Networking with other sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs

Networking with other sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs

Building a network is important! Find out why and how you can network with other sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the following post.

Last we talked a lot about dealing with competition in self-employment and how we should deal with it. In the following post, I’ll show you why networking with other sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs from different industries can be very valuable for you and your part-time self-employment.

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Already in the last Motivaton Monday episode with the quotation of Arthur Schopenhauer it was about putting oneself into the shoes of others in order to understand these persons and to be able to offer them a suitable problem solution.

Today we are also concerned with understanding and helping other people: People in a common network, which supports each other on the way as a sidepreneur and entrepreneur.

The impulse for this post was given to me by Daniela Sprung of bloggerabc, who, on the occasion of the birthday of her blog, had a Blogparade which I’m very happy to participate in with this post and podcast episode. Through this call with the theme "Networking with others", I realized again how valuable it is to build a network with other entrepreneurs and interesting personalities. I have noticed this myself especially during the development of the Sidepreneur platform in the last weeks and so I use this blogparade to network with Daniela and other participating bloggers and entrepreneurs for the Sidepreneur platform.

And who knows, you might hear one or two of them in an interview on the Sidepreneur Podcast soon…

Who you should network with

Whether you start as a sidepreneur or a full time entrepreneur, it’s important to expand your network early on by contacting people of interest to you and engaging in regular exchanges with them.

The people you are interested in can be selected specifically and individually based on your goals and current challenges and do not necessarily have to be from the same industry you are in. On the contrary – by integrating different characters and people with very different backgrounds and experiences into your network, you get a colorful mix of opinions and help for the most diverse challenges that come your way.

In my experience, it is even recommended to build up a heterogeneous network with different personalities in order to always look beyond your own nose and your current challenge when finding solutions and brainstorming ideas.

For me, a promising network is made up of the following groups of people:

  • Entrepreneurs from the same industry (with the same level of experience and with a higher level of experience)
  • Entrepreneurs from other industries
  • Non-entrepreneur

The heterogeneity of the network is also determined by the fact that you manage to network with more experienced entrepreneurs, because as Donald Trump already said in his book "Think Big" (link to the book on Amazon):

If you want to become a millionaire, surround yourself with billionaires, because they know how to achieve your goals.

With a select mix of diverse characters in your network, you can accelerate your success and multiply your own potential.

Your advantages by networking with others

If you build up an active network, which supports each other regularly, you can avoid making many mistakes, which others from your network have already made before you. By networking with other entrepreneurs and interesting personalities, you can gain valuable advantages over your competition and also build a performance booster for yourself personally.

The benefits of networking in detail:

  • Assistance in case of problems and motivation in case of hang-ups

With a heterogeneous network you can fall back on different personal experiences and opinions for problems for which you cannot develop your own solution. These can be a direct solution or can lead you to a solution you haven’t thought of before.
In phases when it is difficult and your motivation is low, the person from your network will say the right words and give you new strength for the rocky road. Their experience and motivation will help you through many valleys and always motivate you to continue to pursue your goals.

  • Jump start and cooperation

By having sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs in your network who are in the same or a related industry, you can build partnerships and corporations that will give you many advantages.
Especially in the beginning, such partnerships can lead to a faster reach and a hear trust among potential customers, by benefiting from the reach and reputation of your partner. This can be a decisive advantage over the competition.
But also in the further business operations both partners can profit from this cooperation by entering new markets and addressing the customers of the respective partner. Better solutions to problems can also be offered to your own customers

  • Personal growth as an entrepreneur

It’s not uncommon to hear a statement in the Americas in connection with networking that is taken to heart by successful entrepreneurs and drives them to build a strong network:

You’ll only be as successful as the average of the 6 people you spend the most time with.

This statement is based on the fact that you can learn the most and the fastest from people who are already experienced and have achieved what you yourself still have as a goal. So, if you build a network with successful and experienced businesses, by sharing regularly and studying the successful examples, you will quickly adopt a similar mindset and grow personally very much as an entrepreneur.

Where you can network with sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs everywhere you go

To network with interesting people and expand your own network, you can choose a variety of ways. However, it should always be noted that the approach to the selected people should be adapted to the place, the channel (online/offline) and the situation at hand. Likewise one should not fall directly with the door into the house, because this one does not like also, but to grant the possibility of getting to know to the opposite one.

The networking opportunities in detail:

  • Workplace and colleagues

For networking with other companies relaxing personalities can serve conversations at work with colleagues who all have a special skill that was the reason they were hired by the employer. In a familiar environment can be found so quickly first linking points and The one or the other colleague can be a valuable addition to your own network.

  • Coworking Spaces

If you are a part-time freelancer, you will certainly have worked in a coworking space a time or two. This is where many entrepreneurs and freelancers gather to work on their own projects alone, yet in community. Many entrepreneurs look for these words exactly for the reason of the network us on, so that you can start there very well to network with other SP and enterprises. First collaborations can also develop very well here.

  • Network events

The classic way to network with like-minded people are the countless events in every slightly larger city. There, almost every day, some kind of expert conferences, barcamps or topic regulars’ table are organized, with exactly this goal: to hurt each other and exchange knowledge.

  • Social media and Facebook groups

Using social media, you can follow anyone of interest and read their thoughts online. If you then begin to interact with others in various channels and also in special topic groups on Facebook, you can, on the one hand, position yourself as a knowledge carrier and expert, as well as generate initial attention among selected people with whom you would like to network.

  • Guest posts and blog parades

One of the easiest ways to build initial connections with bloggers and website owners is to offer to write an article for your website as a guest author. This allows you to showcase your expertise, provide valuable content to blog and website owners, and "simulate" an initial collaboration at the same time. This collaboration can then mature over time into a fruitful partnership.

*** My secret weapon: ***

  • Mastermind groups

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to my secret weapon: Mastermind groups .
In these groups, which usually take place online on a weekly basis, 4-6 people per group discuss their successes, current challenges as well as hurdles that are holding them back and provide each other with assistance in a condensed form. For me, this is one of the most valuable types of regular exchange, which I have been practicing myself for some time in two groups.
Do you have interesting person in mind or already in your network with whom you would like to do a mastermind group? You will quickly get to know and appreciate the success of this principle.


An active, heterogeneous network in which all participants benefit from the exchange, will be a great help on the stony path as a sidepreneur and entrepreneur, which always supports you with advice and action.
No matter where you start networking and who your selected people are, try to connect with them personally in showing them value in networking and working on a long-term, mutually interesting partnership.

If you want to learn more about networking with other entrepreneurs, especially among bloggers, check out the blogparade at bloggerabc by Daniela Sprung.

What are your experiences with a network? Already have a network with whom you can interact on a regular basis? Do you already know the topic mastermind group and are you already a member of a group? Or what are your current hurdles when it comes to networking?

Networking with other sidepreneurs and entrepreneurs

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