New viewing habits: “checker tobi-author: children demand fast storytelling

"Checker Tobi"-Author: Children demand a fast pace of storytelling

The Flying Classroom or Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella? Apparently old children’s movies are too lame for today’s kids. Because they have become accustomed to a fast pace of narration. At least that’s what the author of "Checker Tobi" says.

"Checker Tobi"-Author Gregor Eisenbeib is shocked when watching television with his children. "With my big daughter, who is now 13, I watched movies I knew from my childhood – and then thought to myself: For heaven’s sake, how boring is this?".

"Obviously, every generation has its own heroes.", said the 42-year-old to the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" and the "Stuttgarter Zeitung (Monday). Transferring to another works only in very few cases, they say.

"Checker Tobi" is a knowledge program that is broadcast with presenter Tobias Krell on the Kinderkanal (KiKa), among other channels. Eisenbeib writes for the series of books and radio plays.

Eisenbeib said today will be told faster. "You get used to this pace of storytelling. And doesn’t want anything else, either: The kids even demand it have some clock speed." Viewing habits would have adapted to the speed of the world.

Eisenbeib was born in 1979 in Stutensee (Karlsruhe district) and now lives with his family in Stuttgart. The secret to writing is to take your counterpart seriously and try to move in his world, he told the newspapers. "But there is no patent remedy."

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