when smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. More info on supposed Effects of e-cigarettes on health are also available on our blog.

Optics& Haptics of some e-cigarettes are strongly oriented toward the regular cigarette, which should make it easier for smokers to make the switch. In addition, one continues to inhale a mist strongly reminiscent of smoke, which has been proven to be less harmful than tobacco smoke. Thus, one can sI – despite withdrawal – an maintain one’s usage habits and rituals, while still reducing the health risk. This mainly facilitates smoking cessation per se, less the need for nicotine.

This is especially exciting when you know that the greatest health hazard from smoking is precisely not nicotine, but the substances that are produced during combustion. The function& Components of an e-cigarette prevent this by inhaling nicotine not in the form of smoke, but in the form of a dense cloud of vapor created when the liquid liquid hits the heated heating coil in the e-cigarette’s vaporizer head. Basically, the same thing happens when you drip water on a hot pan. Thus, the electric cigarette is mainly a good tool as well as an effective support, on the one hand, to reduce nicotine bit by bit and eventually leave it out completely, and on the other hand, not to have to give up the rituals of smoking and the taste in the process. Since the look and feel of some e-cigarettes (so called. Ciga-Likes) strongly resemble the conventional cigarette, can a withdrawal from cigarettes and nicotine can be achieved much easier this way. At least this is the argumentation of one side. Of course, it is also clear that this similarity to the cigarette, can not be seen in every situation across the board as an aid in quitting smoking and depends strongly on the type and previous smoking habits.

Does the feel of an e-cigarette promote or reduce addictive behavior??

The opponents of the "e-cigarette as a means to stop smoking" take up exactly this argument and say that precisely this adherence to the addictive behavior patterns with regard to nicotine consumption makes the final and actual cessation more difficult and thus cannot be recommended as a conventional means of smoking cessation. However, the critics leave out the fact that, despite the lack of long-term studies, there is already evidence that the e-cigarette works much better as a support on the way to becoming a non-smoker than nicotine gum or nicotine patches. Because they all neglect the fact and the power of learned social behavior patterns in connection with the cigarette, z.B. Reaching for a cigarette in stressful situations or after a cup of coffee. A patch or a chewing gum does not come close enough to this behavior pattern.

Admitted: the existing and representative data sets regarding the E-cigarette , that deal with smoking cessation and long-term effects are still expandable. Nevertheless, many subjects accepted an e-cigarette as a nicotine substitute much better than a patch or gum, because vaporizing allows them to maintain their usual rituals. Addiction experts warn, however, that it is precisely these rituals that further reinforce addictive behavior and thus even make long-term smoking cessation more difficult. who is right will decide in the long run the long term studies and reports that are not yet available and of course your own experience. Because a generally valid answer cannot be given here. But we already have a few tips for making the switch from cigarettes to vaporizing the electric cigarette.

Here’s how to do it right: switching to e-cigarettes

Make the right decision – old or new models

The first generation of e-cigarette models was still very reminiscent of conventional cigarettes in terms of look and feel (so-called "box"). Cigalikes). But since they have essentially nothing in common, the second generation already appeared in box and tube form, which are very different from the typical "glow stick". What is the right thing for you depends on your demands. The models, most similar to the tobacco cigarette, facilitate the transition in the sense of the proponents, because they allow the former smoker to continue to hold on to the old rituals. But the new models are much more powerful, as they are not about leaning on the cigarette, but about the optimal and most efficient form for the pure function of an e-cigarette. The box-like shape leaves more room for larger batteries and liquid tanks, for example.

The first e-cigarette – buying criteria

In any case, it should meet a few specific criteria, so that the pleasure does not fall by the wayside during the switch. 1. There should be a good vapor development This must be ensured, because the vapor also acts as a flavor carrier. 2.The battery should be powerful enough, so that you don’t have to recharge it every few hours, but one recharge lasts at least a day with normal consumption. Because if the battery fails exceptionally quickly, you are likely to quickly lose the desire to vaporize again.

Pay attention to the draw technique

From the first puff on the new e-cigarette, it should be clear that, regardless of the appearance, there is a big difference from the cigarette. Here the Slow, snug and continuous draw to the optimal taste. The jerky draw, as with the tobacco cigarette, is therefore passe. Reason: in the e-cigarette there is no combustion, but vaporization, whereby the pulling of the mouthpiece allows the liquids to hit the heating coils. The shorter and jerkier you draw, the less time the liquids have to vaporize. The subsequent inhalation is up to your personal sensation. Some vaporizers collect the aromatic mist in the oral cavity before then drawing it into the lungs, while others prefer continuous lung puffs.

Provide variety& Testing liquid flavors

Thus, you will not get bored during the changeover, while there is also the positive side effect of recognizing a big difference from the cigarette: the variety of flavors, whether with nicotine, or without. Many e-cigarette newbies initially reach for tobacco flavored liquids, probably out of habit. But usually it does not take long and they feel their way to fruity flavors or special flavors, such as bubble gum and cola, before.

The liquid strength – how much nicotine?

Many switchers make a crucial mistake, especially if you see the e-cigarette as a nicotine substitute. You choose a liquid variant that contains less nicotine than the normal cigarette. Actually logical, because you want to be weaned in the long term. But in doing so, both critics and beginners forget a crucial detail: compared to the smoke of the normal cigarette, the e-cigarette gives off vapor only 1/3 of the amount of nicotine to the body. Thus, the hoped-for effect fails to materialize and people often start to doubt vaporizing to quit smoking. You can prevent this by initially reaching for liquids with a higher nicotine content. Additionally, always keep in mind that the greatest harm in smoking comes from combustion, not nicotine, before you reach for the glow stick again.

What about liquids without nicotine??

First, we must point out that even vaporizing liquids without nicotine, is not the completely healthy alternative to smoking. The reason for this, however, is not that the health risk of vaporizing has already been proven, but only that the experience from long-term studies is currently not yet available. And of course, caution is the first step. What is certain, however, is that when vaporizing, with or without nicotine, 95 % less pollutants are produced than when burning tobacco. Because an e-cigarette simply contains no tobacco; incl. of all associated by-products and waste. If you are a smoker who wants to switch, not to light cigarettes or nicotine patches, but to the e-cigarette, you should choose liquids with nicotine at the beginning and then slowly reduce the amount. Because unlike many other nicotine replacement products, the nicotine content is variable.

Conclusion: The question of whether it is possible to quit smoking without nicotine with the support of the electro-cigarette can therefore be answered with "yes", as long as it is implemented as part of a complementary cessation strategy. However, vaporizing e-cigarettes alone, without an accompanying strategy, is by no means a guarantor and, above all, not a much easier way to quit smoking, since, like any other nicotine substitute, it must be accepted by the consumer just as a full replacement. And here above all behavioral patterns and degree of addiction have a large say. Because a smoker will fall back into old behavior patterns even if a chewing gum or a liquid contains the usual amount of nicotine, but he does not associate the same experience and the same rituals with it as with the glow stick. So the e-cigarette is not a blanket nicotine substitute; a help for those who want to reduce the nicotine dose despite maintaining their habits, but already.

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UPDATE: Since we have received many questions about quitting smoking with e-cigarettes over the years, we have collected here what moves switchers.

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