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Storm low over northern Germany

Hurricane "Nadia": Storm depression tears away beach on popular North Sea island

Updated: 01.02.2022 07:06

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Storm "Nadia" rages throughout northern Germany. Fire departments are in constant use and go out to hundreds of operations. Bremen laments one seriously injured.

Update from 30. January: Hanover/Bremen/Hamburg- Storm Nadia has left a particularly deep mark on a North Sea island. The East Frisian island of Langeoog is now several meters smaller due to the hurricane, as storm surge with its brute force has eroded the sandy beach meters away.

Hurricane Nadia: Storm depression carries away meter by meter of the sandy beach from the North Sea island of Langeoog

Walkers are completely stunned, the missing sandy beach, which the hurricane Nadia has removed as a result of the storm surge. "That’s crazy, you could walk everywhere yesterday," wondered a walker the day after the storm surge.

The storm surge due to low 'Nadia' has torn off the beach on the North Sea island of Langeoog

Another estimates what is missing sandy beach within one night: "We have here yesterday still experienced how here the break-off edge was certainly ten meters further." What looks threatening could also quickly become a huge problem for the North Sea island’s drinking water reservoir after this weekend’s storm surge.

Storm Nadia rages also in the Heidekreis: Police and fire department with numerous employments

In the course of the night there were numerous deployments of the police and fire department in the Heidekreis due to the storm. Several traffic accidents occurred with one person slightly injured, municipal and county roads had to be closed due to fallen trees. In Soltau as well as in Schneverdingen a tree fell on a dwelling house. However, there were no injuries.

Joint municipality Ahlden (Aller): In the Heidekreis collapses gable of a barn – adjacent house not habitable

In the municipality of Ahlden (Aller), the gable of a barn collapsed. As a result, the entire apartment building threatened to collapse. Emergency safety measures were taken by the expert advisor of THW, the fire department and a construction company. Persons did not come to harm. The house is currently not habitable.

Hurricane in Twistringen: Storm Nadia keeps emergency services on their toes

The hurricane-like gusts of wind also caused an operation in the Twistringer urban area. At shortly before 18:00 o’clock the local fire department Twistringen was alarmed on Saturday evening in the Harpstedter road. In height of the local exit a Pappel was in ca. 2 meters of height broke off and fell on the roadway. This was completely blocked as a result. Nobody was injured. Cars were fortunately not involved.

Due to the size of the tree (trunk diameter about 50 cm and over 15 meters high), the group leader of the first vehicle had additional forces alerted. Four motorized chain saws were used in this way. The owner of an adjacent farm assisted with his mini wheel loader in removing the tree stumps.

The 26 forces under the direction of the deputy local fire chief Jorg Schuster needed about an hour to remove the tree. The Harpstedter Strabe was fully closed for the duration of the storm.

Hurricane Nadia in the district of Verden: Storm depression causes many operations in the region

Since yesterday’s Saturday evening, storm "Nadia" has been causing a lot of damage in the district of Verden for several operations. In total, the emergency services had to go out about 30 times due to the storm until now. Fortunately, there was no personal injury in any incidents so far. Mainly the fire department had to clear fallen trees from roadways. In many cases, prudent road users provided an initial safeguarding of danger spots.

For the time of the clearing work partial roads had to be closed briefly completely. However, there were no major impairments. Between Kukenmoor and Neddenaverbergen, a tree fell onto the roadway and hit the car of a woman driving along it. Also it remained unhurt, at the vehicle material damage resulted.

Storm Nadia in the district of Verden: 200-meter-long construction fence topples onto the roadway

However, storm "Nadia" also caused a complete rearrangement of the protection of construction sites in several communities. At the Verden North Bridge, a construction fence tipped over onto the adjacent roadway over a length of about 200 meters. It was first pulled onto the cycle track by police forces and later secured in the side space.

Construction fences also toppled over in Langwedel and Kirchlinteln, blocking roadways.

District of Verden: Due to the storm low Nadia makes a trampoline in Oyten independent

A trampoline became unstuck in Oyten and made it from a property to the street. It was initially secured and moved aside by a passer-by.

In Thedinghausen a fallen tree in the Streekweg tore off a telephone overhead line. The responsible authorities took care of the restoration on site.

Gale-force winds in Verden: Storm low Nadia wreaks havoc in the county seat – wind tears down trailers

Apparently due to strong gusts of wind, the empty trailer of a road user on the Nienburger Strabe in Verden swayed in such a way that it tore off the trailer coupling and skidded next to the roadway. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

In the Quelkhorn area, a treetop threatened to fall onto a residential building on Saturday. The local fire department was able to intervene quickly and prevent major damage to the house.

