Protection against malware – these tricks protect against viruses, trojans and co.

Protection against malware - these tricks protect against viruses, trojans and co.

Malware for computers, smartphones and tablets comes in a wide variety of forms. The under the term Malware As a user, you must not only be aware of the various possibilities for infiltrating a digital system, spying on it or using it to obtain data, but also be able to identify them in case of doubt. The best thing to do is to surf the Internet safely in the first place or. uses a service that works in the background to prevent threats. Here in the article you will find various tips and tricks, which sometimes require knowledge and time, and sometimes work fully automatically ;)

Safe surfing and structured e-mail use

One way to protect yourself from malware (viruses, Trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware, etc) is to use these tricks.), is to use the Internet very carefully. But this means checking every single link before you click on it. It also involves studying terms and conditions, which I don’t think many people do. In addition, you would have to create your own email address for virtually every online service, forum and social network you sign up for. This is the only way to track exactly through which service you get spam and phishing mails or if a scammer mail was sent to the wrong address on good luck.

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Surfshark VPN: filtering content and invisible threats

If you can’t examine every link and want to get away from Google, Twitter, Sir Apfelot and Co. On the road may need a bit of protection. A good possibility would be a VPN service like Surfshark. Not only does it ensure that you can move anonymously on the net, so that your data cannot be misused. Content is also pre-filtered so that you are warned of conspicuous content, fake websites and other dangers. In addition to malware filtering, Surfshark also promises to filter advertising and tracking. This way you should be able to surf ad-free and without the danger of phishing. Currently, the VPN service is available from 1.79 euros per month. Of course, this also includes IP and location changes.

Antivirus software with protection against malware, adware and co.

If you check this blog from time to time, you know that I’m not a big fan of antivirus software on the Mac. Even though I have just tested one or the other for this blog. I find that Apple systems are quite safe even despite the ever increasing threat from scammers, malware programmers and hackers. And if you are only half as careful as described above, then nothing should go wrong with normal use of the online world. But if you like to discover websites and services off the beaten track or need to do research for your blog, job or the like, you can install a Mac anti-malware program for security – z. B. Mac Internet Security.

I already have malware – how to get rid of it?

If you not only want to protect yourself from malware in the future, but also need to get rid of the one that is currently on your system, there are solutions for that, too. On Apple Mac you can use for example CleanMyMac. The app is not only used to remove data junk, delete web browser cache and cookies, uninstall apps or empty recycle bins – it also removes malware from your system. In addition, the repair of damage caused due to the malware is offered. So if you are currently struggling with a virus, trojan, worm or the like, give it a try ;)

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