How to save

Saving money without sacrificing - it works with these tricks

At the beginning of the year there is often a hangover on the account. Time to uncover your cost traps! These simple tricks will save you a lot of money.

A coffee to go, the trendy shirt and sushi during the lunch break – with such small pleasure purchases we sabotage ourselves in our goal to finally spend less money. If you are aware of your habits, you can actively counteract them. These tricks will save you a lot of money in the aggregate.

Tip 1: Plan your spending

Oops, where did all the money go at once? To prevent this from happening to you again, plan a budget for your variable cost items at the beginning of the month such as groceries, magazines or gifts. With a budget book app, you can see at a glance whether you are still allowed to spend money in a category or not. Red means: Immediate spending stop! Don’t worry: You won’t have to meticulously document every expense in the future- But try it out for three, four months. How to get a good feel for where your personal cost traps lurk.

Tip 2: Shop smarter

Save a lot of money on your weekly bulk purchase. Plan ahead for the entire week, what you want to cook- and rely on food that you can get at the discount store. Compare prices and really only buy what’s on the menu. A full belly helps prevent temptation at the bakery counter. Use premium programs and price promotions- in the long run you save a pretty penny even with small discounts.

Tip 3: Reward yourself differently

At the end of a hard day’s work, you feel the need to reward yourself? There is nothing wrong with this- as long as you don’t automatically whip out your smartphone and start shopping like crazy. Delete your shopping apps and write a list with alternative rewardsA warm bath? A delicious meal? An undisturbed hour of reading on the sofa? Another tip: Before you post an article in the- real or virtual Add to cart, save to your wish list or put on hold. Wait a few days. Often the urgent desire settles all by itself.

Tip 4: Cook for yourself

you use your kitchen only to heat up ready-made dishes? Then you’re like most Germans. According to the market research institute GfK, not even one in four German households cooks every day nothing is as healthy, cheap and tasty as a home-cooked meal. When you cook a larger portion in the evening, you also have something for the lunch break the next day. And again saved a few euros. Refrain from going out to eat: Cook for your friends yourself at home. You think you can’t cook? Smart kitchen helpers, blogs and apps make it easier than ever before. The trend is for recipes with only three, five or seven ingredients super easy and the shopping is also done quickly.

Tip 5: Check fixed costs and save money

Know how much your cell phone contract costs per month? Or how much you have paid for your electricity in the past year? List all fixed expenses once and look for point by point cheaper alternatives. There is great savings potential here. All you need is a little patience for the change of provider. Practical: Often the new provider takes most of the paperwork off your hands.

Saving money is easy – as these five tricks show. Make it a habit to check your account balance every day. If it goes steadily up, that’s the best motivation to keep at it.

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