At present still sporadically fallen trees and further storm-conditioned obstacles on roadways are reported. In this context, the police advises to avoid unnecessary car trips and to shift the Sunday walk from the forest to the tree- and trampoline-free meadow.

Storm depression in the district of Osterholz: hurricane Nadia also keeps police and firefighters in the region on their toes

District Osterholz – Also in the district Osterholz storm depression "Nadia" provides for numerous employments. Since Saturday evening, the fire departments have been clearing various roads of trees and other obstacles. Smaller obstacles could be removed by police forces. In total, "Nadia" has so far required the deployment of the fire department and/or the police in around 30 incidents.

Partially larger trees could not withstand the storm and toppled onto the roadways. Roads had to be closed for clearing. However, there were no significant traffic obstructions.

District of Osterholz: Car crashes into fallen tree in the early hours of the morning

On the main road in Schwanewede, district Lohnhorst, a road user collided with a car in the early morning hours of 30 September.01.22 head-on with his car against a previously fallen tree. The driver and his passenger were slightly injured
hurt. Considerable property damage was caused to the car.

In the district of Osterholz, too, further obstacles on roadways and other storm-related obstacles are currently being reported. Non-essential car trips should be avoided.

Storm Nadia in Rotenburg County: Seven traffic accidents, but no injuries after hurricane

In the course of the storm night there were a total of 30 police operations in the area of the police inspection in the district of Rotenburg. The majority of these incidents involved fallen branches or fallen trees. There were also a total of seven traffic accidents. None of the people involved was injured.

Furthermore, the storm low Nadia caused a lot of excitement in the whole of Northern Germany during the night. Nevertheless, the northern federal states got off relatively lightly. Personal injuries hardly occurred according to previous media reports. However, there was an incident in Bremen, which is probably due to the strong gale-force winds.

Hurricane Nadia: In Bremen, a pedestrian was hit by a falling tree and seriously injured

In the Burgerpark, a falling tree hit a pedestrian. The man sustained serious injuries and was taken to a Bremen hospital after first aid by an emergency doctor.

At the moment, forces of the fire and rescue station 6 are still in Schonebecker Kirchweg. There it is necessary to prevent a birch tree, which has broken at a great height, from falling on several residential buildings.

Update from 30. January: On Saturday evening, 29. January 2022, a Metronom regional train on the Hamburg- Bremen collided with a tree in the Rotenburg district. According to eyewitnesses, a tree fell onto the locomotive shortly after Scheebel while it was running at full speed. The tree smashed the windshields of the driver’s cab.

Hurricane Nadia: Metronom driver triggers emergency braking – Defective overhead line causes suspension of rail traffic between Scheebel and Rotenburg

The train driver was forced to apply the emergency brakes. The metronome came to a standstill several hundred meters further on the open track. The alarmed fire department evacuated 42 passengers from the train. They were taken by bus to the nearest train station in Rotenburg.

Storm Nadia: After collision with tree, driver and passengers of Metronom remain uninjured

The train driver and the passengers escaped without injuries. As a result of the accident and an overhead line damaged by the tree, officials suspended local and long-distance traffic between Scheebel and Rotenburg. The damaged Metronom should be towed away during the night. When the repair work on the overhead line will be completed, was unclear in the evening.

Red alert due to storm Nadia in Lower Saxony: weather service warns of gale-force winds on Sunday

However, the danger has still not been averted in Lower Saxony: The German Weather Service (DWD) classifies a total of 40 counties in northern Germany with a red alert level. The DWD warns especially of the squalls. In Lower Saxony, six counties are affected by the storm warning for hurricane Nadia.

  • Aurich district – coast
  • Wittmund district – coast
  • Friesland County – Coast
  • City of Wilhelmshaven
  • Wesermarsch district – coast
  • Cuxhaven district – coast

In Cuxhaven, the storm Nadia also drifted with the hurricane-like gusts over the water. According to initial reports, however, no people were injured in the entire district of Cuxhaven.

