Power animal leo: loyalty, strength and power

Loyalty, strength and power – these three key words stand for the lion as a power animal. Lions are very graceful, powerful animals. They exude natural authority, have strong instincts, and want to have a great social life. Lions are not loners.

The lion is a powerful, wild, large cat species that is native to both Asia and Africa. Its preferred habitat is a warm and dry climate in steppes and savannas. In contrast to the tiger, panther or jaguar, the lion is always found in a pack.

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The power animal lion as a symbol in different cultures

Muscular build, golden fur and a luxuriant mane – the lion is THE symbol of masculinity in many cultures. Lions can reach top speeds of up to 65 km/h, but they are not usually endurance hunters, preferring to attack their prey in a pride. The lion is also the heraldic animal that adorns many flags of different countries. In Asia, the lion is considered a protector and guardian, which is to drive away evil demons and spirits.

The lion as a power animal

The lion strides through your life with elegant steps, he awakens your inner powers, your self-confidence shall be strengthened and you shall find courage for new deeds. He shows you how to be independent and free on your path. As a power animal he also draws attention to self-control and independence.

If the lion comes to us as a power animal, we can learn a lot from it. He is the king of the animals and challenges us to realize that great power also means great responsibility. In the wild a lion sleeps up to 13 hours a day. This strategy is very useful in hot regions to regulate the energy balance optimally. Because no other animal would dare to attack the lion.

As a power animal, the lion points us to see some things with more serenity and to let things work on you. If you watch a pride of lions hunting, you can see teamwork, loyalty to each other and cooperation. There is a dispute, if then only in the distribution of the prey, but even that is quickly forgotten. If the lion comes into your life as a power animal, you should check if your loyalty is being taken advantage of by someone.

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What does it mean, if you have the lion as a power animal at your side?

The majestic appearance of the lion radiates true power. He is the king of the animals and gives his human being, whom he attends as a power animal, an aura of strength and self-confidence. If the lion steps into your life come golden times. You become the navel of your environment. Your fellow men may ask you more for advice or let you take the lead in various matters.

If you have the lion on your side, you have found a super teacher, who helps you with independence and self-realization. Through his strength you can also take on great responsibility. You must, like the lion, dominate and lead your pack. It introduces you to the art of domination and teaches you responsibility.

You can accept this gift, because the lion will give you the wisdom you need to deal with this challenge. Maybe there are points where you should put your foot down. Dare to do it and just do it! Leo gives you enough charisma and self-confidence that people will take you seriously and listen to you.

If the power animal lion appears to you in a dream

If the lion appears to you in a dream, it awakens your dormant powers and encourages you to use them for the good of everyone. The lion in your dream can also warn you against abuse of power, self-aggrandizement and false pride, or point out problems of authority.

If the lion appears on your head, this can stand for abuse of power and you should be a little more careful. It may mean that you will be outwitted and end up as prey wriggling on the floor.

Not only you, but also someone else could cause the appearance of the upside down lion, questioning your authority. If you are the victim you should of course fight back. Start a counterattack and confront or avoid your counterpart. Depending on what makes more sense.

But it can also mean that you are currently using your power too much and not everyone tolerates this. Should you be the culprit, think carefully about what you can do to get back to the good of everyone.

The lion on your head can also mean that you place too much value on status symbols and material wealth. But no one will be impressed for long. If you want to have respect, you should remember your inner wealth and use your possible talent.

These affirmations connect you with the power animal lion:

I am strong and have confidence in my power – for myself and the community and I make sure that responsibility and leadership position are in balance.

I feel the power that comes from my center and accept it to lead trustfully and wisely.

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