Search person: few can hide from 5 tools

Find person: Only a few can hide from 5 tools

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If you’ve lost track of someone, use the power of the Internet. Several methods help you to find someone again.

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To look for a person

Sometimes fate just doesn’t play out the way you would like it to, and you lose sight of each other. But in the meantime, thanks to the Internet, you can become a private detective yourself and search for a missing person Search for a person, You have already lost contact with a while ago. We tell you five ways to rekindle old friendships.

Searching for people: How the Internet can help you?

The World Wide Web holds an almost infinite mass of information ready for you. You can make use of these if you want to search for a specific person. With our tips and tricks you can find people all over the world and bring lost friends back into your life.

A little tip in advance: When you go searching, be sure to set aside some time. In addition, you may have to use several of our methods to get useful results and find the person you are looking for. Also note: If you do your own research, you can also successfully complete a search without spending any money.

#1 Google

As banal as it may sound, start your search for a person first via Google. Enter the name in the search engine. In addition to the usual results, you can also use Google to find telephone numbers, pictures and much more. If you are lucky, you might get some information here that will give you a new search approach.

#2 Yasni

If Google does not help you, you can fall back on the Yasni person search. If you enter "What do you know" in the search field the web via…" If you enter a name, the tool will give you all the information that is publicly available on the Internet. The search is divided into network profiles, news, video and audio, articles and opinions, and others.

#3 Social networks

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can’t underestimate social networks when searching for people. For example, on Facebook you might be able to find the person you’re looking for through shared contacts. If you still know them from your school days, you can write to friends from school and find out whether anyone is still in contact with this person. Maybe your search will be over sooner than you thought.

#4 Online databases

On the Internet you can also find all kinds of online databases that are geared towards people search. If you want to reconstruct a family tree, Ancestry will help you, for or MyHertage.en more. Here you can enter all available information about the person you are looking for into the search mask and hope for a hit.

#5 Ads

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to search through all kinds of regional newspapers or go to the archives of the municipal library to go through the scans of these print editions. Online family announcements about baptisms, weddings or deaths, for example, can be found via family announcements.genealogy.browse net.

Conclusion: On the track of your missing person

The possibilities to search for a person are inexhaustible in times of the internet. In addition to the five methods we have mentioned, there is also the possibility of accessing the contents of old address books ( or to look at gravestones (volksbund.en).

If your search has gotten a little out of hand and you want to clear your search history, learn how with our guide. On your cell phone you should avoid this mistake when deleting your search history.

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