Minimum wage in austria: is a basic wage paid per hour??

Minimum wage per hour: Austria does not have a minimum wage law like Germany

Minimum wage per hour: In Austria, there is no minimum wage law like in Germany.

In Germany, many employees already benefit since January 2015 from the statutory minimum wage, which is now 9.82 euros (as of January 2022) per hour (gross). Many European countries now use a similar model and ensure that wages do not fall below a certain limit not undercut is.

But what is the situation in Austria, our neighbor to the south, with regard to the European minimum wage?? The basic salary in the Alpine state is the subject of this guidebook. Here you can find out whether a statutory minimum wage applies to employees in Austria, in which industries the best salaries are paid and which bonus payments still belong to the financial satisfaction can contribute.

Compact knowledge: Minimum wage in Austria

No, there is no statutory minimum wage in Austria.

Yes, there are actually. In Austria, collective agreements usually stipulate how much employees must earn as a minimum.

While some Austrian employers do not pay their employees a minimum wage, they often benefit from special payments instead, such as z. B. Vacation or Christmas bonuses.

The minimum salary is not regulated by law in Austria

A statutory minimum salary is actually not prescribed in Austria, which is why entrepreneurs in principle be able to decide for themselves, how much they pay their employees. This does not necessarily mean, however, that in certain industries there is no minimum income Lower limits apply.

In some areas, fixed salary rates also apply. Here, it is advisable for applicants to find out in advance whether this is also the case in their desired position. Since there is no statutory minimum wage in Austria, jobseekers are generally well advised to sign contracts before signing to check exactly on the wage. Unclear questions are answered with the Recruiter to be clarified, such as:

  • Will there be hourly pay or a monthly base salary?
  • Are bonuses by Bonuses or similar possible?
  • How overtime is remunerated?

In addition to the actual job and the associated industry, the decisive factors are often also the Qualifications of the applicant about how highly they are remunerated. If, however, a collectively agreed minimum wage is applied in Austria, those affected can be sure that a certain limit will not be undercut.

Recommended economic sectors

A minimum wage tariff may exist in Austria through certain contracts

A minimum wage rate may exist in Austria through certain contracts.

It can be seen that even without a minimum wage in Austria, certain occupations Security through a contractual basic salary can offer.

Certain companies are far more generous in this respect than others. Applicants who, for example, have jobs in the banking and insurance sector can get hold of, usually benefit from higher salaries.

Similarly above-average salaries are paid to employees in fields that are used to Chemical or. Pharmaceutical industry belong. These industries are also characterized by their stability, in that there is a permanent demand for employees. Last but not least, the IT sector wage-technically well there. Even without a statutory minimum wage in Austria, salaries in this sector are often above average.

Special payments for the minimum wage

If employees do not receive a minimum wage in Austria, existing special payments can be used for overtime make a profession nevertheless appear more attractive. Thus, some employers agree to pay Christmas bonuses and vacation pay. However, these are usually voluntary bonuses. However, a collective agreement can also ensure that there is an entitlement to it.

In this respect, too, it may be useful for applicants to inform themselves in advance. Certain companies not only pay a certain minimum wage in Austria, but can also come up with such special payments. That is quite depending on the industry. However, it is also crucial how economically a company operates and how it is financially placed.

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