Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

Actors are also only humans. And as such, they – like all of us – have to see where they stay. Families need to be fed, bills need to be paid. You can hardly blame them if they take jobs now and then to fill their pockets. It would be naive to believe that all Hollywood stars are so noble that only the artistic aspect counts for them and the financial aspect takes a back seat. Even the greatest of them are not immune to resist the temptations of fast money. When the studios start waving the dollar bills and you don’t have to do much for it.

Most actors would probably never admit that they got involved in a film they would otherwise have categorically refused to do just for the sake of the appealing fee. Some however already. You stand by it and apparently don’t have too bad a conscience. Why also? It is their right to earn (disproportionate) money with their work. We have picked out the most famous examples for you!

Jackie Chan "Rush Hour

Image 6:Money, money: Actors who have made movies just for the money'px

How Jackie Chan üHe has never concealed the fact that he thinks about his American films: he only makes them because they make good money. And with this money he can then finance films in China that he really cares about – what cucumbers like The Tuxedo – Danger in a Suit or Spy Daddy explains. Also for Rush Hour Chan had little left. He found the action weak, he couldn’t do anything with the humor. He just wanted test how he comes across to the US audience and collect the lavish fee. Accordingly, he was perplexed by the success of the film, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 are all the more worthwhile for him.

Sean Connery "James Bond – Diamond Fever"

Image 3:Money, money: Actors who made movies just for the money

At the time of James Bond – You only live twice had Sean Connery already thoroughly fed up with the British secret agent, 007 was dead to him. George Lazenby became his successor, but dropped out again after only one film. The producers were able to make a film for James Bond – Diamond Fever could not find a suitable replacement and therefore came back to Connery, no matter what the cost. It cost them the then record fee of 1.25 million. £, he was also offered to finance two films of his choice. So Connery can be "persuaded" to make a comeback after all, even though he was no longer in the mood for James Bond. Which, unfortunately, was also noticeable to him.

Morgan Freeman "The Dark Knight"-Trilogy

Image 2:Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

Morgan Freeman never made a secret of what made him Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight-trilogy: the good old money. As a role model he called Alec Guinness, which reminded of his not exactly beloved Star Wars-films had earned a fortune. That’s what Freeman wanted, so he signed on for the supporting role of Lucius Fox and let gold-plating their stress-free job. At Batman Begins he was only needed for five days and didn’t have to do much more than turn on the charm and explain gadgets. But, being the professional that he is, he was able to run through his program with aplomb.

Michael Caine "Jaws – The Reckoning"

Image 10:Money, money: Actors who made movies just for the money

was really picky Michael Caine in his choice of roles, even though he should be able to afford it. His philosophy is simple: If no great offers come his way, he takes what is financially worthwhile. That’s why Caine is often still the best thing about grotty movies like Jaws – The Reckoning, the fourth and last part of the series. He never saw it, but he did see the fantastic house that was built with it, Caine said. It cost him only a week of work, little more than a well-paid vacation in the Bahamas, he later admitted.

Ben Affleck "Paycheck"

Image 1:Money, money: Actors who made movies just for the money

At Paycheck – The reckoning the name says it all. Sure, Ben Affleck was attracted by the prospect of working with action legend John Woo but, above all, he was convinced by another argument. The answer is in the title, he answered with a wink when asked why he made the film. One of his big missteps like Daredevil or Love with risk – Gigli, Affleck later admitted. Self-awareness was really the first step to recovery in this case. His co-star Paul Giamatti apparently saw it similarly, he too found Paycheck aptly titled.

Paul Bettany – Marvel Movies

Image 4:Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

His role as J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence, which he has been using since Iron Man spoke whenever he was needed, making it Paul Bettany nice and simple. He only had to record a few lines of text occasionally, and then go home an hour later with bulging pockets. Bettany didn’t know any more than that, and he didn’t want to know any more than that, since the Marvel-Didn’t care much for movies. He even felt guilty because he was paid so well for so little. Thus was in Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron Ending when you J.A.R.V.I.S. to Vision – including elaborate make-up procedures. If he had rather said nothing.

