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Isabella is a strange and mysterious character in New World. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

New World has some interesting features that set it apart from other MMORPGs. The game is set on the mysterious island of Aeternum during the Age of Exploration, and many explorers who reached these shores were carried off by madness, starvation, undeath or a series of other unkind fates. Isabella, a name that catches the eye as it reappears at various points in the game, seems to have been one of those lost travelers.

Those familiar with the story or the more difficult challenges later in the game will associate Isabella with one of the main villains and a boss in one of the advanced expeditions. Figuring out how she came to this grim fate is a whole other adventure.

Who is Isabella?

From what is known so far, Isabella was one of many intrepid explorers who traveled to Aeternum in search of wealth, fame and eternal life. As you explore the vast expanses of Aeternum, you come across various lost pages from journals, diaries, and scattered letters and notes that mention her and the expedition she led.

Some of them stand alone or are used to provide clues or complete a task, but others are part of a much larger storyline. You have to put it together as if you were doing your own research on the subject. These pages are kept under the "Diary" tab.

When a character has reached a high enough level to travel to the farthest reaches of Ebenmab, one will have found an essential part of a larger compilation called Tales of Aeternum, provided one has searched in the right places. This volume contains the information about Isabella.

Stories from Aeternum and The Story of Isabella

The captain’s log: This is the only part of the lore that is written from Isabella’s point of view. The first two pages describe how and where Isabella found the central figure, known only as the Heretic. The last six pages are the conclusion of the story a few months later and end with the classic triple point.

  • Frederico’s Letters: This story is 18 pages in total and contains most of Isabella’s tragic backstory as well as the details of the expedition to Aeternum, including the connection with the Red Mark to the expedition. These pages record the events of the trip and end abruptly when Isabella finds them and accuses Frederico of treason.
  • alvaro’s Notes: There are only three pages here, and they contain a gruesome account of an experiment Isabella performed on her surviving crew after they attempted a mutiny. The rumors about people resurrecting after death turned out to be true.
  • Chronicle of Ruiz Velazquez: This chronicler succeeds Frederico, and the first entry he writes describes the punishment of his predecessor. His account runs 14 pages and ends with Isabella and her ever-shrinking group, led by the heretic, reaching the base of a foreboding mountain.
  • Diary of helmswoman Keyes: Isabella’s expedition consisted of three ships, and the helmswoman of the San Cristobal was Keyes. It describes the meeting with Isabella and her remaining crew after the establishment of the settlement Consolation. She concludes that Heretic has lured many to the mountains, and promises to stay and warn all others who come to these shores.
  • What is Isabella?

    The depraved are one of the hostile races you will encounter on Aeternum. Her appearance makes it clear that Isabella has become a powerful corruptor, but lore has yet to define exactly what that means.

    In the settlements of Aeternum legends circulate about what the island actually is, and since the game was played in 18. Set in the seventeenth century, most of these speak of heaven, hell, Eden, and other biblical or mythological concepts. The heretic could be a demon seducing weak souls, or perhaps even the devil himself, luring the greedy or foolish to eternal hellfire. Closure of Isabella’s story could fill in the gaps in this part of the lore.

    Where is Isabella?

    Isabella herself is easy to find these days, even if the clues to her identity and backstory are hidden. The Dynasty Shipyard is a level 55 expedition in level, but level 53 characters can also accept the corresponding quests. There are three bosses, of which Isabella is the second one.

    Their struggle consists of two phases, the second of which also includes two of their pets. It has a Corrupted Rift that attacks multiple targets, so the defender should face it away from the rest of the group. In the second phase, her pet tigers Oro and Joven take over the fight and she disappears, so you don’t have to take her down yourself, but her subordinates do.

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