Stay relaxed: gift ideas for christmas

Christmas is traditionally the time of year when we give gifts to friends and family. And every year, as the holiday approaches incredibly fast, we look for beautiful and special gift ideas. Finding a suitable gift for children is quite easy, but for people who actually "already have everything" it becomes much more difficult. With our tips, the search ends long before it turns into stress. Promise.

The best gift is time together

Hiking in nature © Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail / WWF

Via shared experiences and activities Most people are happy to receive it and the memory of it is guaranteed to last longer than any purchased item. After months of more or less strong social distancing, there is hardly anything more beautiful and valuable than time together to give away. And the best thing about it is: You yourself also get something out of it.

Plan a excursion into nature, a common Hike with picnic. Or a City walk with special stations that the presentees do not know yet. Or how about for example Vacation camp for grandma and grandpa together with their grandchildren? A Indulgence evening, on whom the favorite people with a special Food being cooked for? Or one yoga or climbing course, in which you participate together?

Maybe there’s something you’re particularly good at that someone else would like to learn: give away a small workshop for learning to play the ukulele, bake or make macrame. Time together connects and often gives more joy and fun than the twelfth cookbook or pair of socks.

Make your own vouchers

The best way to spend time together is with a self-made voucher GIVE AWAY. Unfortunately, vouchers sometimes have a bad reputation, they are considered unimaginative – but they can be designed imaginatively and individually! From the self scooped paper Via Potato print, with which even small children enthusiastically tinker, to the creative upcycling With all the possible materials, there are almost unlimited possibilities to give gift ideas the appropriate framework. Here, we’ve rounded up some environmentally friendly craft ideas. Also digital with image editing and funny photos you can make great gift certificates.

Additional tip: Make sure that the voucher is redeemed soon and does not fall into oblivion. Make directly date suggestions or begin directly in the new year with it to forge concrete plans.

Donations as a gift with great effect

WWF certificates as gifts © iStock Getty Images

Give the gift of long-lasting joy while make the world a little better: This fits especially well at Christmas and can be implemented very easily by giving a donation. The choice is huge, because around the world and also on our doorstep there are many people, animals and projects that need our support.

If you and your loved ones don’t have a favorite project yet, you can get inspired by WWF’s conservation gifts: For all animal fans, a Animal sponsorship of the WWF for example for polar bears, lions, orangutans, elephants and many more just the right thing to do. And if you’re a strong supporter of environmental and climate protection, you’ll definitely appreciate a Gift certificate to the protection of the rainforest or the oceans look forward to.

Of course, you can also start a fundraising campaign yourself as a Christmas wish, the proceeds of which will then go to a selected cause, and then ask friends and relatives to make a donation. For those who are ahead of the game, here’s an innovative digital gift idea: give the gift of Non-Fungible Animals! The digital artwork are as rare as many species you help with NFTs. Simply send it to a wallet of your choice and give it as a gift.

All WWF gift ideas at a glance

Arctic fox © Dmitry Deshevykh / WWF-Russia

With ecological gifts you make not only your loved ones, but also the nature lastingly a special joy.

Eurasian lynxes are solitary animals © Julius Kramer

Tips for a merry and ecological Christmas

Celebrate a sustainable Christmas with these ecological ideas for Christmas tree, festive food, gifts, decorations and a really nice time at home. To the tips

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