Men’s sweat: how man can influence his body odor

How MAN can influence his body odor | This is why man sweat has an arousing effect on women

Man sweat literally rubs women's noses in masculinity

Man sweat literally rubs masculinity under women’s noses Photo: Getty Images/Image Source

What do an elephant, a butterfly and a human have in common? What sounds like the start of a bad joke is the start of a highly erotic topic. Because what they have in common are: Fragrances!

The very ones that signal we’re ready to mate. With the elephant it is the musth, with the butterfly complex scent molecules and with the man it is: sweat. Dr. med. Christian Kors from Hautzentrum Weibensee explains what’s behind it all.

Sweating is pure masculinity

Admittedly, the smell of perspiration is not exactly what we associate with eroticism. Actually, when we think of the smell of sweat, we all tend to think of someone giving off an unpleasant odor on the subway. But sweat – dear men, this means especially your sweat – can do much more than just cool down your body temperature and smell. Men’s sweat then literally rubs your masculinity in our women’s faces. "Sweat, however, only smells unpleasant when decomposition with bacteria takes place," explains Dr. Kors.

Our sweat determines sexual attraction

"It is not by chance that the saying comes: I can smell you well. It’s based on the fact that every man carries his own scent calling card with him," says Dr. Kors. Because the way you smell, no one else smells. Our genes, our immune system and our diet are responsible for this very special smell.

If we want to reproduce, we automatically look for someone whose immune system is complementary to our own. Because then not only our genetic combination is stronger, but also the sexual attraction. Into that very sexual attraction rises via sweat.

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Underarm sweat arouses women

Besides water, potassium, sodium and other minerals, sweat also consists of pheromones. These are attractants that make women hot. There are 50 of them in total, but only a few that women are actually attracted to. Androstenone is one of them. This pheromone men emit mainly through their armpit sweat.

If a woman perceives the smell of androstenone, it conveys power, dominance and aggression to her and she is attracted to it.

Incidentally, androstenone excites women and lifts their spirits. A study by scientist Clarie Wyart confirms this. She had 48 women sniff different vials and found out that their cortisol level increases when they smell vials with androstenone. A rising cortisol level is an indicator of sexual arousal. For other men, the smell of androstenone has exactly the opposite effect: they feel rather repelled.

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But because women are of course not only into aggressive strongmen, nature has come up with something else. Emotional and intelligent should the dream man please also be. The pheromone androstenol is responsible for this. If men emit more androstenol, women perceive them as more sensitive, more intelligent, more sexually attractive, friendlier and warmer.

How to smell sexy

"Pheromones are something very individual. These can only be influenced by food to a very limited extent. When we eat garlic, we smell like garlic because that just overpowers everything else," reveals Dr. Kors on.

We can’t influence our pheromones, but a study by Australia’s Macquire University showed that men can positively influence their body odor through their diet. By eating green leaves and sweet berries, men can add a sweet note to their body odor. This makes them appear particularly sexy to women. In turn, the consumption of carbohydrates such as pasta and bread, as well as meat, makes their body odor appear more unpleasant.

Dr. However, Kors cautions, "If you want to find a short-term acquaintance, then you can put your own scent in the background and work with artificial fragrances. The simplest example would be perfume. When it comes to finding the life time partner, the motivation is different and there you should be able to smell the other in the truest sense of the word."

Maybe you should skip the meat at your next barbecue and go for a salad instead, after all it can’t do any harm.

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