Stay slim despite quitting smoking

Many smokers have decided to quit smoking at the beginning of the new year, be it for the sake of their health or because smoking is becoming more and more expensive. The new ban on smoking in restaurants and pubs is also leading to more and more smokers wanting to kick the habit. However, many smokers are afraid of gaining weight if they quit smoking. Stay slim anyway. Is it possible?

Quitting smoking: The last cigarette!

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In fact, you often gain a few kilos after you quit using the Smoking quit smoking. Why is it like that and how can you prevent it perhaps?

Smokers consume ca. 300 calories a day more than Non-smoker. This is due to the fact that the organism must compensate for the lack of oxygen in the cells and remove pollutants from the body again. If the heavy smoker stops smoking, the taste improves. Thus the food tastes better, which naturally then promotes the appetite. Also that Feeling of hunger is no longer affected by the Nicotine inhibited. At the same time, smoking releases endorphins in the body, so-called feel-good hormones. These missing after the cigarette stop. To compensate for this, the ex-smoker often rewards himself with chocolate or sweets. The gain can then be up to 10 kg.

Help out of the dilemma.

There are only two ways two ways not to gain weight: an increased Calorie intake avoid and the Calorie consumption increase.

The diet should now include fruits, vegetables and whole grains at the top of the list. Sweets and fatty meals should be avoided as much as possible. Dietary fiber are particularly important. They support intestinal activity and make you feel full faster. more about dietary fiber>>

Always have fruit close at hand for those cravings to "pop something in your mouth" instead of a cigarette between meals. A "Tupperware" with small cut apples, carrots or grapes is helpful here. Also a sugar-free chewing gum distracts a little and the mouth has something to do.

Do only after Stop smoking not a diet, because during the diet the body constantly receives the information that it is in an emergency situation. It quickly adjusts to the reduced calorie intake and utilizes the calories better. They also add to the stress factor that already comes from quitting smoking. Do not forbid yourself too much, because forbidden things gain attractiveness. The result is binge eating. Instead, eat consciously and with pleasure. Divide food intake into three High-fiber Main meals high in vitamins and low in fat, and two snacks in between. Ensure sufficient fluid intake. How to maintain your performance.
Nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum are helpful in the initial phase, because this slowly reduces the nicotine dose and the body can adjust more easily.

Increase calorie consumption!

Sports is the ideal means to Calorie consumption to increase. Especially when running, the body emits happiness hormones. Thus, the deficit of endorphins, which are now no longer released by smoking, is absorbed. At the same time, it is distracted by the desire for a cigarette.

However, let yourself be protected by a possible Weight gain not discourage! If you eat sensibly and exercise, your metabolism will settle down again after some time. Then you will quickly lose the gained kilos again.
The gain in quality of life also compensates for the one or other kilo. Just two days after the last cigarette, the sense of smell and taste refines again. Breathing improves after three days. And one year after quitting smoking, the risk of cardiovascular disease is only half as high. It is therefore never too late to quit!

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