Sleep problems? With this old soldier trick you will fall asleep in two minutes

If you're constantly tossing and turning at night, you should take it easy

If counting sheep gets boring in the long run, you should try this proven trick from World War II. He promises: In only two minutes you will fall asleep.

  • Those who are constantly tired, hardly get any sleep and have to struggle out of bed every morning are often in sheer despair.
  • In most cases, it’s because at night, when you get to rest, you just can’t shake off the stressful daily grind.
  • Financial worries, problems at work or with the kids keep your mind spinning deep into the morning hours.

The result: Man tossing and turning for hours in bed and just can’t fall asleep. But with this trick, sleepless nights are now a thing of the past – in just two minutes you should drift off into the land of dreams.

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Old military trick from World War II promises: Here’s how to fall asleep in less than two minutes

The curious thing about it is that it’s a old military trick from the Second World War. This was developed at a flight school of the US Navy Developed. Here’s how military blogger Sharon Ackman writes on the online platform Medium that technology is using scientific methods Based on which soldiers could sleep anywhere even in the greatest hustle and bustle. "Even after drinking coffee and with the noise of machine guns in the background", describes Ackman.

Thus, many soldiers would have been constantly overtired, which caused fatal consequences during the war. But not only the military, also "normal mortals" could benefit from the sleep-in tactic, Ackman is sure. Ninety-six percent of users would have dozed off within just two minutes.

Here’s how to do the 2-minute sleep trick

  • Lie down in bed or practice sitting on a chair first.
  • On the chair: put your feet down on the floor, lean back and put your hands in your lap
  • Relax your facial muscles now – tongue, jaw, eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed and let them go limp.
  • Relax your shoulders and neck, let them drop.
  • Tighten your arm biceps briefly and then let go completely.
  • Do the same with your hands and fingers.
  • Now take a deep breath into your belly and relax your chest.
  • Then do the same with your legs as you did with your arms: first your thigh muscles, then your calves, and finally your feet.

If you have followed all these steps, your entire body should now feel heavy. You are completely relaxed – but from this state now to fall into deep sleep, you now need a clear head.

Now it’s time to relax your mind

Specifically, this means: don’t let your mind wander or ruminate about the day ahead or behind you. This leads to the exact opposite, the expert. "All of these things require movement.", writes Ackman. "Just thinking about it will cause your muscles to tense unconsciously."

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That’s why you should try to push away thoughts that want to intrude and think of nice, restful things – be it how you lie on the beach in warm sand or in a canoe on a calm lake. Or just try to think of nothing at all and enjoy the darkness around you. Then it shouldn’t take much longer – and you’ll be asleep, too.

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