Install osm maps on garmin edge

Free OSM additional maps without microSD slot on the Garmin Edge bike computer. Does this? In this guide I show you how to transfer free OSM maps as IMG file or install them via BaseCamp.

Install osm maps on garmin edge

With the model change from the Garmin Edge 1030 to the 1030 Plus the last Edge device with microSD memory card slot disappeared.

All current Garmin Edge models (except Edge 130) come with Garmin Cycle Map EU in internal memory. For this you get a free map update twice a year.

Nevertheless, I often hear the desire for other, perhaps more suitable free OSM maps on the Garmin Edge GPS bike computer.

In this guide I show you how to get a free OSM map on your Garmin Edge – without a memory card. However, if your Garmin device has a memory slot, you should store the map externally.

Why I put maps in the Garmin always on the external SD memory card

The suitable map makes the Garmin GPS receiver only the perfect companion on the bicycle tour. This article describes the optimal place for the map and why it belongs exactly there.

Basically, there are two ways to get your desired card on the Edge:

  1. Copy map as IMG file directly to Edge
  2. Installation on the computer via Garmin BaseCamp

Which variant to take depends on which path is offered by the developer of the desired card.

Hint: The original article dates from March 2017 and was completely revised in November 2020.

Copy IMG file of OSM map to Edge

This is clearly the simpler and especially for beginners to be preferred variant.

The most popular OSM maps with this easy installation option are:

    – my practice test – my practice test (only for premium customers) – my practice test (only for premium customers)

For those in a hurry, here are the quick instructions:

1. Download OSM map as image file (IMG file)
2. Unzip if necessary (ZIP file)
3. IMG file to the folder /Garmin Copy to your Edge
4. Activate new map in the Garmin Edge settings

Using one of my favorite OSM maps, the Leisure Map and the VeloMap, I will show you exactly how downloading and transferring the OSM map to a Garmin Edge works.

On the leisure card website there are Maps > Germany below the map image three download options. Garmin GPS device is the appropriate installation image. Not only suitable for micro SD card but also for internal memory.

Download the leisure map as a finished IMG file

Download the recreational map as a finished IMG file

Download the ZIP archive and unzip it. Now you have a more than 2 GB large gmapsupp.img File with all of Germany on the computer. I have this in Freizeitkarte-2020-11.img renamed. So I know immediately, which map it is and from when the map status (November 2020) is.

This creates order on the Edge and makes it easier for you to delete and replace maps later updates.

Finally, connect the Garmin Edge to the computer and copy the map file to the folder /garmin copy.

Edge 820 via USB to computer

Garmin Edge 820 connected via USB to the computer – ready to copy

The next boot of the Edge will take much longer than normal. Happens only at the first start, after a new map has been added.

Install OSM map on Edge

Much more complex is the installation of the OSM map via BaseCamp on the Garmin Edge.

The most known OSM maps, which have to be installed via BaseCamp are:

    (free variant) – my practical test (free variant)

Specifically, the map export from BaseCamp directly to the Garmin Edge memory works as follows:

Via the Garmin BaseCamp menu (MapsInstall maps) you start MapInstall.

BaseCamp screenshot

Select the required map tiles and install them on the Edge

You can transfer the complete map or select individual parts (tiles) and install only small sections.

How this works with the VeloMap and Garmin BaseCamp you can also watch in the video.

[Video] Prepare VeloMap for Garmin Memory Card

The video shows how to get the free OSM VeloMap onto the memory card for the Garmin GPS navigation.

The installation is done directly on the internal memory of the Edge bike computer.

At the next restart of the Edge it takes a few seconds longer with the startup process.

Then you can already activate and use the new OSM map.

How to activate the OSM map in Garmin?

After the OSM map is on the Garmin, you have to switch from the Garmin CycleMap to the new OSM map.

Go to the menu in Edge – Settings. First open the desired activity profile. Next Navigation > Map > Map information.

On the way through the settings to the map activation

On the way through the settings for map activation

Here you can see all installed maps. Deactivate all no longer needed Garmin maps and activate only your desired OSM map.

On the page with the installed maps activate only the desired one - deactivate all others

On the page with the installed maps, activate only the desired – deactivate all others

Disabling unneeded maps provides slightly better performance and prevents a wrong map from overlaying your desired map. Only one map can be displayed at a time.

Once you are back on the map page, you will now see your newly installed OSM map. Here are some impressions of the leisure map on the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus.

The OSM leisure map on the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

The OSM leisure map on the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

Also the routing is now based on this map.

Personal conclusion

Even without microSD memory card it is possible to get additional free OSM maps to Garmin Edge devices.

Whether it is necessary or useful, I leave undecided. For my part, I almost never use alternative OSM maps on the Edge devices. But if you want to use the better routing features of VeloMap you should try it.

Do you use additional OSM maps on your Garmin Edge? If yes, which ones and why? I would love to read your experience and opinion about this in the comments.

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