Start with sports – how to get going guaranteed

The first step is the hardest and many fail at it, although they want to start with sports. ausdauerblog shows you the way from wanting to do

But why is that? In this article I will explain the background and show you how you can finally get going and stop talking about "could", "should" or "ought".

Go ahead throw the subjunctive out the window and let us start with sports. And not tomorrow, next week or next year – but today.

"How quickly "not now" turns into "never"…"
(Martin Luther)

The reasons against starting or what you definitely don’t need for sports

Some time ago, I wrote an article here on the blog that showed you how to reduce your inner swine can overcome. This one was extremely successful and shows part of the problem.

But only a part of it, because as powerful as your bastard may be, there are many other reasons why you don’t take up sports. Here three of it..

  • The wrong sport

Everybody goes climbing, so you join in as well. Your friends run to the gym and you run after them. It’s just not fun for you. Find the sport that suits you – try it out.

There are so many sports, but do not get lost. In the beginning it should be something simple. Something that requires neither equipment nor technology nor preparation. Jogging, Cycling or swimming anyone can do somehow. So start your sporty lifestyle so that.

Running is the most natural of all movements. you learned it as a toddler and you use it every day. Every step counts and especially in the beginning it may also be the often ridiculed Nordic Walking its. Self brisk walking Is much better than sitting on the couch.

Or how about cycling? All you need for this is an old city bike or something similar. You’re bound to have one gathering dust in your basement. So out with it, put on it and just cycled into nature.

Can you swim? This is also something that every child in Central Europe has actually learned. So off to the outdoor or indoor pool and swam a few laps. Swimming is extremely easy on the joints and therefore especially suitable for overweight people.

You would much rather have Build up muscles? Also good – but that’s why you don’t need dumbbells or equipment. Start with push-ups, sit-ups and squats – your muscles are guaranteed to respond!

  • Health check and fitness check is too much work

Many sources write that before starting to exercise you should definitely check with a doctor and possibly a trainer.

Sorry for the following clear words – this might be well meant, but in most cases completely superfluous, because people don’t even start with sports. Much too elaborate!

If you’re not in a high-risk group and haven’t sought medical treatment yet, just get started. It is not about competitive sports, but to get started.

And the Fitness Check? Try is wise – just test your condition. Can you run a kilometer easily? Or 30 minutes of cycling? Do 5 push-ups? With these simple exercises you’ll get a good feel for your condition and – very important – for your body.

  • Too much information

The Internet is tempting. Everything is described in detail and You can spend hours looking for information surfing, if you finally want to start doing sports. Also something you should forget.

Don’t read about sports – do it…

Sport is not complicated, it just likes to be complicated. Technical literature and technical terms are mainly for – the name says it all – professionals. This is not you and you don’t need this. Not yet!

Here we go – start with sports

Start right now

As already written, the most important thing is the start. "What you can get today, don’t put off until tomorrow," says a proverb full of truth. So don’t just do and take. This is how you give to the Procrastination no chance, because it is your biggest enemy in the beginning.

But a hint in advance – start slow and slow down just in the initial euphoria. Warming up is part of the sport and prevents injuries.

Start with sports - how to get going guaranteed

Keep it simple and the equipment in check

"Keep it simple" – the saying also applies to sports. How often do you see well-equipped beginners trotting through the parks – with high-tech pulse watches, Smartphone for headphones and drinking belts for the 15-minute round. Don’t need it all.

I like technical equipment, have a high-tech watch myself (Garmin Forerunner 920XT*), but I also use this watch. As a beginner, all you need are some sneakers. Not even a new pair of running shoes are necessary for the first few sessions. Keep at it, though, and they’re definitely recommended. We have already explained that your rusty city bike is enough for cycling.

Of course the specialized stores and fitness studios say something completely different – logically they earn money from it. And most of all to those who buy expensive equipment once and then use it at most twice.

Or let’s take the catering: Leave them out. You can easily keep up the short workout at the beginning without water or even energy drinks. And you should avoid sports food in your sessions at the beginning anyway.

Training plan? Don’t need..

Many beginners ask for Training plan. What for? Especially the first weeks have only one goal – to get you used to the sport. start slowly, very slowly. Jog and walk alternately, cycle only for half an hour or take a short break after each track to get your breath back normally. If you keep this up, you will make amazing progress in a very short time.

Regularity is the first goal, not speed or volume. It is better to do 10-20 minutes of sports 3-4 times a week than to struggle for a whole hour on the weekend.

If you are completely exhausted after your workout and have sore muscles for days, it was definitely too hard.

If you have cleared the initial hurdle and have already been exercising for a few months, a training plan makes sense of course. Especially if you have a concrete goal. But that’s another topic..

Change your habits

And something else you should do from the beginning. Something that has not directly something to do with sports. Move as much as possible! use the stairs instead of the elevator, go to your colleagues in the office instead of using the phone or the chat room. Every step counts towards a more active life.

Already started? Then it’s a matter of sticking to it

The biggest hurdle – start with sports – you have already taken? Excellent, now it’s time to stick with it. Especially in the beginning there must be no exceptions and you must be consistent. Otherwise the comfortable sofa will be closer than the sports shoes. Increase slowly but steadily. About Keeping at it I will write an extra article.

My way – how I started

What was it like for the author when he went from couch to athlete in 2008?? A successsecret I certainly do not have, but I can show you a way how it can work out.


The first thing I had to do was to realize that I wanted to start exercising again. However, status quo was – I had become a heavy smoker, workaholic, unhappy and an exercise slacker. Something that helped me was a goal. I am a very determined person and the anchor point helped me a lot. I wanted to do a triathlon 4 months after I started my sport.

My self-check was that I was healthy, but unfit. I could jog for a maximum of 10-15 minutes at a time, reasonably well on my old jogging bike Steel MTB Cycling and breaststroke just to keep my head above the water.

The start

As I said – the concrete goal helped me and that was also the decisive difference to previous futile attempts for more sport. So I started. Once every two weeks I went to the swimming pool, once a week a lap on the bike and once or twice a short run. The beginning was a bit tough, but after a few weeks there was a routine and after some ups and downs I was finally at the starting line.

The equipment?

How was I equipped at the beginning? I wore my old tennis shoes for the first few weeks and then treated myself to some good running shoes, which I also wore for cycling, of course. A pair of cycling shorts and a jersey as well as running clothes were available at the discount store and I had a pair of swimming trunks in the house anyway. In addition the mentioned old MTB together with helmet (important!) and so I stood at the starting line for the Volkstriathlon and a more active life. Because after the first triathlon, I went on a 10-day cycling trip for the first time later in the year, and the following year things "really" took off.

As far as my way – you can do it this way, but of course you don’t have to. But before you just take on something again and do nothing, it’s worth a try. If you need motivation on your way, then browse through the series of articles on motivation. But remember – don’t start tomorrow, next week or next year – but today.

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