Little geniuses: these 3 zodiac signs are especially intelligent

Laura-Jean Kästner

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited" – once said Albert Einstein. Nevertheless, knowledge and intelligence are something we like to measure ourselves against. It starts in childhood and continues throughout life. There are those who soak up knowledge in a short time and those who need a little longer. But no matter how you acquire knowledge- some among us are considered particularly intelligent. And this can be recognized not only by IQ, but sometimes also by the signs of the zodiac.

These 3 zodiac signs are especially smart


Pisces are considered to be particularly patient zodiac signs who prefer to take their time to learn and understand things. True to the motto: Good things come to those who wait. Because the more they dedicate themselves to one thing, the more info and knowledge they can absorb and process. Be it at school, where they prefer to study a little longer and more thoroughly, or at work, where they deal with upcoming tasks even more intensively- they accumulate knowledge and build up their intelligence more and more, until they are even ahead of others in some areas by quite a bit. One reason why fish often have the chance to become even more successful after many years in the profession.

Talking about "successful", physicist Albert Einstein, composer Antonio Vivaldi and also author Rosa Luxemburg are well-known and successful fish- and that each one in his own field.

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The zodiac sign Leo is especially known for its passion, which ensures that people of this zodiac sign are considered particularly smart. Because once they’ve tasted blood and found an area that interests them, they don’t let go. It can be a hobby or a scientific subject- no matter. They continue their education and become real experts in their field. No wonder that lions are also good at passing on their knowledge to others, leading other people and/or being a role model for others.

Besides writer J. K. Rowling also counts the artist Andy Warhol and former U.S. President Barack Obama to the star sign Leo.

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People who belong to the zodiac sign Virgo are considered to be very perfectionistic and petty. They work on their tasks and also their skills until they are fully satisfied. However, this happens very rarely, but leads to the fact that the Virgo always continues to learn and also does not give up. Are there problems, with scientific questions, but also in special areas in the profession or in relation to personal skills such as creativity, analytical thinking, etc.?., Virgos work continuously to solve them. This makes them very intelligent people, who are also ideal companions to help with advice and support.

Author Leo Tolstoy, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, musician Michael Jackson and also Mother Teresa are well-known personalities under the star sign Virgo.

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To achieve your goals in life, you don’t always have to be insanely smart. Luck, talent and determination also account for many a success. In the video you will find a tip on how to better achieve what you set out to do.

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