How you can protect bats in germany

Bats are not dangerous for humans, despite all rumors. At least not if we do not annoy them. The only danger that bats pose in Germany is the disease rabies. However, as small as the danger from bats is, it is a big one for bats. Almost all of the 25 species living in Germany are endangered. Some are even threatened with extinction. But you can do something for bats and help them now! How to do this and why they are actually threatened, you will learn here. We have also collected some facts worth knowing for you.

How you can help bats?

An injured bat lies in a hand. This is how you can support bats

You do not have to watch bats fighting for their survival, but you can actively support the endangered animals now! We have collected 4 tips for you:

1. Build roosts for bats

Bats hardly find any more possibilities to come to rest. Support them by providing them with a place to roost. There are several possibilities. You can hang up bat boxes, attach bat boards or make your attic available. We will explain you how to do it:

Hang up bat boxes

Bat boxes on the house or in the garden offer the animals a suitable shelter for roosting or even for the winter.

You can buy bat boxes or build them yourself. If you have decided to buy, you can find suitable boxes, for example, in the NABU store. For do-it-yourself, you can find here> A construction manual for your bat box.

To hang your bat box properly, you should consider the following:

& Install 3 to 5 boxes close together

& The box must hang as high as possible, at least three meters high

& Bats should have a free approach

& Suitable are house walls, especially walls that are facing south

Install bat boards

Bat boards, consist of ca. 3cm thick wooden boards and serve the bats for resting. You can take any board that meets the criteria, but should note the following:

& The wood must not be impregnated or varnished

& The wood should remain rough inside

& Sealing strips on the support surfaces to the house wall prevent drafts

& The board should be placed at least 2 meters above the ground

& As places are suitable south walls of a house

Make your attic available

To rest and hibernate undisturbed, attics are particularly well suited. Many bats are unfortunately driven away out of superstition or fear. Turn your attic into an oasis for bats and give them a place to live.

So that the bats can get into the attic, you should allow them to enter. Ideally, the entrance slots are 2 to 5 cm high and 30 to 50 cm wide. You can also remove the screens from the roof tiles with vents. Important: Please do not do this without the consent or agreement of the owner of the house!

In the attic itself you can leave hanging places free or set them up. You don’t have to do much except see that a pole or a lath is available.

For niche dwellers you can also attach boards to the chimney or beams. The dimensions are the same as for bat boards (see above).).

If you notice that a bat roost – at your place or somewhere else – is endangered, please inform the nature conservation authority in your district or your city. You can find the contact details quickly and easily on the Internet. If you live in Berlin, you can find more information here> Your:n contact:in.

2. Design your garden bat friendly

Design your garden insect friendly to attract bats and support them. Insects are in fact the favorite food of bats and provide a food source. For this you can make your garden species-rich and nature-oriented. Find more tips for a bat-friendly garden here> .

3. Deal properly with found animals

Trapping bats is punishable by law . It is different, however, if you find an injured animal or a young animal left alone. How you can distinguish young from adult bats, you can learn here> .

If you have found an injured bat, you should definitely get an expert to help you first. You can call for this at the bat telephone of the BUND , NABU or the bat protection. Here you get more information how to act.

In general, however:

& Never touch bats with your bare hand! If touching cannot be avoided, you should wear gloves.

& If you have to transport the animal, a cardboard box with air holes and hiding place is suitable, like e.B a cloth. Please discuss this with the experts on the phone beforehand.

& You can offer bats a bowl of water. But beware! Feeding should be done only by expert persons.

How to deal with other injured wild animals, we show you here>.

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