Lower Saxony’s fire departments have to be called out due to hurricane Nadia in the districts of Diepholz and Oldenburg

Fire departments in the districts of Diepholz and Oldenburg also had to be called out due to the storm. Hurricane Nadia caused trees to fall here as well. But overall, the district of Diepholz came through the stormy night smoothly. An uprooted beech tree was the reason for a fully closed road. However, the fire department was able to clear the tree from the roadway during the night. „The police asked us to remove the tree", explained the deputy local fire chief Jens Bultmeyer to the Kreiszeitung. In advance, he said: "The operation will take about two hours.“

There were further deployments in Heiligenrode, Dunsen and Harpstedt, for example. On the Sparkasse parking lot there, another tree fell, which only narrowly missed a parked car. In Wildeshausen alone, the local fire department had to respond to four storm-related incidents. In addition, a mill wing came loose.

Fallen tree causes traffic accident: Dead conifer falls onto roadway

On 29. January 2022, a traffic accident caused by a fallen tree occurred at 6:30 p.m. on the L 501 in the area of Gottingerode. A 27-year-old woman from Goslar was driving her car on the L 501 coming from Goslar in the direction of Bad Harzburg.

Due to the strong wind, a dead coniferous tree fell onto the roadway near Gottingerode, directly in front of the woman’s car, causing her to hit the tree despite emergency braking. Their car was a total loss of about 5000 euros.

Hundreds of operations in the north: Hurricane Nadia keeps Lower Saxony, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg in suspense

Fallen trees, loose roof tiles and overturned construction site barriers – the hurricane "Nadia" held northern Germany firmly in its grip. Police and fire departments went out on hundreds of calls to repair damage. In Hamburg alone, there have been around 300 storm deployments so far, a police spokesman said early Sunday morning. A spokesman of the fire department of the Hanseatic city could not be reached at first.

Also in Schleswig-Holstein it came up to Sunday morning to numerous employments. In the north of the country alone, the fire departments had to be called out about 120 times. A spokesman for the regional control center, which is responsible for Flensburg, Schleswig and Husum, among others, said. For other parts of the country no exact numbers were available yet. However, there were several operations, said a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior.

Federal Office gives no storm surge warning: Over 40 operations due to hurricane Nadia in Bremen – storm surge in Bremerhaven

According to a spokesman, the fire department in Bremen was on duty more than 40 times during the night. In the district of Aurich in East Frisia, the fire department was called to help about 25 times. Trees or construction fences had also fallen there. The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior in Hanover did not yet have exact figures early Sunday morning. However, a spokesman said that there were no major operations at first.

In Bremerhaven the announced storm surge arrived. "Although not everywhere a severe storm surge as in Hamburg," said the spokesperson. However, the entire German North Sea coast was affected. In Bremerhaven, for example, the peak value was 2.14 meters above mean high water. According to initial information, however, there were no injured persons.

Seal strays to Bremerhaven after storm surge caused by hurricane Nadia

Meanwhile, in the morning after the stormy night and the storm surge caused by hurricane Nadia, the residents were able to welcome an unusual visitor. A sea seal strayed into Bremerhaven and attracted many onlookers who enjoyed the wind and sun in Bremerhaven.

A seal gets lost in the Bremerhaven waters after hurricane Nadia and the storm surge

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency continues to warn of the next storm surge. On Sunday, the high tides in the morning and in the afternoon will be 1.5 to 2 meters higher than the mean high tide on the German North Sea coast and 2 to 2.5 meters higher than the mean high tide in the Weser and Elbe regions.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern also affected by storm Nadia: Firefighters and police deployed to around 200 operations

The storm over the North Sea also caused many incidents for firefighters and police in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In Schwerin and the surrounding area, the fire department was called out almost 200 times, said a spokesman for the fire department. In Stralsund, too, the situation center reported that they had their hands full. At first nothing was known about casualties during the night.

Storm Nadia: German weather service issues warning of gale-force winds

The German Weather Service (DWD) had warned on Saturday of storms up to gale-force winds. The warning situation is expected to last until Sunday morning along the entire North German coast. According to the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), there was also a storm surge on the entire North Sea coast in the night to Sunday – in the Hamburg Elbe area even a severe storm surge.

Freighter "Vienna" drifting off the East Frisian coast due to hurricane Nadia

Update from 30. January: After a freighter drifted off the North Sea coast in the storm for hours on Sunday night, unable to maneuver, the situation is now under control. The cargo ship "Vienna can now hold its own against the waves again under its own power, the emergency command announced on Sunday morning. However, a team of specially trained seamen is still on board. On Sunday morning, the waves were said to have been caused by storm "Nadia" but continued to be five to six meters high.

According to the report, the unloaded bulk carrier had travelled about 16 nautical miles (approx. 30 kilometers) off the East Frisian coast had severe problems maneuvering in stormy and heavy seas. The engine was too weak, explained a spokesman for the emergency command. In the worst case scenario, the ship could have posed a risk to the coast.

