How to housebreak your puppy!

How to housebreak your puppy!

With patience, good observation skills, and a set schedule, you can get your puppy housebroken without stress for either party. In doing so, you should start training as soon as the little guy moves in with you.

When should my puppy be housetrained?

Generally speaking, dogs learn until their twentieth week of life the easiest way. During this time they are in the so-called Imprinting.

Always be aware, however, that sensitive animals are good at remembering negative experiences at this tender age! In this specific case this means, punishments are absolute Unacceptable.

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On the road to housetraining your puppy, just be sure to factor in a mishap or two.

The "dangerous" times

When training your puppy to be housetrained, the first thing you should know is that at certain times, he will quite reliably Solve Must visit.

Here’s what to do first right after waking up and of course after eating or even drinking the case. Also intensive Play attacks encourage the urge to urinate.

According to this, you should let the little rascal after waking up, playing or eating Outdoors bring, so that he can detach.

If he does what you expect him to do, he will, of course duly praised. For this reason, fixed feeding times are also useful.

Young dogs, weak bladder

Patience is needed in the first phase of living together. For a puppy "must" eat much more frequently than an adult dog. So if a mishap happens two hours after you’ve eaten and then peed in the backyard or outside, you’ve probably forgotten this fact.

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That’s why it makes sense to keep a close eye on your new four-legged friend from day one observe. You will quickly realize that suspicious signs, like extensive Sniffing or Restlessness can quickly interpret.

If you think he needs to do his business, take him outside again. And never forget: friendly praise, if he loosens up.

Caution: Night rest!

When a little guy has just moved in with you, the nights are probably a bit shorter than usual. After he’s been outside and camped out near you before bed, he may well whine at night.

Then he may have to disengage. The little ones like to keep their sleeping place clean. If he can walk independently through the apartment, there is of course the risk that he will become a Approved cookie for the nightly business is looking for.

Therefore a kind Playpen as a crib a good idea. Some also recommend a simple cardboard box with high walls.

If you live in a city apartment and have to walk down five flights of stairs, you’ll find that you’re not the only one Puppy pads a good solution. You can buy them in specialized shops. You could put a pad for example in front of the apartment door and in case of an emergency put the puppy on it for release.

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