We provide you with an overview of all cheats, commands and console commands in Minecraft. This way you get additional options, gain access to resources and teleport to desired locations.


  • Ancient Debris: Find ancient debris

Ancient scrap is a valuable material in Minecraft. Learn in this guide how and where you can farm Ancient Debris.

Axolotl are water creatures that you can capture in different colors. What you need and how you can tame and breed them, we show you here.

Here are instructions for the new sliding blocks. Also with videos.

List of all craftable items

What the negative effect Evil Omen does to you and how to get rid of it, you will learn in this article.

How to change your current skin in Minecraft and even create your own, you will learn in this article.

New in Minecraft? Here you are right!

Copper ore is a mineable material that can be used to forge some items. Here we show you at what level you can find the ore.

You want to play Minecraft on the console in pairs? Then you can do it via the split screen mode. This is what you need to make it work!

All animals described: Locations, prey and tactics.

This guide gives you an overview of all monsters in Minecraft. These are passive, neutral and hostile monsters and these are their characteristics.

Differences between the PS3 and PC versions

Never heard of AND, OR or NAND gates before? Here they are explained.

We’ll show you how to brew potions, what ingredients you need and how to increase effects and duration of effects. In Minecraft, you can give yourself and other creatures special buffs like this.

Tameable animals can be used to your advantage in Minecraft. In this guide, you will learn how to tame wild animals.

Tips and tricks

  • All levels of the torment and what the enchantment brings

What the enchantment Smiting is all about and what the different levels do, you will learn in our guide.

What new blocks in Minecraft with the update 1.17 have been added, you can find out in our guide.

What the enchantment "Curse of Disappearance" means You can find out what the death location is in Minecraft and what items you can use it on in our guide.

How to build banners in Minecraft, copy them and what other uses they serve in this guide.

Learn all about the Infinity enchantment in Minecraft in this guide.

How to use the nameplate in Minecraft and which creatures you can rename, you will learn in this guide.

The best seeds for update 1.16 of Minecraft we present you in our guide.

How you can mine, use and hatch the dragon egg in Minecraft, we explain in our guide.

How to repair both weapons and armor with and without enchantment in Minecraft, you will learn in this article.

How to create paintings, modify them and even build a secret passage with them, we tell you in this article.

What type of house, defense and interior design tips can be found here.

What type of houses, defense and decorating tips can be found here.

How to get the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft and what you can use it for, we explain in our guide.

Everything that does not fit into the rest of the topics.

From users for users.

Many Minecraft players are wondering if spawners can be mined. Perhaps with caution (engl. Silk Touch)? We answer your questions.

How to add variations to your lighting with the lantern in Minecraft and how to make it, we show you in this article.

The Creeper is constantly breaking your house? How to finish them off.

How to craft an armor, a sword and other tools from Netherite, you can learn in our Minecraft guide.

The most beautiful worlds are created with the seeds – send in your favorite seeds with reasons for them!

Learn how to get smooth stone and what the visual difference is in our guide to Minecraft.

How to make and use a spellbook in Minecraft to enchant your weapons, armor and tools, you can learn in our guide.

How to get a saddle in Minecraft and then ride on animals with it, you will learn in our guide.

How to play Minecraft together despite different platforms and what crossplay has to offer, we show you in this article.

Among them Minecraft in German, performance improvements on servers and even more.

You’ve probably been looking for a way to find your place of death in Minecraft for a while now, without having made any preparations beforehand. But it is not that easy. We will help you.

From spaceships to horror houses, we have lots of new building ideas for you if you don’t know what to build next in Minecraft.

Here you can find all the info on Update 1.9 of Minecraft!

It is a phenomenon in Minecraft. The villagers just disappear. We are on the trail of the villagers and a solution to the problem.

How to enchant your tools, weapons and armor in Minecraft with the magic table, we show you in this article.

How to leash creatures in Minecraft and what creatures can be leashed in the first place, you will learn in this guide.

How to make a fishing rod, fish with it and control pigs, we show you in this guide.

We tell you 10 great tips to get even more out of Minecraft 1.14 to get.

Villagers in Minecraft do not reproduce? We will help you find a solution.

Achievements and Trophies

  • Trophy list

An overview for all trophies

Top tips

  • Top 10 mods at a glance

Super fist, cartographer, inventory hack and more.

The best and most useful tips for every Minecraft player.

spieletipps shows the best tricks in the video


  • Gronkhs Minecraft Mods: Download After Humans

Here you can find a download to Gronkh’s Minecraft mods. How to use "After Humans also play yourself.

How to easily install mods in Minecraft, we show you in this guide.

What mods are and how to install them you can learn here!

We give you a detailed guide on how to install shaders in Minecraft and tell you which shader mods are the most beautiful and popular ones.


  • Everything you ever wanted to know about bees

Learn all about bees and the bee nests in the game in this Minecraft guide.

How to unlock and use emotes in Minecraft, you will learn in this guide.

Learn how to build an iron golem and how these monsters made of iron work in our article.


  • Version 1.9: New content and features at a glance

In this guide we present you the new contents and features of version 1.9 of Minecraft before. We explain the new off-hand, the new combat system and list all the new features of the Combat Update.

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