“I can’t forget about her!” – what you should do now

Some time ago your partner left you or you fell unhappily in love with a good friend of yours. But now, after weeks and months, you realize: "I can’t forget her!"

You’re desperately wondering:

"Should I let her go and try to be done with it? Or is there still a chance to (re)conquer her?"

And if you choose one of these two ways, HOW should you do it??

In this article I will tell you different solutions against your heartbreak, so that you can be happy again and sleep peacefully at night.

The feeling when you can’t forget her

No matter if you were a couple, if she was "only" your best friend or if you had a passionate affair with this woman:

You just can’t forget her because you are still in love!

You have to think about her every day, in every free minute. You imagine how nice it would be to be with her (again), in a happy relationship.

Even at night when you sleep you dream about her – and in the morning when you wake up, SHE is your first thought…

Other women, on the other hand, don’t interest you at all.

Maybe you even feel that you can’t feel anything for your current girlfriend because your old love is haunting your mind.

And possibly your heartbreak is even so bad that you can hardly concentrate on work and other obligations at your job.

Therefore, for you as a man: It is high time to act, to do something against the pain and these tormenting thoughts!

"Why can’t I forget her and let go??"

In the midst of all this heartbreak, you certainly wonder what is going on with you.

You ask yourself: "Why can’t I forget her?"

After all, the end of your relationship or friendship was a long time ago, but the past seems to haunt you ..

There can be many reasons for your longing:

  • You still have strong feelings for her, either love or else anger, sadness and jealousy (of her new boyfriend).
  • You don’t want to give up as a man because you believe that you are perfect for each other and that she is the right one for you.
  • You could never really process the breakup and come to terms with it, because she never told you the real reasons and there are still many unanswered questions.
  • During your friendship you have never told her that you are in love with her. That’s why you want to get another chance to tell her how you feel about her.
  • Small things in your everyday life remind you of her all the time (for example: objects in your apartment, other women who resemble her or places you pass by every day).
  • You have met her again or even see her regularly.
  • She has written to you again on WhatsApp or you are reading or writing to her. you hear from her more often because mutual friends tell you about her.
  • Otherwise you feel empty and unfulfilled in life, maybe even in spite of your new partner. From your dream woman you hope that she could remove your inner dissatisfaction like a magic fairy.
  • You are afraid that you will not find another girlfriend who will make you happy.

Decision: Conquer the woman or let go?

The big question is: How should you behave in this situation??

Should you try again to win her over?? Or do you need to let her go and forget, finally get her out of your mind?

A new approach is only promising if the obstacles that have stood in the way of a relationship between you are removed.

What exactly do I mean by that? A few examples:

  • In the meantime you are a much more confident and attractive man. Completely different from your "old self" from back then, which was full of fear, anger and self-doubt.
  • Or she has gotten her life together by now and would be ready for a relationship now, maybe with you too.
  • In the past (at least) one of you was in a partnership, but now you are both single and open for something new.
  • She no longer lives hundreds of kilometers away, but directly in your vicinity.
  • As ex-partners, you are no longer hurt and angry with each other after the breakup. Instead, you can forgive each other (even if you said ugly things to each other) and talk to each other again.
  • She has written to you again, so you know that she is still interested or even in love.

But the conditions have remained the same or have even worsened (for example, because she is now taken with another man and wants to start a family)?

Then you should finally let her go and forget her, because what didn’t work then, won’t work now.

To express this thought mathematically:

Why would you get a different result if the variables in the equation have not changed in your favor?? There you go!

6 steps how you can still conquer her

You can’t forget her, because you are in love and she is constantly on your mind? Read this article if you want to learn from me how to win your ex-girlfriend back.

Otherwise, you should stick to these rules to get the woman after all, for a happy relationship:

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1. Take a self-confident attitude..

Probably you haven’t heard or read anything from each other for a long time. That’s why you need a damn good reason to contact her again.

Otherwise your (ex-) girlfriend will wonder:

"Huh, why did he write to me again all of a sudden, out of the blue… but the chapter with us was closed?!"

But beware, you should behave properly now:

No attractive girl wants to have a man who looks unhappy and desperate. This is as interesting as stinky socks.

That’s why you should be confident from the beginning when contacting her…

2. …and avoid desperate sounding sentences!

Don’t worry, the first message is not that difficult. Just avoid these mistakes when you contact her:

  • Admit that you have to think about her all the time and just can’t forget her, even after all this time
  • Tell her how unhappy you are without her in your life and that she would be your absolute dream woman
  • Begging, like "Let’s give it a try!" or "Give me another chance!"
  • Promising that you have changed and are now ready for a relationship
  • Suddenly confessing love to your old "buddy girlfriend" even though you never told her before because you didn’t dare to.
  • Asking why it didn’t work out between you (anymore)

Such desperate, overly romantic statements just don’t come across as sexy. Especially not if you haven’t had any contact for weeks and months.

3. Report to her and bring back fond memories

If you suddenly contact her after all this time, you should give a plausible reason for it, which comes across as casual as possible.

For example, write her on WhatsApp something like:

  • "Hey, I was looking through old photos with friends the other day, and I thought of you again. Do you still have that cute dog with the big ears??"
  • "The day before yesterday I happened to meet our old friend Silke, and we got to talking about the old days… Do you still remember the cool disco evenings? Legendary! ;-)"
  • "Passed by this cafe again the other day where we sat for hours. Do you remember that delicious tiramisu that we used to have together for dessert??"

Important: As a man, never go directly to the topic of relationship and love between you. She should not believe that you have any intentions and ulterior motives!

