Mercedes: 2022 cars will be “relatively similar” to the current ones offer performance like 2021

Mercedes’ Mike Elliott doesn’t think the sheer performance of the cars for the 2022 Formula One season will be much different than last year’s

( – Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott believes that this year’s Formula 1 cars will have a "relatively similar" feel, despite the revision of the technical regulations will offer performance levels similar to 2021, even though it represents the biggest change to the rulebook since the V6 hybrid era began in 2014.

Prototype of the Formula 1 car for 2022

How much slower will Formula 1 really be in 2022 with the new cars? Zoom Download

Nevertheless, in a video published by Mercedes explaining the changes to the technical regulations, Elliott says: "The overall performance of the new cars will probably not be very different from the old cars."

"Obviously, the intention of the rules was to improve overtaking, and it will be a little while before we can see if this has actually been achieved", Elliott continues. "The car is a bit heavier, the power unit will work a bit differently with the E10 fuel, and the aerodynamics and associated tuning of the car will also be different."

The aerodynamic rules for 2022 have been revised to allow for more wheel-to-wheel duels on track by eliminating the problem of dirty air (air turbulence the car in front) will be reduced. The cars will also be heavier than 2021, and new 18-inch tires will be used.

Mike Elliott explains what will change technically in 2022

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Mike Elliott explains what will change technically in 2022

How much different are the new technical rules for Formula 1 2022 from last year? Mike Elliott, head of engineering at Mercedes, provides answers. More Formula 1 videos

Originally, the new cars were expected to be several seconds per lap slower than their predecessors. But the teams believe, based on the simulations and progress they have made over the winter, that they can compensate for the loss of time and increase performance again.

"Until we get the best out of it, until we have optimized it in testing and in the first races, we won’t really know. But overall I suspect the performance will be relatively similar to last year", Elliott notes.

FIA technical director Nikolas Tombazis said at the end of last season that he believed the time loss on the cars for 2022 was "pretty close" would be within the speculated 0.5 seconds. "I don’t know for sure because it depends on the tires, it depends on the engine performance, and it depends on the driveability of the aerodynamics.", said Tombazis. "But I think it will be in the order of magnitude."

Mercedes will unveil its new car for the 2022 season, the W13, on 18. February introduce. It was announced that the car will also have a first shakedown at Silverstone.

There have been rumors in recent days that Mercedes failed crash tests with part of its new chassis, but the team has since clarified that its car will pass the FIA’s homologation process on 13. January.

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