Mini-job alongside hartz iv: what you need to know

For a Hartz IV recipient, a mini-job can be the first step towards full-time employment. If you have not worked for a longer period of time, a mini-job can make it easier for you to return to work. In this article we explain what you have to consider if you receive Hartz IV and want to take up a mini-job.

Income can affect your Hartz IV

Even as a Hartz IV recipient, it is possible to take on a mini-job. However, you must keep in mind that income can be offset against the Jobcenter benefit if it exceeds a certain tax-free amount per month. Therefore, the income from a minijob can also be counted against your Hartz IV.

The basic tax-free amount for single persons is 100 euros per month. As a mini-jobber, you can keep 100 euros per month of your income from the mini-job. Income that exceeds this allowance is counted at 80 percent towards Hartz IV benefits. As a Hartz IV recipient, you have an additional 20 percent of the money from the mini-job left over. Here is a suitable example:

The Hartz IV standard rate for a single person in 2021 is as follows 446 euros in the month. The Hartz IV recipient would now like to take up a mini-job in which he earns 450 euros per month. How does the income from the mini-job affect the benefit from the job center?

Income from the minijob

= remaining income

350 Euro

After deduction of the basic allowance, 350 euros from the mini-job remain for the calculation of the further allowance of 20 percent.

= additional allowance

70 euros

= total allowance

170 euros

With monthly earnings of 450 euros, the Hartz IV recipient can keep 170 euros per month free of charge. The remaining 280 euros of the earnings are counted towards the Hartz IV standard rate.

Good to know: As a Hartz IV recipient, you may have additional monthly expenses, such as a car allowance. B. Costs for childcare, Riester pension or church taxes. This results in additional monthly needs that are included in the calculation of benefits.

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Mini-job alongside hartz iv: what you need to know

Higher tax-free amount for voluntary work

If you have a voluntary activity (e.g. B. If you work in a sports club and receive an expense allowance for this, the basic tax-free amount is more than twice as high as for the money from a marginal job. 250 Euro per month remain free of charge. But note that an allowance is granted only once. If you have a mini-job and do voluntary work, the allowances are not added together. The monthly tax-free allowance remains at 250 euros.

Before taking up a mini-job, it is best to ask your job center administrator how exactly the income will be counted towards your Hartz IV benefits.

Minijobbers must inform the job center

When you start the mini-job, your employer must register you with the Minijob-Zentrale. You yourself must inform the Jobcenter about your activity. The Jobcenter is responsible for the payment of unemployment benefit II. If you do not register your activity, this may lead to an enormous reduction of your Hartz IV benefit.

You can find more information on Hartz IV benefits on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

You have questions about this contribution? Feel free to write your questions in the comments.

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Earn more than 450 Euro as minijobber?
If I could earn as hartz4 receiver and minijobber more than 450 € with an employer, goes that and if yes on which basis ? In the Internet I find contributions there is that with amounts "from 100 to 1000 € – 20% apply", but how can that be, with 450 euro job to 1000 euro or more to earn to be able ?

A 450-euro mini-job is considered to exist if your monthly earnings do not exceed 450 euros on average. In the case of an uninterrupted employment in 12 months, this results in an annual earnings limit of 5.400 Euro. Your employer evaluates employment at its beginning each time looking ahead for a maximum of one time year.

If you exceed the average earnings limit of 450 Euro, it depends on whether this happens regularly or only occasionally for unforeseeable reasons. If you have a fluctuating wage in a mini-job and exceed the annual earnings limit of 5.If you do not earn more than 400 Euros, it remains a mini-job, even if in some months the remuneration is more than 450 Euros. In addition, there is the occasional exceeding for unforeseeable reasons (for example, sickness replacement). A period of up to 3 months within the past 12 months is considered occasional. In this case, the annual earnings limit of 5.400 euros are exceeded – the minijob continues to exist.

You can find out what effects the earnings from a 450-euro mini-job can have on your HartzIV benefit from your responsible benefits processing department at your job center.

Katja from the Minijob-Zentrale

Transfer from whom ?
If I have a mini-job and receive Hartz4 from whom do I get paid the wage?? Directly from the employer or the employer pays 450 euros to the job center and I then get the share of the job center transferred?

Your employer pays you the wage for the mini-job.

Katja from the Minijob Central Office

In this country everything is controlled

I draw z.Currently.Alg2 and exercise a 450 Euro as an industrial clerk in a furniture store. Of this I remain net 170€. Now I would like to waitress. How does it look there. Will I be granted here on minijob again an allowance of 100€ ? Thank you for your answer.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot advise you on your individual additional earnings limit for ALG II.

We therefore ask you to talk to the person responsible for processing your benefits at your local job center.

Bjorn from the Minijob-Zentrale

Hello, as an ALG 2 recipient I would like to earn 100 euros in addition. My question is whether the employer has to report me to MinniJob and how much is the contribution based on the minimum wage

an employment with a monthly income of 100 Euro, falls under the so-called mini-job regulations (450-Euro-Minijob).

Your employer has to register you at the Minijob-Zentrale and calculates the taxes.

A commercial employer pays flat-rate contributions to health and pension insurance, a flat-rate tax and apportionments for mini-jobbers. In total, the employer’s total contributions to the Minijob-Zentrale amount to a maximum of 31.51 percent. With our Minijob-Calculator you can easily and comfortably calculate the total taxes.

Do you want to pay compulsory contributions for pension insurance from this 450 euro minijob?

So that you can profit as a 450-Euro-Minijobber from the full benefit package of the German pension insurance, the monthly minimum contribution of currently 32.55 euros must not be undercut. The minimum contribution is calculated from the statutory minimum monthly contribution assessment basis of 175 euros and the current contribution rate for pension insurance of 18.6 percent of monthly earnings (175 euros x 18.6 percent = 32.55 euros).

Important: Your employer only pays the pension contribution share of the actual earnings and you pay the difference.

Your employer pays 15 percent of your 100 Euro earnings: = 15,00 Euro.
You pay the difference to the minimum contribution: 32,55 Euro – 15 Euro = 17,55 Euro.

Your employer pays these 32.55 euros as a compulsory contribution (employer and employee share) to the statutory pension insurance to the mini-job center.

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