Lose weight without sport: is it really possible?

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You don’t want to spend hours on the cross trainer and sweat in a crowded gym? Or you simply lack the time for long workouts? Then we have good news: You don’t have to throw your diet plans overboard, because losing weight without exercise is possible. The most important thing is a healthy diet. With these tips, weight loss is guaranteed to succeed!

Can you lose weight without sports?

As they say? Abs are made in the kitchen (muscles are made in the kitchen)! And the saying is actually true. Because if you believe nutrition and fitness experts, it is more important for the success of a diet to be disciplined in eating than to always go diligently to the gym. The lion’s share (in approximately 70%) is to be ascribed to the correct nutrition, only to 30% the sport contributes therefore to the Diaterfolg. This means in plain language: A simple weight reduction – without looking at fat and muscle mass – is therefore also possible without sports.

Losing weight with sports is more sustainable

But: Who moves itself additionally to the conscious nourishing way still regularly, does not only its health a favor – the weight loss is also clearly more lasting. This is hardly surprising when you consider that muscle mass burns more calories than fat – even at rest. Means in the plain text: Who moves regularly and builds up muscles, increases thereby its basal metabolic rate, can eat thus more and has a smaller risk for the feared Jojo effect. Weight loss is much more sustainable, the new weight can be maintained much easier, also because sports stimulate the metabolism. If you also want to get your body in shape, there’s no getting around exercise, not to mention the body image and health benefits that regular exercise brings.

Lose weight (almost) without sports: The 12-3-30-Workout

If you can muster up a minimum of sports, you should try the 12-3-30-Workout. Because with this workout you don’t have to run or lift weights for hours on end. The 12-3-30 Workout was invented by the US-American Lauren Giraldo. She herself was able to lose a lot of weight years before with her workouts. Now her TikTok video went viral with a new way to lose weight: all you have to do is walk on a treadmill at a moderate speed. The secret: The slope.

Because that’s what the numbers mean: The 12 refers to the slope, the three to the speed (3 miles per hour equals 4.83 km/h) and the 30 stands for the duration you should do the trainig, so 30 minutes. With this effective training method, Lauren has found a solution for those who don’t want to pedal their way to the gym.

Still not convinced? Then you should take the following everyday tips to heart. If you incorporate small changes into your diet, you can save or burn a few calories without doing any sports and save yourself a trip to the gym.

Lose weight without sports: The best tips for everyday life

Avoid sweets and snacks (at least 4-5 hours break between meals)

Do not drink sweetened drinks, but drink a lot of water or tea (stimulates metabolism)!)

Don’t drink alcohol, because alcohol slows down the fat burning process

Cook fresh, no convenience food – this is the best way to keep track of calories. Here are some delicious Meal Prep recipes

Integrate more exercise into your daily routine: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, visit colleagues in the office once in a while instead of calling them, or get off the bus one stop earlier and walk a bit more

For many, a helpful option for losing weight: Intermittent fasting

Take your time when eating: Don’t gorge, but chew each bite slowly and mindfully

Turn housework into a workout: When cleaning windows, vacuuming or scrubbing tiles, you can burn a few calories along the way. If you want to know exactly: Everything about calorie consumption in everyday life

Weight loss tips: The best tricks for everyday life

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The right diet to lose weight without exercise

If you are a sports and exercise muffler, but still want to lose a few kilos, you have to show special discipline when it comes to healthy eating. Plus point: Those who are not active in sports usually have a lower feeling of hunger than ambitious athletes. Especially recommended: Clean Eating. This is not a classic diet, but a way of eating that helps you to reach and maintain your desired weight in the long run. On the food plan exclusively natural food, on industrially processed food is renounced to a large extent. Just as on sugar or artificial sweeteners. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain products and high-quality organic meat and fish end up on your plate. Cooking for yourself is the only way to ensure that meals are actually "clean" Are – and also the calories can be kept better in the eye, which is particularly important when losing weight without exercise.

Who would like to lose weight particularly fast, should consider in addition the following points:

Reduce carbohydrates

If you want to lose weight quickly without exercising, you should especially avoid empty carbohydrates, i.e. classic white flour and industrial sugar. Prefer slow carbs (healthy carbohydrates): Vegetables, legumes and whole grains, which do not cause the blood sugar level to fluctuate too much and saturate for a long time. This prevents cravings and makes it much easier to stick to it! Special Fatburner trick for losing weight without sport: Now and then in the evening completely without carbohydrates. That pushes the fat burn and one becomes slim quasi in the sleep!

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