Max from london: “christmas is more like a party”

Max was already incredibly industrious. He has already written cards for Christmas without end. Max is a 13-year-old boy from London, the capital of Great Britain.

Max has written lots of Christmas cards. Photo: Inga Radel

He has grandparents in Baden-Wurttemberg. That’s why he knows Christmas at home – and in Great Britain. What the most important differences are, the student tells in an interview with dpa news for children.

Have you already done something Christmasy this year that is typical for Great Britain?

"Yes, I have already written quite a few Christmas cards. This is a crazy thing here. You write a card to almost everyone you know. I have written with my father over 100 maps – a whole day long – like a mass production. The cards that you get yourself are then hung decoratively on a line on the living room wall."

What else is different in Great Britain than in Germany??

"One puts up the tree already several weeks before Christmas. And then you usually decorate it a little bit every day – and on the last day you put the star on it. The decoration is also different. Everything a bit more colorful and garish. One hangs up paper garlands, for example, more like in Germany on New Year’s Eve."

But now to the feast and the most exciting thing: When do we get the presents??

"Here one celebrates only on the 25. December. Santa Claus – that is, Santa Claus – comes in the night. We children put him cake and a small glass of alcohol in the evening. Supposedly he eats and drinks that. And we hang stockings on the fireplace – or if you don’t have a fireplace, then on the end of the bed. We then stand on the 25. December up extra early to see the presents. And, of course, there are also great gifts that lie under the stockings – or sometimes there is money in the stocking."

But on the 25. December is celebrated then otherwise exactly the same as in Germany on Christmas Eve?

"No, this is more like a party here and a bit like New Year’s Eve. In Germany it is somehow more cozy."

How please?! A party?

"Yes, at lunch between courses are torn so big cardboard party bangers candy. In the process, everyone at the table crosses their arms like this and then pulls on the candies with their tablemates until they make a pop. Paper jokes fall out and paper crowns. Everyone then puts on such a colorful paper crown."

What do you eat for Christmas?

"Typical is turkey stuffed with herbs, served with gravy, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts. And for dessert, eat Christmas Pudding – sherry is poured over the pudding and then set on fire. This makes the taste better and must be blown out."

In movies you see people hanging mistletoe at Christmas. Do they really exist?

"Yes! They hang in some people’s door frames. If a girl and a boy meet under there, they are supposed to kiss. But you don’t have to. So I find this silly."

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