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unfortunately I need urgent help.
Am a big Sims fan, however you can not play Sims 4 if you do not have an update.

There are only 121 MB from 222 GB on my Harddisk C: free and the update can not be completed.
I have tried everything and read up everywhere. Already moved everything that went to Data D: and looked in the control panel which programs and apps I can remove all without problems.
Now most are any system or game necessary apps that I should/can’t/won’t uninstall.

Is there any way NOT to lose my game saves i.e. not uninstall the programs and still move them to Data D:??

I also have a lot of Sims 3 games on my PC that I don’t want to delete because the CDs to install them don’t exist anymore.

Best regards and many thanks in advance,
Marina :kiss


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  • 20. June 2018
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Just move the Sims folder from C: to D: also put a folder "Programs" there copy to inside. The game files are normally saved in a folder under documents. To be on the safe side, you can also copy the folder from Documents to the backup.

Addendum: Then go to the folder Copies and right click on "Pin to Start" from.
What has to do with games on mine, not even the folder "Documents", is still on C.
The games have all been installed on some hard disk years ago and have already survived one or the other hard disk or OS without reinstallation.

For me it looks like this under D:.



  • 21. June 2018
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Hello Marina300e welcome to the forum

Over 200GB, that can’t be just game saves, there’s surely a lot of garbage in there.
A cleanup of drive C: can work wonders, i.e. create a lot of space.



  • 21. June 2018
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Worked thank goodness, had to reinstall the games but the scores were taken over! This solution seemed to be too simple for me at the beginning and I was worried about my savegames, but since nothing worked yesterday anyway I dared to try it out!
Thanks a lot.

I had already done that, also defragmented etc. has been of no use.
But thanks @Wolko )


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  • 22. June 2018
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Create a folder on D: and then move it via Properties> Cappuccino Cup paths to it. I did it as follows: on E: a folder "Users" created, in it again another folder with my names. In these I then have various system folders, which can be accessed via the properties> Path have documents, pictures, etc., moved. E: is just the disk I set and may be different depending on the drive.

Since I’m an insider and can always be confronted with a clean install, I don’t need to worry about the contents of these folders. After a clean install, the folders are moved there again via path, so that you find the same folder contents. I can also continue playing my games immediately without having to start a new game.

With some there is a password prompt (with me the SpellForce series), here I have created registry key with the passwords for myself.

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