Eddie Murphy "Offense is the best defense"

Picture 12:Money, money: Actors who have made movies just for the money

Movies with Eddie Murphy were in the 80s the purest money printing machines. To the tank comedy offense is the best defense, to better market the film, which had performed miserably in test screenings, decided to spend Paramount Pictures so to add an extra role for Murphy. It didn’t help the flick much, but it helped Murphy’s bank account even more. According to him, the negotiations went something like this: "What’s going on??! How dare you try to sell me a script like that! Oh, so a lot of money? Then off!" That’s probably how The Kindergarten Daddy, Norbit, Man, Dave! and all the other Murphy cucumbers.

Marlon Brando "Superman

Image 11:Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

In the mid-1970s Marlon Brando the desire to act, he just wanted to keep going as long as it was worth it for him to do so. And the Superman-producers, who were looking for a respected actor to play Superman’s father Jor-El, were willing to dig deep into their pockets. A fee of 3.7 million. $ (a record at the time) and over ten percent of the box-office takings for just twelve days of shooting – who would have turned that down?? Brando did not, as it was easy money. He didn’t see any artistic challenge in it, but he really cashed in and was so spoiled afterwards that he started to make similar demands for later films.

Richard Dreyfuss "Poseidon"

Image 5:Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

In the disaster film Poseidon played Richard Dreyfuss a gay, suicidal architect. But it wasn’t this interesting-sounding role that lured him out of retirement. Asked what it was, he replied in no uncertain terms: "Money"." And what made him so special about Poseidon irritated? The money he was offered. Refreshingly honest, even if the studio and Wolfgang Petersen were certainly not overly enthusiastic about so much openness. In the end the film went down without a sound, Dreyfuss will have been relatively indifferent.

Bruce Willis "Cop Out – Loaded and Unloaded"

Image 7:Money, money: Actors who made movies just for the money

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith, it was a good fit. not. Smith’s enthusiasm about having Willis with him quickly faded when he realized that he wasn’t in the least bit interested in Cop Out – Loaded and Unloaded and did not listen to his direction. Willis regularly showed up late, tore pages out of the script, and didn’t try very hard in other ways either. In one of his arguments with Smith, he said outright that he was only in it for the money. Willis remained true to this attitude: The Expendables 3 left He was only paid a paltry 3 million instead of the required 4 million. $ offered. Someone else gladly accepted the check.

Harrison Ford "The Expendables 3

Image 8:Money, money: Actors who made movies just for the money

Greedy and lazy, a sure formula for unsuccessfulness. Thus pulled Sylvester Stallone on Twitter über Bruce Willis because he felt underpaid and therefore didn’t want to see The Expendables 3 had. He was replaced by Harrison Ford. He said the following about it: He was asked if he wanted to be in it, and given a reason why he should. When the interviewer rubbed his thumb and forefinger together (the gesture for money), Ford grinned and said that was a good enough reason. At Star Wars – The Force Awakens by the way it sounded quite similar.

Alec Guinness "Star Wars

Image 9:Money, money: actors who made movies just for the money

Alec Guinness hated practically everything about Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, from the script to the shooting. And he did not keep it behind him. The film he for "fairy tale garbage" he did not stop until George Lucas promised him a percentage of his own earnings. After that, Guinness was set for life. The in his opinion exaggerated cult around his person, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Star Wars saga, from which he continued to distance himself, annoyed him very much. Only because he was so grateful to Lucas, he returned in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi Knights back.

Ai meik yor dei very gladly… ;) Thanks for the cap!

I am not particularly shocked now because of the above examples.

