Morocco ends flight ban on 7. February

Morocco ends flight ban on 7. February to resume the closure of its airspace after more than two months. As reported by the Maghreb Post, the decision is justified by the authorities with the positive development of the pandemic situation in the country. However, it is not yet clear who will actually be allowed to use the resumed air traffic to enter the country, and what rules will apply.


View over the roofs of Marrakech


Morocco opens from 7. February, the airspace for international flights was reopened.

In a press release, the Moroccan government announced on 27. January announced that international air traffic would be reopened on 7. February is to be resumed. This had previously been suggested by a technical and scientific committee overseeing the development of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, a committee was tasked with determining the specific conditions for opening the border. The decision must also be made as to which groups of people should be allowed to enter the country and what the conditions to be met for this are. Whether, for example, German holidaymakers will be able to travel to Morocco again from 7. February will be possible again, has not yet been determined. In the past, Morocco had already used entry bans and airspace closures several times as a protective measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

Air Arabia since 29. November closed

Since the 29. November 2021, all regular flights to and from Morocco had been suspended; for Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, the closure applied almost a month earlier due to the sharp rise in incidence figures in the fall. Since then, there have been only a few special flights with exemption from the authorities to allow departures. However, many Moroccans were stranded abroad and have not been able to return home, especially after the additional suspension of ferry services.

Moroccan airlines react

After the opening plans became known, Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia Maroc have already announced that from 7. February to offer all known routes again. While low-cost carrier Air Arabia has yet to provide details on the relaunch of its schedule, Royal Air Maroc says it will initially focus on around 50 direct destinations. Frequencies and destinations will then be gradually increased and expanded.

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