Damaged freighter off the North Sea coast: special team rappelled down from rescue helicopter

A special team was therefore roped onto the freighter with a helicopter of the Federal Police in order to establish a connection to an emergency tugboat. According to the average command, this could be solved in the meantime. Two emergency tugs are still near the ship in case the situation worsens again. However, the emergency response team is hoping for an improvement in the weather.

"If everything goes as we would like, we could end the operation in the early afternoon," the spokesman told dpa. Then the freighter, which has set the flag of the Marshall Islands, could continue its journey. Where the ship is headed was initially still unclear.

Initial report from 29. January: Hurricane "Nadia is currently raging across northern Germany with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour. Since Saturday afternoon, the fire departments in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg are in constant use, the phones in the control centers are currently no longer standing still. The fire departments are currently working through one operation after another.

Fire departments in constant action: hurricane "Nadia" sweeps across Lower Saxony and Bremen

The storm low "Nadia" over the North Sea gives the fire departments in Lower Saxony and Bremen since Saturday afternoon many deployments. In the district of Aurich in East Frisia, the fire department has already been called to help 16 times because trees or construction fences had fallen down. A spokesman in Aurich said. No persons have been injured.

"Business is picking up now," also said a fire department spokesman in Bremen. His people are on the way to nine missions. Here, too, the main concern is fallen trees. There were no casualties.

According to the German Weather Service, the storm is expected to become increasingly stronger on Saturday evening, reaching speeds of 110 kilometers per hour in gusts. A storm warning is in effect for the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony. The evening high tide of the North Sea is also expected to be 1.5 meters higher than normal on the coast as a storm surge, in Cuxhaven and Bremen even 2.0 meters. Individual ferry services to the islands were canceled. An ablauen of the storm is expected only for Sunday.

Storm "Nadia" rages in northern Germany: Deutsche Bahn completely stops long-distance traffic in the north

The temporarily suspended long-distance traffic has resumed the Deutsche Bahn throughout northern Germany in the evening, said on Saturday evening a company spokesman in Berlin to the news agency dpa. He cited storm damage as the reason. According to the information, the ICE routes between Hamburg and Bremen and between Hamburg and Berlin are particularly affected. The spokesman went on to say that there would still be major disruptions there.

According to the railroad, there are also train cancellations and delays in regional traffic. Travelers and commuters should check whether their train is running as planned before starting their journey via the website, the app or by phone.

Initially, hurricane "Nadia" only had an impact on train traffic in Schleswig-Holstein. Thus, several trains on Saturday afternoon, for example, on the route between Itzehoe and Hamburg, as well as Heide and Itzehoe due to fallen trees in the track had delays or were partially cancelled completely, as the DB Regio Schleswig-Holstein tweeted. There were also obstructions on other routes such as between Kiel and Eckernforde, Lubeck and Kiel and Hamburg and Kiel due to fallen trees.

Storm "Nadia" rages in Lower Saxony: Do not stay outdoors unnecessarily

In East Frisia, the Aurich District Fire Brigade Association called on the population to secure unattached objects such as garden furniture, advertising signs or garbage cans. Unnecessary trips with trucks should be avoided, because these vehicles could be blown over. People should not stay outside unnecessarily.

Temperatures in Lower Saxony were between nine and eleven degrees on Saturday. In the Harz mountains, however, it was colder. The traffic management center there warned of snowfall with visibility below 50 meters. According to information, the traffic situation improved only in the afternoon.

At the top of the Brocken, whose summit (1141.2 meters) is in Saxony-Anhalt, frost and wind covered all surfaces with a thick layer of hoarfrost. As on Friday, the Brockenbahn also drove on Saturday as a precaution only to Schierke.

Hurricane "Nadia" rages in Hamburg: Hamburg fire department already completed more than 100 missions on Saturday

For Sunday, showers were expected in Lower Saxony with highs between three and seven degrees. Precipitation, partly also as snow or sleet, predicted the German weather service for the night to Monday.

Storm surge "Nadia" also hits Hamburg With full force to how reported in the live ticker from the weather front. Already at 18:00 o’clock the fire-brigade Hamburg had completed according to it more than 100 employments. The Technical Relief Agency is also in constant use in the Hamburg area. A storm surge warning is currently in effect for Hamburg. (with material of the dpa) * kreiszeitung.en and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

++ The article was published on Sunday, 30. January 2022, updated at 10:53 a.m. ++

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