At the latest since I was allowed to experience William Shatner in all his arrogant glory at a convention, knows me that actors a) are not like the roles they play and b) not every actor plays every role they play because it challenges them so much. Otherwise Ben Kingsley wouldn’t have made it in Uwe Boll’s "Bloodrayne" lost.

As for Sean Connery, he had, as far as I know, even since "Goldfinger already no desire for Bond more.

As long as the actors perform well in front of the camera, I personally don’t have a problem with it, if they think their movies/roles are absolute snot afterward.

"With great power comes great responsibility!"

"To boldly go, where no one has gone before!"

"By the power of Grayskull, I have the magic power!"

A current example would be perhaps Jeremy Irons as butler Alfred. In an interview he said that he is looking forward to "The Batman" look forward . But again the argument is not because the role is so great or he is a fan of the comics but because he thinks it is "nice" because it makes a bit of money!" Open and honest

Ok with that you won of course and convinced me. I give myself to this argument of you appreciatively with hat beaten:

The man was for decades a respected actor and has played in great masterpieces of Hollywood history, built up with hard work a great reputation and reputation and suddenly you know him only as Obi-Wan Kenobi and all the work before seemed to have become worthless. Is it any wonder that all this has annoyed him??

This is just not in the news and just that would throw a different and extremely plausible angle on the case to be able to understand Alec Guinness behavior, because that’s exactly what I could not do so far. I can’t tell you in which movies from the past I would have seen Alec Guiness in a younger form. A long time ago. Can’t really talk about it.

but I think you see it a bit one-sided and superficial, especially in relation to Alec Guinness. You see it as it seems to suit you best to make negative statements.

To this I would like to say however still that it is as above on your argument no intention, if that works in such a way. The last thing I want to do is to write something negative on purpose, whoever needs that from me, but I don’t. It simply lacked the last bit of background information that you have now provided.

Something else as PS:

And then Star Wars comes along with weird dwarves called Jawas, an asmathic villain and Bigfoot as co-pilot and talk about a weird force and lightsabers. There is hardly a greater contrast!

Now of course you could speculate that he only played in Star Wars at all because maybe he thought nobody watches Star Wars anyway and he doesn’t earn much on the percentages of the revenues anyway, so peanuts. Now he has as you say in great films of yesteryear, that was well before my time as I said and probably laboriously earned the money with the films at that time. Now he comes here and completely underestimates the success of Star Wars, but suddenly realizes that he has earned more money with the fairy tale garbage than with anything else. That THAT is then depressing yo, understandable. :-D

The only thing missing is a scene as a Force Ghost in Episode 8 or 9, if Guinness were still alive today, where he would say to Rey and Luke in such a rage: "Forget all that Jedi crap you bitches and watch my old awesome movies!"

Yes sorry in advance for the last paragraph, but my inner voices force me to see in everything (even if it is so serious) also somewhere always a funny thing. Without funny it just does not go with me.^^

For that there is nen Dankeshut

Sry @Hanjockel79, but I think you see it a bit one-sided and superficial, especially in relation to Alec Guinness. You see it as it suits you apparently best to make negative statements. Especially here you have to see who it’s about, Sir Alec Guinness and where this actor comes from. He still belonged to this great old Golden Hollywood era and has in masterpieces like Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago or The Bridge on the River Kwai played along, all before Star Wars. A serious actor for serious serious movies. And then comes Star Wars with funny dwarfs called Jawas, an asmathic villain and Bigfoot as co-pilot and talk about a funny power and lightsabers. There is hardly a greater contrast!

But the worst, for him, is yet to come: the success. Suddenly he was for the whole world only Obi-Wan Kenobi. The man was a respected actor for decades and starred in great masterpieces of Hollywood history, built a great reputation and reputation with hard work and all of a sudden he is only known as Obi-Wan Kenobi and all the work before seemed to have become worthless. Is it any wonder that he’s fed up with it all?? He just couldn’t do anything with the movie, was proud of all his other work, but all the world wanted to know about was Obi-Wan Kenobi. So I find his reaction to this more than understandable.

