Jobs for 16 year olds

You want to know everything about jobs for 16-year-olds and ask yourself: What can you work at 16 and what should you look out for?? Then you are in the right place. In this article we explain all the details about the legal issues and which jobs are suitable for you. First of all, we have good news: Student jobs from 16 onwards are indeed plentiful. Whether you want to finance your next vacation, need a new cell phone or are saving for a big dream in the long term – earning money at 16 is easily possible. Read on to learn all about typical jobs for 16 year olds!

Jobs for 16 year olds

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What jobs can you do at 16?

But let’s get straight to the point: What jobs can you do at 16?? Whether it’s in a restaurant, office or warehouse, there are a variety of jobs you can do when you’re 16. It’s best to choose something that you enjoy and that suits you and your current living conditions. For example, the job should be compatible with school so that your grades don’t suffer. Also, always plan for enough free time to relax besides school and your job. To make sure, there are several work schedules for jobs for 16 year olds that you can choose from:

Read on to find out the differences in the various models for jobs for 16-year-olds and what you need to consider in each case.

Mini-jobs from 16

A so-called mini-job is a marginal employment in which you earn a maximum of 450 euros per month. The advantage is that you don’t have to pay any taxes or insurance contributions and everything you earn ends up directly in your bank account. Due to the small number of working hours, mini-jobs can usually be easily combined with school. Mini-jobs are therefore ideal jobs for 16-year-olds.

Part-time jobs from 16

The term "part-time job" only means that it is a part-time job in addition to your main job. This main occupation can be another job or, in the case of jobs for 16-year-olds, school. This type of employment is either a mini-job or an employment subject to social security contributions with earnings of more than 450 euros in the act. Both are suitable jobs for 16-year-olds.

Vacation jobs from 16

There are plenty of vacation jobs from 16. It is a temporary job that can be done during the vacations, for example seasonal work in the amusement park, waitressing or sorting goods in the supermarket. Vacation jobs have the advantage that the work doesn’t get in the way of your schooling. You can concentrate exclusively on earning money without neglecting your homework and exams. Sounds good? Then browse through our vacancies for vacation jobs from 16 in your area!

Where to work at 16?

You ask yourself: where can you work at 16?? Basically all doors are open to you. Jobs for teenagers only have to fulfill one condition, namely not to overstrain you physically and mentally. For example, it must not be heavy physical work and you must not be exposed to exceptional heat, cold, wetness or noise.

Likewise, the handling of hazardous substances (toxic, corrosive o.a.) prohibited. Contrary to all assumptions, serving alcohol in restaurants or cafes is not prohibited by the Youth Protection Act. This rumor is persistent. Even if you are not allowed to drink alcohol yourself, you can serve alcoholic beverages to your guests in the catering trade.

What are typical jobs for 16-year-olds?

Waitressing from 16
A popular job is waitressing, for example, in an ice cream parlor or restaurant. Especially for people who can’t afford an office job o.a. If you are able to imagine and prefer to stay in motion, working as a service person is ideal for you. Your responsibilities include serving guests, taking orders, and preparing and clearing tables. Good mood and stress resistance are especially important for such jobs for 16-year-olds. The average wage for waitressing is between 6 and 8 euros. Often there is a tip, which you can influence depending on the quality of your work. With a friendly demeanor and good service, you can supplement your hourly wage yourself.

Babysitting Jobs for 16 Year Olds:
Babysitting jobs are very popular with teenagers. If you enjoy working with children, this job is perfect for you. You can arrange your salary and working hours directly with your parents. Use the opportunity to negotiate smart. The average hourly wage for babysitting is between 5 and 8 euros. To be a good babysitter, you should above all have patience, reliability and a sense of responsibility. But a good portion of creativity, organizational skills and of course good humor are just as important.

Shelf filler jobs from 16:
You would prefer a job without children screaming or generally not so much contact with people? Shelf stocker jobs from 16 are popular and can be taken on by students without prior experience. For example, you work in a supermarket or a drugstore. You put newly delivered goods on the shelves, sort orders or check stock in the warehouse. In the supermarket, you also check the best-before dates of the products and sort or dispose of them accordingly. Shelf fillers are wanted everywhere and the activity is great as jobs for 16 year olds.

Bakery part-time job from 16:
If you like to work in sales, a bakery part-time job may be the right choice for you. Your tasks include serving and advising customers, selling goods and cashing up. The handling of the cash register system has to be learned first, but it is much less complicated than you might think. You don’t have to do mental arithmetic with modern POS systems. Important for this type of job for 16-year-olds is a well-groomed appearance, a friendly demeanor and a helpful work ethic. The hourly wage is between 7 and 10 euros, depending on the company and the federal state.

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How long are you allowed to work at 16?

According to the law for the protection of minors, you are allowed to work up to 8 hours a day at the age of 16, for up to 5 days a week. minors are usually not allowed to work on weekends, but depending on the industry, there are exceptions in this regard: in catering, health care and open sales points, for example, working on weekends is also allowed. But you have to get an additional day off during the week, so you still don’t work more than 5 days a week in total. Here’s how jobs for 16-year-olds should ensure you have enough free time to recover from your professional activities.

How much can you earn at 16?

You want to know how much you are allowed to earn at the age of 16? With a mini-job you can earn up to 450 euros per month, from which no taxes or insurance contributions are deducted. As soon as you exceed this limit, it will change. Then wage tax and social security contributions are deducted from your salary. If you want to earn more than this 450 Euro, you have another possibility to stay tax free: File a tax return at the end of the year and you will get back the taxes you paid over the year, as long as you don’t exceed the tax exemption amount of 9.have not exceeded 744 euros. You can get help for this for free at your local income tax association. This is worthwhile even for jobs for 16 year olds.

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