Screenshot windows: how to take the windows screenshot!

Quick and easy: take a Windows screenshot, edit it or save it as an image! We show the various key combinations and practical additional programs: So you can make screenshots fast and easy, also of websites. We also show tips on how to edit or crop the image afterwards. In fact, the Windows Screenshot can be used to quickly "photograph" the screen: The screenshot saves the current image on the monitor or a specific section of it.

Taking a screenshot with Windows: Quick guide!

These are the options for taking a Windows screenshot and editing it further or saving it as an image:

  1. Whole screen as screenshot in the clipboard
  2. Save entire screen to file
  3. Screenshot of a window in the clipboard
  4. Take free selection
  5. Screenshot of a web page
  6. Tip: Video tutorial for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10!

1: Screenshot of the whole screen in the clipboard

This also works with older Windows systems without any problems: Pressing the "Print", "Prt" or "PrtScr" button in the upper right corner will save the screenshot to the clipboard. From here it can be inserted with the key combination CTRL + V in another program again. How this works exactly, we show here!

2: Screenshot of the whole screen directly as an image

Since Windows 10, it is possible to save the screen directly as a file: For this purpose, the Windows key must be pressed together with the "Print" key. The screenshot will then be saved in the folder of the current user under "Pictures" " "Screenshots". More tips about Windows 10 screenshot we have here!

3: Screenshot of a window in the clipboard

If you press the left "Alt" key together with the "Print" key (bottom left near the space key), a photo of the current window is saved. This is then available in the clipboard and can be pasted into other programs. How to do this, we show here!

4: Screenshot of a free selection

Since Windows Vista the Snipping Tool is included, with which one can draw a free, rectangular selection. The content is then saved as a screenshot. How to use the snipping tool, we show here!

5: Screenshot of a web page

With the newer versions of the free Firefox browser also comes a handy screenshot function. With this you can save a section of the current web page or the whole page. If desired, this can also be done of the area that no longer fits on the screen. How this works exactly, we show in this article.

Quick tip: Key combination for the Windows screenshot

On the top right of the keyboard is the "Print" or "Print" button: This saves the screenshot. To paste the screenshot in another program you can then use the key combination CTRL + V.

Take a Windows screenshot: This works with all Windows versions

This works with any version of Windows: at the top right of the keyboard, usually above the block with the four arrows, is the "Print", "Print" or "PrtScr" key. How to create a screenshot (often called "screen shot"). If you press this key, Windows will save the content of the whole screen as an image. However, the screenshot will not be saved to a file, but will remain in the clipboard. Tip: How to see the clipboard contents! To save the screenshot, you first have to paste it into other programs: This can be Word or Paint for example!

For example, open the paint program that comes with Windows "Paint" and click in the menu "Edit" on "Paste": The just created screenshot is inserted into the program and can be saved under "File" "Save.

Paint: Insert screenshot

In other programs, such as Word, the image can also be pasted directly from the clipboard: To do this, simply press the key combination CTRL + V (Tip: Even more important key combinations). The program should now display the clipboard content that was copied into the document. If you want to save the screenshot directly as an image, you should paste it directly into a graphics program like Paint (included with every Windows operating system)!) paste. Since Windows 10, screenshots can also be saved directly as an image.

Tip: Windows Screenshot – only one window

If you want to show only the current window on the screenshot, you have to press the left ALT key together with the "Print" key. Windows now saves only the currently selected window to the clipboard. But otherwise everything is the same: Just like screenshots of the whole screen, the screenshot can be pasted back into most programs this way: From there, you can also save the screenshot as an image under a name of your choice.

Taking screenshots with Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10:

Since Windows Vista it is also very easy to create screenshots: Microsoft’s "Snipping Tool" helps here. To save a screenshot of the entire screen, or a freely selectable, rectangular section of the monitor directly as an image, the small tool helps. The app is very easy to find via search and comes with various functions.

Take a screenshot with Windows

With Vista and Windows 7 it is easier: With the "Snipping Tool" you can directly select an area and save it as a file.

It is even easier with Windows 8 and Windows 10: Here you can save the screenshot without an additional program either in the clipboard or as a file, if you press an additional key.

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Video tutorial: how to take a Windows screenshot!

Here we show how to make a screenshot under Windows: One trick already works with Windows XP and even with Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000 already: To do this, press the "Prt Scr", "Prt" or "Print Key" and then paste the image into a program:

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