Nicholas Cage does it because he needs to make up some dough. His tax advisor drove him to ruin and Cage had to sell his real estate. The man is poor and thanks to Johnny Depp he got back on his feet, got him offers, they were crap movies, but at least he made several movies, so he’s getting back on his feet bit by bit. But also I don’t want to know how much he got for a cheap B- or C-Movie in salary. Surely more than we all earn here together in the month.

Good preparation is 90% victory!

I’m going to drop the next bombshell: They are all made up !!

But I still have a bomb: The earth is round !

How some of you think actors are angels or the most kind hearted actors. They are only human.

You would also go crazy if you suddenly got so much dough for a few minutes of shooting time. Of course I would say: "No, 1 million is enough for me, I don’t need 2 million for 10 minutes in front of the camera". But if you stay in business for a long time you get greedier and greedier. And those were only the actors who admitted it!! So still another compliment to it !But if someone says disgusting package these actors, then please mean all the rich of the world with it and not only actors.There is money flowing that is not needed at all. Actors, athletes, managers, company directors, this and that. You all earn way too much. And even if they had to invest a lot of time and patience and energy to get rich, it’s not right that they earn millions. And if they do that, then one should at least increase the tax on the rich, so that we lower ones also get something. As if the fucking idiots care if you increase their taxes. But no, it will not come so far, first the politicians have to do it and why should they take their prosperity away from themselves?? Would be idiotic. What I’m saying is: rich people can stay rich – but need the 30 million in the account? So much money just sitting around and piling up through interest. At some point you can’t buy anything anyway, because you already have everything. But noooo, be greedy to the bone. That’s why this world just pisses me off. Middle classes disappear, only the really rich and the really poor remain. What a sick world.So sorry that I have again taken too far, actually only wanted to write a small sentence on the subject, but in me now boils again the anger and somewhere I have to let out the times.ÜBy the way, another shocker: Pamela Anderson has silicone breasts

Good preparation is 90% victory!

Or Dwayne Johnson ;-)

Yeah, that’s true.^^ Strange why Warner/DC want him as Black Adam for the Shazam movie. The more appropriate role would be Booster Gold, the hero for money, The Rock in real life has long since become. :ani-laugh:

@ ArneDias and Shalva

Yeaaaa, I know I know what you mean with the admittedly smug sarcasm and yes I am aware that almost no one works for free (resp.). what about all the people working on a voluntary basis, hm?^^). But that is not my main concern either. Hach how can I explain it better? I’ll try anyway: Earning money and not liking the role and complaining afterwards is all well and good and everyone has that right. It is about so certain other things that are unappealing as in the case of Alec Guinness:

The in his opinion exaggerated cult around his person, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Star Wars saga, from which he continued to distance himself, annoyed him very much though.

Why does it bother an actor when fans like him for a role he played?? Should this not rather be an honor for the performer? I think you have a certain responsibility towards your fans and you shouldn’t kick them in the ass so dirty and ungrateful for their sympathy. From Alec Guiness point of view it sounds like everyone who would like Star Wars wouldn’t have them all together anymore, keyword fairy tale garbage. As if it were a crime to praise Alec Guiness for his Obi Wan Kenobi role, even to have the gall to like him for it. I mean does it have to be? Fans of actors should be seen like customers in a store. That’s what I mean.

And in the case of Paul Bettany I think it’s naive of him to believe that he wouldn’t have seen it coming to play in person at Marvel, instead of always just being the voice of Jarvis. Especially when you sign up for franchises anything is possible and franchises, unlike previously unknown films, have an already existing fan base and the dumbest thing you can do as an actor is to mess with that by being dismissive of them. Actors should always keep in mind that they can (not have to) gain fans for their own future movies through bigger movie projects. More fans = automatically higher market value = more money! Or not people? The ball is in your court!^^

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