Stay "noncommittal" and just jog positive memories so she remembers your old times together. Maybe she can’t forget you either and gets a bit of longing…

4. Write to her and generate interest

If she responds to your first message in WhatsApp and the mood is good, text back and forth with her a bit.

You should only mention positive topics, like hobbies, your exciting, (hopefully) well-paid job and former, common activities.

Avoid talking about old arguments, your breakup, your heartbreak and other negative stuff! You should also refrain from a confession of love!

Also, don’t keep replying right away, but wait a few hours with your messages to make her squirm.

The goal of the whole thing is to create sexual attraction so that she feels like going on a date with you. Here I have already explained how you look attractive when writing in WhatsApp.

5. Suggest a personal meeting

The chat is going well, you have written animatedly and you can laugh together and talk casually?

Then don’t be afraid to ask her out someday. The best way to do this is to directly follow up on your topic of conversation, for example:

"How about we meet again in this cafe and chat about old times over tiramisu like we used to do?"

6. Date: Present yourself as a happy man

At the meeting you should then show her by your charisma show (do not say!) that you have changed. For the word is the shadow of the deed, as the saying goes.

If you are really an attractive man today, who leads an exciting life, then there is a chance that she will fall in love with you (again).

Do NOT tell her that you can’t forget her or that you want a relationship, but show yourself relaxed and confident like a pirate on the high seas!

Have fun, tease her playfully and flirt with her to conquer her on the date! You can find many tips on this on my blog.

How do I forget them the fastest? 7 tips!

All your attempts to win her heart have failed? Or you have come to the conclusion from the outset that it is futile?

Then you should get this woman out of your mind as soon as possible!

This is the only way you can look positively forward in life again and not ruin your chances for a new partnership.

So now you ask yourself: "How can I forget her?"

I have already written a detailed article about how you can forget your ex-girlfriend after your breakup.

In your particular situation, these tips can also help you if you are still in love after all these weeks, months or years:

1. Accept now that you must let her go

You also can’t forget her because you still clung to the last vestige of hope, like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.

Feverishly you let the thoughts circle daily in the head:

"Do I still have a chance? Why did it fail? What can I do to conquer this dream woman for a relationship??"

Such thoughts are like oil, which rekindles the fire of desire in you. That keeps your suffering going on and on.

Instead, as a man you have to accept that it is hopeless and let go of the "object of your desire" inside.

It’s hard and it’s linked with fear, I know. But it makes you free in the end.

2. Let her go like a real hero lets go of the gold treasure

The letting go thing is like the final scene in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Indiana Jones hangs on the precipice, desperately trying to grasp with his free hand the Holy Grail that lies on the opposite rock.

He almost falls into the depths in this daring attempt…

Only when he gives up and lets go of the precious cup can he let his father pull him up to safe ground and save him in order to survive.

3. Bring her down from that "pedestal"

You still find it difficult to let go of this woman because you are in love?

One reason why you can’t forget it: You had the rose-colored glasses on your head and put this woman on a meter-high pedestal like a goddess.

In your fantasy you have imagined the most romantic ideas of a relationship and marriage with her, which has little to do with reality. And that for weeks and mon.

This is what made her so valuable to you as a potential girlfriend that you no longer want to live without her.

Valuable like the Holy Grail I just told you about.

That’s why you have to straighten your inner picture and realize that you didn’t fit together (anymore). Because if everything had been true, you would be a couple now. Logical, or?

She also treated you nasty at the end of the relationship or after the breakup? Then it helps if you keep their negative qualities in mind and get really angry at them.

4. Eliminate memories of her

If there are still things that remind you of this beloved girlfriend, get rid of them! Only by this consequent behavior you can forget her, and you don’t have to think about her every day.

Stow away old photos in closets and also move the old decorations in your apartment to the deepest corner of the basement.

In extreme cases even a move can help, if you are strongly in love. Because such a change of scenery is always good. Then you may not go to the places that bring back old memories of shared experiences.

5. Last conversation (letter or text message)

You still have questions why the relationship failed and she did not want you? You still have unspoken things going through your head that you always wanted to tell her after the breakup?

Then write her a last letter or. a last message in WhatsApp, Facebook or by E-Mai to get rid of the tormenting thoughts.

In it you can put everything on the table that you have never told her before and ask for a discussion. Which then takes place best in a phone call or at the personal meeting.

When all is said and cleared, you will feel liberated inside and be able to let go of the thing from the past and forget about it.

6. To whip your life into shape

Maybe you can’t forget her because you are generally dissatisfied in your life. You then hope that this woman will be the salvation to fill your inner emptiness.

So my advice, man to man:

Conquer your fear of new things. Put your life in order and don’t make the topic of relationship the center of attention on which all happiness on earth depends!

Change your job if you go to work every morning with a stomach ache. Build up a circle of friends and look for exciting hobbies that fill you up.

7. Meet and date new women

Once you’ve halay let her go and forgotten her, you’re ready to engage in new acquaintances without comparing them to HER.

You will see that there are other great women for a happy partnership. And yes, I too hated this saying, which has stuck in my head to this day:

"Other mothers have beautiful daughters too!"

But this wisdom from grandmother’s time is true nowmal.

And when you fall in love again and really get the right girlfriend, the "old baggage" is forgotten very quickly.

But how can you meet and date new women to finally find the love of your life?? The following tips will help you to do this:

These tips are not all..

If you want to awaken old feelings of love in her, so that she forgets all other guys and dreams of a relationship with YOU again?

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